House with 100 Eyes ( 2013 ) – Movie Review

House with 100 Eyes ( 2013 ) - Movie Review

The Found Footage genre has always given indie filmmakers the chance to paint their horror portraits without the need of a decent budget.

Sometimes this works out perfectly, more often than not it fails miserably!

Last night I was lucky enough to stumble upon House with 100 Eyes on yet another incredibly dodgy film site. It’s a low budget Found Footage effort that seems to have bypassed cinema screens to search for cult fame online.

It’s not for the faint-hearted…


As I touched on above, many low budget horror films end up being nothing more than an embarrassment to both directors and cast members.

I think the main problem with this low budget level is the filmmaker’s desire to get EVERYTHING right on a shoestring – this seldom works out.

House with 100 Eyes has decided to concentrate on one important ingredient with the hope that the rest of the film will blossom around that element.

And what is that one important ingredient?

The actors!

This film succeeded where many others have failed due to the performances of Jim Roof and Shannon Malone. The pair managed to bring alive two of the most twisted and humorous horror characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. 

They captivated me from the very first scene and they kept this high level of engagement up throughout the whole course of the film.

The Plot

The film follows the twisted husband and wife team of Ed and Susan as they work their way through creating the mother of all snuff films. 

The have rigged up their house with a ton of hidden cameras ( about a 100 if you go along with the movie title! ) so they can capture the whole blood-drenched process from beginning to end. 

They are aiming to create something that will make the snuff industry sit up and take note of them – the first ever snuff triple feature!

That’s three victims in one night – what could go wrong right?


There are always going to be flaws in Found Footage efforts that are born from zero budgets – that’s part of the parcel I’m afraid. 

This film had plenty of flaws, but it didn’t try to cover them up and it didn’t try and sidestep them. Instead it decided to rely on a rather large dose of disturbing black humor backed up by two awesome performances by Roof and Malone. 

At one point I was a little worried that the film was going to end up a little tame due to the reliance on humor, but this baby was BRUTAL in parts.

I’m not a fan of ‘torture porn’ horror films – never have been and I’m never likely to be really. This film managed to cover a handful of repetitive torture sequences without dwelling on them for too long. 

Don’t get me wrong – these scenes were bloody disturbing, but they fit into the whole pace of the film with ease. 

The hidden cameras worked near enough perfectly throughout the film – it was basic yet clever low budget cinematography. The slow initial ‘build’ scenes were easy enough to get right but the cat and mouse survival race at the end was extremely well executed. 

To me, this was a perfect example of not overthinking the genre. Get a good idea, figure out how to portray it on a budget, write an engaging script and find two actors that can pull it off! 

I liked it…but I’m not sure that everyone will feel the same way! 

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  1. This one was actually pretty good in all its brutality. The sound was also pretty “necro”, bordering on audio torture in certain scenes (when he sits in front of the tv etc). I don’t know if it were supposed to be like that or if my copy had something wrong with it, but it made the whole thing even more convincing.

    • I had the same audio on mine John – I think it was a clever bit of engineering on their part!

    • I can’t quite remember now mate – I’d have to watch it again to brush up on the climax!

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