Hollow ( 2011 ) – Haunted Hollow Tree


Hollow ( 2011 ) - Haunted Hollow Tree

If one of my mates turned up at my house ranting and raving about a horror based on a haunted hollow tree – I’d probably shut the door in his face! But Hollow is a British-made Found Footage horror that offers something a little different…

Brave Moves

It takes a pretty brave director to base the whole story of a film on a haunted hollow tree but Michael Axelgaard seems to have pulled it off.

I think the fact that the film is British actually allows the story to work – a spooky tree just wouldn’t work that well in Hollywood. I think the weather also adds something to the atmosphere and cinematography of this film – dark/grey overcast clouds covering the field where the tree sits ( a typical British summer! ).

Hollow manages to be genuinely creepy, tense and frightening. Focusing on the four main characters who are portrayed by pretty impressive actors it delivers a fair portion of dark atmosphere.

It’s unlike any other Found Footage effort out there at the moment and that reason alone makes it worth watching.

The Plot

Our four focal characters, James ( Sam Stockman ), Lynne ( Jessica Ellerby ), Scott ( Matt Stokoe ) and Emma ( Emily Plumtree ) are off on a summer vacation to Emma’s grandfather’s abandoned home.

They stumble upon a nearby Greenfriars monastery and find out from the locals that a strange ghostly force is supposed to linger there. This demonic figure is known to have caused a glut of suicides of lovers over the centuries.

They are led to believe that this mythical entity emanates from a nearby haunted hollow tree so they take a look. The tree doesn’t look like much at first to be honest with you – a little spooky and old but that’s about it.

As the film moves along our group seem to end up at the foot of this tree no matter what outing they are going on. They seem to be drawn to the tree’s location over and over again and things start to get VERY creepy…

The Love Triangle

The only downside I felt this film had was the reliance of the love triangle in the story line. Both men were pretty much after the other guy’s girl and this didn’t really add that much to the film.

At times it sort of hit the heights of a British soap opera which was a little disappointing really. The film is based on a slow burn towards a shocking last twenty minutes so I suppose this love triangle was necessary to keep things fresh?


Well…I liked it! But then again I like most Found Footage horror films. The old architecture of the local churches and the Greenfriars monastery definitely gave the film something original.

The locations chosen for the film’s story line were ‘spot on’ really and the green, rolling landscapes were perfect for the spooky cinematography.

The concept of a mysterious presence coercing people to commit suicide is really compelling and I love the way they linked the haunted hollow tree to it.

I can see a majority of horror fans staying away from this film due to the fact it is built on a really slow burn. This tends to happen with quite a few Found Footage efforts but it’s necessary to give the watcher a shocking ending ( in my book anyway! ).

As I mentioned the actors were great but the love triangle thrown into the story didn’t really play right with the rest of the film. It is what it is though and overall the film was a unique British Found Footage offering.

Another slow burner but the ending makes it worthwhile – I would recommend it!




    • Yeah it relies heavily on a really long build unfortunately, but the ending is pretty cool!!!

  1. I get a little shiver up my spine remembering certain parts of this movie (no spoilers – I’m fairly certain you can figure out what I’m on about)!

    • Yeah I’ve got a lot of time for this particular movie – certain parts were pretty unique and effective.

  2. I think about this movie a lot and have watched it a handful of times. It is a slow burn but it sure pays off! One of my favorite horror movies not just in the found footage genre but in general.

    • It’s not bad is it Hillary – I’ve watched it a few times myself now ( it stays with you! ).

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