How to Make a Low Budget Horror Film

How to Make a Low Budget Horror Film

If you’re looking for tips on how to make a low budget horror film we may well have the answer. Our research for Top Found Footage Films enables us to interact with many different amateur filmmakers and find out how they got started.

You see most of us horror geeks dream about being giving the opportunity to bring our scary movie ideas to life. I’m no different – I just wish I had the time…

Recently we have noticed that a majority of these low budget producers have taken their lead from a book written by indie horror producer Danny Draven.

Now Draven had spent several years working for Charles Band at Full Moon Pictures before finally launching his own production company named Darkworld Pictures. With this new production team behind him he released Ghost Month which was shot using 35mm film.

It was during the production of Ghost Month that he decided to assemble all his experience into a handbook for future generations of amateur filmmakers.

The Book is called The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead

The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead

The publication is a complete guide on how to make a low budget horror film. It is filled with detailed information that explains the procedure used to make a homemade horror movie.

The book is organised into different sections based on pre-production, production, and post-production. It is a remarkable guide that offers authentic advice to amateur filmmakers on:

  • Conceiving
  • Scripting
  • Casting
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Releasing

Basically covering every step leading up to the release of your first horror feature!

The Guy's Got Style!

The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead…Danny Draven has a revolutionary style to his writing that instantly makes you feel at ease when reading. If you want to make a low budget horror movie and are a little concerned about the ‘intimidating terminology’ then this is the book for you.

Draven manages to provide the low budget movie tips in a conversational manner. It’s not like he’s teaching you – it’s more like you’re having a beer with him at your local bar!

He’s not afraid to point out the holes in his career either by constantly pointing out the things he did wrong along the way. I don’t know about you but I often feel a lot happier knowing I’m not the only idiot on the planet!

Once you have your scary movie ideas in place Draven will teach you how to complete the project within it’s allotted time and budget. He also offers important insights into distributors and how they might attempt to rip you off for your work!

All Genres of Filmmaking

I think the most powerful aspect of this book is that it can apply to all genres of filmmaking. The low budget movie tips provided are applicable to any genre you are looking into.

I still think that Draven is at his best when discussing the unique challenges inherent in the horror genre. He seems to be more at home when he is discussing techniques used to make horror movie effects and general ‘gore’.

Accompanying Website

There is a accompanying website that offers extra help on how to make a low budget horror film. This helps the product become a lot more exclusive and powerful – what other filmmaker’s guide out there offers this?

The site is packed with authentic digital media designed to aid your scary movie ideas:

  • A nice selection of sample contracts
  • Examples of budget sheets
  • Advice on correct script formatting

This website is a sensational idea as it will help to keep the book fresh and up to date. From what I have experienced the site is constantly being improved upon – it rocks!

Post Production Workflow

Yeah don’t let the title above put you off ( as it nearly did with me! ). If you want to make a homemade horror movie stand out you are going to have to get your head around the technical bits ( unfortunately! ).

This technical aspect of filmmaking comes naturally to some people but not so naturally to others. Luckily Draven has nailed the subject of post-production workflow for DV and HD video so that it is relatively easy to understand. The following are just some of the subjects he manages to cover in layman’s terms:

  • Color Correction techniques
  • Print Timing techniques
  • Special Features for your DVD’s
  • Digital Press Kits

Now I’m no rocket scientist – far from it really! If I can get through this section with a degree of success you can to!

Who's Gonna Watch This?

So you’ve studied the guide and you’ve produced your sensational new horror offering….who’s gonna watch it?

Sure your family and friends may sit through it and give you polite ( yet biased ) feedback but what happens after that?

Fear not – Draven has covered this tricky step for you to! 

He explains how easy it is to submit your new ‘blockbuster’ to various film festivals that take place each year. He goes through the procedure of preparing your movie for a DVD or Blu-Ray release and the various routes you can choose to explore online!

I found this chapter of the book utterly fascinating as I had no idea what power these distributors had within the industry.

Draven doesn’t pull any punches – he lets you know exactly what to expect from these distributors and you will be shocked at some of the demands they can ( and will ) make!

The Downside of The Book

There was one little gripe I had with the guide and it was all contained within the first chapter. Maybe I’m a little picky but I don’t really feel I need a summary of the various horror sub-genres!

I feel most of the people who are interested in this subject will already be up to date on these categories and don’t really need the baby steps offered here.

If I was going to make a homemade horror movie on a sect of vampires I’m pretty sure I’ll know everything needed on the subject of vampires beforehand!

I felt it was a little patronizing to assume people will need this knowledge if they had bought the book – everyone knows the difference between a zombie and a werewolf right?

How to Make a Low Budget Horror Film

This is the only flaw I found in the guide and to be honest – it’s not really a deal breaker is it?

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to make low budget horror films then this is the book for you!

It even includes low budget movie tips from horror icons such as Robert Englund and Herschell Gordon Lewis ( The Godfather of Gore! ).

It’s a revolutionary way to look at filmmaking and a lot of fun to boot! No matter what your background, if you’re a lover of the horror genre, or a maker of independent films, you should pick up this book…

Click Here For Access – ( UK Version ) The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie

Click Here For Access – ( US Version ) The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie


  1. Myself have been more of a comedy genre type and I have always been a bit of a clown, but every so often I do dabble in some other types to keep my mind broadened. Found footage films seem to be coming out more and more as of course budgets are much lower than the typical computer generated big budget types.
    I guess this also gives more of a “realistic” feel as well thinking this is stuff that actually happened. Anyhow keep up the great work and research.

