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Hitfilm Ultimate Review - Video Visual Effects SoftwareProduct: HitFilm 2 Ultimate

Subject: HitFilm Ultimate Review

Price: $379 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I purchased HitFilm 2 Ultimate several months ago after hearing it was up there with the best digital video editing software on the market. I decided to write a review about my experiences with it over the last few months.

In this HitFilm Ultimate Review, I will discuss how well it works, the features it offers, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether HitFilm 2 Ultimate is the video visual effects software for you.

Hitfilm Ultimate Review – Product Overview

Searching for the best digital video editing software online can be quite a difficult task. Let’s face it – there’s a lot of choice to wade through.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate is a video visual effects software tool that could be the answer to your post production problems. It provides numerous advantages over the free basic video editing software on the market.

The option of creating multiple video and audio tracks, making use of built in gunfire presets, support of 3D titles and graphics along with Cinestyle color grading tools makes this a product to take note of.

The Media Organizer allows you to keep track of your various layers and samples along with a Quick Find system for easily locating effects and assets. There’s no need to worry about experimenting as the multi-step undo and redo will cover your back on mistakes.

HitFilm 2 Ultimate offers an interface that is clean, easy to follow and well organized. Effects, layer windows, buttons and tools are all clearly labeled.

The software is simple enough to get to grips with and has limitless potential for discovery. It enables both beginner and semi-pro filmmakers to push the boundaries of their film projects.

The Video Visual Effects Software

The visual effects of HitFilm 2 Ultimate are quite astonishing – they range from cutting edge particle effects to procedural fire, 3D muzzle flashes and color grading.

The large bank of effects are stretched out over the following categories:

  1. 3D Particle Simulator
  2. Music Driven Visuals
  3. 3D Muzzle Flashes
  4. Layer Shattering
  5. Procedural Fire
  6. Flares & Lighting Effects
  7. Color Correction & Grading

The mass of presets and features these categories provide is included within the price of the package. At no point with you encounter an upsell – everything is included.

For more information on the effects HitFilm 2 offers check out the video below:

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • A bank of over 150 quality effects
  • Multiple video & audio tracks
  • 2D & 3D compositing
  • Color Correction and grading effects
  • Fairly priced
  • Access to the HitFilm.com community
  • Includes mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems for 3D camera solving
  • Extremely powerful and fully customizable Particle Simulator
  • Slick Motion Tracking feature included
  • Supports Full HD 1080p and 4K resolution

The Cons:

  • ​​Lack of training – we found plenty of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate tutorials on YouTube but it would be nice to have some official training online provided by Fxhome Ltd
  • Software has a fairly steep learning curve

Who is Hitfilm 2 Ultimate For?

​This is one of the best digital video editing software options for a small budget studio. Long gone are the days of having to pay over $1000 for a professional all in one Editor and Compositor.

If you are a owner of Vegas Pro 12 then you may want to include HitFilm 2 in your setup to provide extra effects – it’s fully compatible!

If you are looking for everything you need at your fingertips, within a single product including essential editing tools and a revolutionary workflow, then this is the product for you.

Suitable for beginners and experienced filmmakers.

Our Final Opinion on HitFilm 2 Ultimate

HitFilm 2 Ultimate is an inexpensive and effective way to transform your film projects in the comfort of your own home. Newcomers to video editing and visual effects should have no problem with achieving great results.

We would advise bookmarking a few of the HitFilm 2 Ultimate tutorials available on YouTube before you jump into the software. There is a learning curve to get over and many of these video tutorials will take you through the process step-by-step.

Basic video editing software that offer similar compositing features normally cost thousands of dollars – at $379 this program is a steal!

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We hope you have enjoyed this HitFilm Ultimate review and if you have any questions about the software or you want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.


  1. Hello Chris,

    I might be looking into this type of product in the future but at the moment the price is a little steep for me.

    I really like the benefits of this product and will surely bookmark this page for future reference.

    Clearly the pros outweigh the cons and that’s what has convinced me!


    Benjamin Paul Ward

    • Hi Benjamin,
      Well, unfortunately in the movie making world you get what you pay for – I agree this product is pretty steep on the price but it is an excellent bit of kit. Cheap software will yield cheap results I’m afraid – there are no short cuts in this industry ( unfortunately! ).

  2. Hi Chris,

    I stumbled upon your website accidently and found your review about HitFilm 2 Ultimate, even though I am not looking for anything like this as of now, really liked it. I had some experience with camtasia though which has a similar price tag and this look better than camtasia.


