Hide The Monster (2016) – Movie Review

Hide The Monster (2016) - Movie Review

Been sitting on this one for about four months now – really should have got it up on here sooner, because it hasn’t really managed to break through ‘the barrier’ yet…and it’s quite good!

I actually discovered it through a article sent to me through LinkedIn of all places!

Someone had written a post for a horror site (I forget which one) titled ‘6 Found Footage Films YOU HAVE to Watch in 2016’ – talk about getting my attention!

Anyway, the article itself had pretty shit SEO because I can’t re-locate it using Google, and I’ve lost the original link to it!

But Hide The Monster was the first ‘recommendation’ the article covered, so I gave it a go…

P.S. I’m running about the place trying to get everything ready for the kids at Xmas at the moment – if I don’t get the chance to post again before the 25th, I’ve got a message for ya all…

Merry Chrsitmas

Have a good one, and thanks for the continued support!!!! 🙂

The Plot

On July 4th, 2016, hackers raided government networks and stumbled across a litany of unsolved cases the county refuses to recognize. The hacked footage shows Thomas and Alex as they attempt to help a young boy struggling to fit in.

A Change of Format

The paranormal angle has been done to death in this genre – sometimes to good effect…most of the time in disappointing fashion.

That’s not really the fault of the genre – when paranormal works in Found Footage, it works REALLY well.

So what’s the first subject a indie filmmaker goes for in this genre?

Yep, paranormal.

Now, Hide The Monster manages to deliver a paranormal Found Footage journey that just about manages to change format. It avoids the asylums and the haunted homes to give us something just a little bit different.

It’s not a huge budget effort, by any stretch of the imagination, but it manages to deliver a few interesting angles that were more than effective (in my humble opinion!).

It’s worth watching for this point alone.


I’m doing my best to write this without giving away too many of the movie’s ingredients – mainly because I think a large majority of you reading this will probably quite enjoy the film.

At the time of writing this it only has 58 ratings on IMDb – which is a bit of a shame really (when you consider most of these ratings probably came from crew’s parents!).

The basic cinematography setup kinda reminded me a little of the first Paranormal Activity movie – it wasn’t exactly what you’d call the same quality, yet it brought a few memories flooding back in…

The acting is decent enough throughout – not the best I’ve seen in this genre, but enough to get a B- rating overall.

The director, Gabe Saenz, manages to create a genuinely creepy setup at numerous points throughout the film – I mean, who doesn’t find a quiet kid in a gorilla mask mildly disturbing?

On the whole the package is quite believable…expect for one niggling little blighter that stood out in the character development…

One of the main characters, named Thomas, is supposed to be someone working through a PhD in a child psychology subject. If this is the case – I think he’ll probably fail the final exams.

I’m not saying this performance was terrible – I’m just saying that at times in the movie, I didn’t believe he had any sort of experience in this field.

Maybe it’s just me – maybe I’m being a bit too fussy?

He just didn’t convince me on that front.

Overall though – this was a decent watch, and a nice surprise.

It’s worth noting that the evening I watched this I had already sat through two hideous examples of Found Footage, so when this popped up, I was more than welcoming.

Interesting, with good twists and effective on the screen – worth watching.


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