House Swap ( 2010 ) – Stalker Horror Movie

House Swap ( 2010 ) - Stalker Horror Movie

So I managed to find another stalker horror movie filmed in the Found Footage style – happy days! I spend a lot of time online trying to compose a list of Found Footage films to review but it seems to get harder and harder the further I go with this site!

I stumbled upon this one by complete accident – it was on a simple horror review site ( much like this one ) but there was no indication it was a Found Footage effort – it was just listed as a pretty good indie film…..

Impressive Stalker Horror Movie

And I’m pleased to report it wasn’t that bad a movie at all! It’s a bit of a crossover film between the US and UK – the actors are American but it’s based in a rural house in Glastonbury, England.

It starts off with a young California screenwriter and his composer girlfriend driving around the Glastonbury area with their trusty camcorder ( of course! ). They stop off at various rural points of importance and film each other with the camera – all pretty joyful really!

The camera work seemed alright and the actors were not that bad either – the girl was really hot!!!!

The film starts off in a strange manner – all of a sudden our American leads catch a couple arguing behind their shot and decide to film it a little. The argument turns a bit rough leading to the male half of the equation smacking the female half right in the mouth!

A panic ensues as this psycho male realizes he’s just been filmed and chases the American couple back to their car.

This was a pretty peculiar but original way to start the film as I don’t really see what this scene has to do with the rest of the film. It just sort of happens to get us going – get our blood racing!

The Stalker

So the story is that this American couple have completed one of those house swap deals with another couple from Glastonbury.

When they arrive at their rural English home everything seems idyllic enough and they are both extremely happy with what they have got out of the deal.

But this is a stalker horror movie and it’s not long before our ‘creepy guy’ puts in an appearance. It’s pretty low key at first – standing at the window with his hood up and even taking a s**t on their downstairs bathroom floor.

Before long it becomes clear to the couple that this stalker is able to come and go as he pleases – he seems to be able to walk through walls!

Our fine young American screenwriter is not to happy about this and starts to set up cameras around the house to see if he can catch this creepy character out….


I cannot really go any further into the plot of the film without hitting that dreaded spoiler alert and I don’t want to ruin it for others.

The film did have some stupid moments but overall I really enjoyed it. I did keep asking myself why this couple were still in the house – I mean I would of seriously considered getting away from this psycho and staying in a hotel for the rest of the holiday!

What little we saw of the stalker was really well done – anyone with a sack over their head with two eye holes cut out will scare the s**t outta me!

The cinematography of the film was pretty good to – they picked some really scenic parts of Glastonbury to film the outdoor sequences.

The actors were pretty average over the whole film – especially the English guy Jack! I found myself noticing more cringe-worthy moments the more the film went on but the girl was so hot I overlooked this most of the time!

If you are a Found Footage addict like me then YOU WILL enjoy this stalker horror movie. If you are one of those losers that spends his/her day slating films on IMDb then you’ll probably hate this!

My advice – watch it!



    • Hi June! I don’t want to throw out any spoilers here but in 99% of Found Footage films the main characters end up dead. In this film I can safely say that one of them cops it but we are left wondering about the other one ( I can’t go into more detail than that as I’ll ruin it for the other readers who have not yet seen the film! )

  1. Watched this movie was quite good under the mat sequence would have had me gone in a shot I was trying to work out if it was lost footage or not too can’t figure that out x

    • I think it’s still on Putlocker ( .is NOT .com ) at the moment and Solarmovie. I quite enjoyed it but it hasn’t really set the horror world alight. Certainly worth watching if you like FF movies ( which you do of course 🙂 )

  2. Watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! Uh.cant agree with your girlfriend yelling for help and you run get the video camera 1st..but hey..that’s just me!!Lol.

    • Yeah there were a few scenes that left me scratching my head as well but overall it was a pretty good yarn 🙂

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