Home Movie ( 2008 ) – Murderous Kids


Home Movie ( 2008 ) - Murderous Kids

I’ve been searching for a decent copy of this murderous kids yarn for a couple of years now but for some reason it doesn’t seem to get that much coverage.

It’s one of those Found Footage films that offers a lot but has never really taken off and always gets a mention here and there.

The other night I hit the jackpot and found a relatively decent copy on one of those dodgy, advert-ridden, film streaming sites.

Was it worth the wait…

Sinister Not Scary

Home Movie is an extremely sinister film that follows the development of two murderous kids. It’s a fresh and unique idea for Found Footage and it works pretty well on the big screen.

It’s nice to see the genre attempt something that is relatively hard to pull off and succeed. I’ll admit – I wasn’t 100% sure this film was going to be worth my time but the IMDb ratings were pretty decent considering it was an FF film ( Found Footage seems to get a right slating with a high percentage of reviewers there! ).

The cinematography was simple, the film budget didn’t need to be high, the actors were extremely well cast and the script was gripping.

The Plot

The film follows a father ( Adrian Pasdar ) as he documents ( videos ) his family’s new life deep in the woods of upstate New York.

Mother Clare ( Cady McClain ) and twins Emily & Jack ( Amber Joy & Austin Williams ) make up the family unit.

As the father follows his family around their day to day life it becomes apparent quite early on that something is not quite right with the kids. They never mutter a word to their parents and they seem to be able to communicate with each other in some sort of psychic capacity.

As the film progresses we witness these sinister kids getting up to all manner of worrying activities including the torture and crucifixion of the family pets.

The mother is a Child Psychologist but she has little to no control over the situation as things go from bad to worse. The father is a pastor who decides to use his religion to solve the kid’s personality defects…but fails miserably.

It’s not long before the sinister brother and sister turn their torturing addiction to their fellow pupils at school…


The majority of the film is made up of the father filming memories from each seasonal holiday ( Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve & so on ).

This works really well as we see the parents descend deeper into their own personal hell with each celebration.

The further the film goes along the more resigned to the fact they become – thier children are pure evil.


An incredibly disturbing horror film that pulls no punches and moves at a steady pace. As with most Found Footage films there was a purposeful build throughout but the ending is extremely worthwhile.

The acting was well above standard for the Found Footage genre – I thought the kids were superb throughout and Adrian Pasdar gave a convincing performance as the father.

As I mentioned earlier this was pretty much a low budget horror affair but there was no need for effects or stunts – the creepiness was provided by the simple yet violent actions of the kids.

The one downside to the film was the parents inability to realize their kids were the ‘spawn of Satan’. I know we all love our kids and paper up the cracks but these two would have had me running for the hills early doors!

It’s a shame that this film seems to have been lost in the Found Footage jungle of all the crappy releases over the last several years. It offers something new in a very bold and sinister fashion.

If you can find a copy of this hidden gem I strongly advise you to give it a try – a very good Found Footage effort.




  1. I actually came across this one on You Tube, and I certainly found it quite compelling. The only part I struggled with a bit was the ending *spoilers* with the kids really going overboard.
    And surely the parents knew how dangerous the darlings were, and yet they were able to go to sleep?? I’d have been out of there, or sitting on my bed with an axe in my hand.

    • Yeah I know what you mean Keith – I would of left them locked in the house and headed off for Brazil months before they got the chance to ‘have’ me!

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