    • Hi Kunal,
      I’m afraid Camtasia is nothing more than a plastic toy compared to this beast – they’re worlds apart! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and checking us out 🙂

  3. As a former student of a desing school I am only familiar with Adobe products for visual effects. Adobe products are far more expensive than this product and do the exact same thing. THIS is the logical choice in an investment. I mean would you rather pay $500 for something that is exactly the same when you can get it more than $100 dollars less?

    • Hi Devin,
      I’m also a great fan of Adobe products but I was really surprised by this HitFilm – it links perfectly with Sony Vegas and it’s REALLY powerful!!!
      I still use other effects programs with this but overall it’s incredible, especially with that price tag 🙂

  4. With so many people getting into creating videos for home or Internet use, I could see this kind of software working for many people. The cost of setting up any kind of recording studio like you said can be quite high so to have so much power in a system at this price range can really make a difference.
    A really good way to get into filming without the excessive cost to get started.

    • You’re right Travis – this is a brilliant option for people looking to set up a home movie editing studio. I was amazed by some of the filters and effects on this program!

  5. I haven’t had too much experience with making videos yet, just some basic editing with a little into music and video cuts. I’m definitely going to bookmark this article for future reference. When I do get back into video editing, I would like to consider some of these types of effects to make my content stand out more from the crowd. Awesome info, thanks!

    • No problem Paul – Good luck with spicing up your media efforts!
      HitFilm is an excellent choice for video FX and it’s reasonably priced 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive review on Hitfilm 2 Ultimate video editing software. It looks very impressive and the video gives some great examples of how I can see this working. It does look very technical though and I’m wondering if a complete beginner could really get the most value out of this? Did you have experience in this type of software before you purchased it? It is certainly one to consider when I get bit more experienced with video editing.

    • Actually Neil, it’s quite newbie friendly – I just installed it and it automatically picked up my version of Sony Vegas and bang!!!!!
      Away we go 🙂

  7. This is great Chris! Back when I was using YouTube, I kept on looking for a good and reliable visual editor so it is great to see you recommending this one. I agree with all these amazing features that $379 isn’t a bad price at all. I can’t imagine how awesome the visual affects are. As you’ve stated though, the learning curve seems to always be a bit higher with these more advanced video editing softwares, so I would also love to see some training on the FXhome site!

    • Hi Pete,
      It’s a great piece of software for the price! I would recommend this to anyone who can not afford to fork out for Adobe After Effects.

  8. I have been thinking about getting involved with some visual effect recently but have had no prior experience with it. I am used to video editing using Premiere and Final Cut before. Having read about this software, it sounds a little difficult to pick up right away. I guess I should look into some training courses first before making purchases? Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Stacey,
      You can find excellent free tutorials on YouTube that cover just about everything – the program itself is actually not that hard to use once it’s installed in your main editor program!

  9. wow…this may be the very software I have been looking for 🙂 do you know if there is a demo version? based on the video that you posted of all available effects, I think I will love this and be able to finally create the style of videos that I have been wanting to create for years…thanks for the review 🙂

    • From what I remember I do think there is some sort of demo but it is slightly limited at best. I don’t think you’ll get the basic save options etc.

  10. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    This is a very good information for anyone who makes films and needs this sort of tools to get a better product.
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  11. Well, it looks good i can admit it. I have been interested to video editing for a time now. Well it came to me a little pricy actually. What do you think about Adobe After Effects or Cinema 4D? Are they comparable with it? Also the thing that there are not too much training materials like other major programs is a minus. But it still looks good.

    • Adobe After Effects should be used inline with this Tyler! Consider AE the base whilst this is more an effects plugin that runs off it ( if that makes sense! ) 🙂

  12. Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed your review on the inexpensive Hitfilm. It Seems like it gets the job done! I prefer using adobe premiere pro myself. I like to make videos for my social media accounts and for my friends when they need a video because they know I can edit nice videos ahah.

    • Adobe Premiere Pro is certainly a good piece of software but remember, this is more a plugin that links to Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas! It’s an effects bundle and editor sort of rolled into one 🙂

  13. Hey there!

    I’m glad I came across your page, I’ve always had a minor interest in video editing software as I used to have a semi-casual Youtube channel when I was younger. I will definitely look through your other offerings, and I especially like how you listed the pros and cons in an easy to follow fashion. One question, what would you say is your favorite and most efficient video editing program?

    • I like Sony Vegas but I’m steadily moving towards Adobe After Effects…an awesome yet complicated option!

  14. Hi Chris,

    I am more and more interested in video creation as every day passes, like realising a dream of making a travel documentary and a short movie.

    I may be required to use some green screen techniques. Will this software allow that, merging of two pieces of films.

    Also how does this compare to cyber power director and sony vegas (both of which I have). what is the minimum graphics card capabilities recommended with this software?

    • It’s best you aim for Adobe After Effects for green screen Derek – think of this program as more of an addition to your main editing software

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