    • Yeah Michael – the Found Footage genre attracts a lot of newcomers due to the low overheads involved. The book we’ve reviewed above will guide any wannabe Found Footage director in the right direction ( no pun intended! ). Nice to have you here – call back again any time!

  2. Loving this guide Chris!
    I believe this can help break the belief that making a successful movie requires huge funding and I always adore innovative point of views such as yours, it is what defines an entrepreneur. Even “The Book of the Dead” sounds scary to read at night, I’m thinking of buying this for my nephew this Halloween.

    • Hi Riaz,
      Glad you like the look of the guide but it may be a bit intense for your nephew LOL. What’s his age? You don’t want to be giving him nightmares 🙂

  3. Hello, this is a really useful post especially for people that have aspiring to make their own movie.. Even though as an one, but it still a very good start. I never knew it could be this possible to make a movie with a low budget. I like what you are doing, providing opportunity for wannabe movie makers to actualize their dream. I will very sure come back again. Thanks

    • Hi there nnamdi,
      Really glad you enjoyed the article and learnt something from it. Yeah the book is a great choice for wannabe movie makers who are looking for a little guidance in their initial efforts. Look forward to seeing you here again soon 🙂

  4. I love horror and strangely enough I kinda like the low budget horror movies at times. Sometimes a low budget horror can be very entertaining in a humorous way. Although I am not always sure it is intended to be funny.
    My sister might love the idea of making a horror movie, she is already an author of a few books and this might be a lovely idea for her to branch out and make her books into movies. I’ll be sharing this with her.

    • I know what you mean Lynne – sometimes Low budget horrors can be extremely funny for all the wrong reasons LOL. Hope your sister enjoys the book – wish her good luck with her writing from me 🙂

  5. Hi Chris, I have really learned something here today about what is out there and available for movie makers. To be honest, since watching Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ I have steered away from anything horror, but with some of my children now in their teens, and watching horror films, your site caught my attention and interest. Clearly you have read this book thoroughly and offer great insights not only into the book, but the whole how to do process. It is very inspiring for young movie makers to be able to access such great tools. Thank you for sharing, I have certainly learned something today! Best regards to you, and thanks again for offering such a great service and ideas.

    • Hi Cindy – nice to have you here 🙂
      I’m glad you found so many positive elements in the review – the book is an excellent resource which we love to promote here.
      ( p.s. Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is an awesome landmark in horror! )

  6. Hi

    Believe it or not I’m thinking of making a low budget horror film and I’ve been looking for various tips and tricks on how to do it on a low budget (and around my family!)
    I think low budget horror films can be far more entertaining than the high budget Hollywood films as it forces directors to be far more creative when they are shooting the film.
    I will check this out!


    • Hi John,
      If you’re thinking about filming a low budget offering yourself then this book is a great place to start. The tips and techniques he covers can be applied to most genres of film ( not just horror ). Don’t forget to pop back and let us see your finished article 🙂

  7. This is a very interesting book. I’m into horror movies, but never thought about making my own film. I think this book would be a great help to anyone who is just starting out with film making. I think it is also nice how the author also shows the new film maker how to get his new movie in front of others through submitting it to different film festivals.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Yes the author ( Draven ) does a really good job throughout the book of covering all the angles a newbie producer will encounter. He seems to be ‘clued up’ on all the initial problems newcomers will probably face.
      If you’re serious about filmmaking – it’s well worth a read 🙂

  8. Interesting article. Although the title is misleading and I thought I will be learning the procedure, it is good to know about this book. I am not really into this kind of hobby but knowing that there is a guide for this is very interesting. This could be used by people who wants to get popular or discovered for example in youtube.

    • Great call mentioning YouTube – a brilliant hunting ground for new indie horror offerings! Sorry you found the title misleading but the guide we cover here is on exactly that subject…

  9. I love horror movies so do my sis in-law.I like those that are usual based on true live events.I have being looking for a way to make animated horrors at an affordable cost.I guess I should consider getting this book then.This book also comes in handy for those who want to make horror movies but simple do not have enough money.Thanks for the great information.

    • Hi Fina,
      Yes this book sounds like a really good fit for you! There are also some great FREE animation programs online so you could get started up for next to nothing!
      Good luck 🙂

  10. Interesting review, I’ve never heard of an actual tutorial on making a low budget film. Though I’m not into it, the idea of taking a look at it is pretty intriguing. It also provides a nice amount of info regarding behind-the-scenes stuff like management and budgeting.

    Though I’m not considering making a low-budget film anytime soon, the way you review the book really made me just want to read this out of interest!

    • Hi Roger,
      Well it sounds like this guide made quite an impression on you – maybe there’s a slight interest in filmmaking where there wasn’t before???
      Glad you found this so interesting – if you decide to try out the guide come back and let us know how everything panned out with it!!!

  11. I never thought about how to make a low budget horror movie before and especially when I do not watch them. It was definitely interesting when you did say that regardless of the type of movie the book still has the key components to allow you to still create a low budget movie.
    It just goes to show when something is good such as this book it can still relate to work with other genres of other film making even if your not into horror.

    • Hi Travis,
      Yeah the cool thing about this publication is that the techniques can implemented for many different film genres – as long as it’s a low budget offering of course 🙂

  12. Very interesting post Chris.

    Unfortunately I am not really interested in horror films although I have seen a few Dracula films in life.

    I quite like the old murder mysteries like Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders!!

    • Errr OK Lucinda…no idea how you ended up on this article then LOL
      Good luck with the Agatha Christie!!!

  13. Hey Chris, great article man! I love horror movies and really dig found footage movies. I think there are not enough quality FF films out there, you know. I mean, just look at REC. That one was scary as hell. Can you recommend me some great movies. Acting has to be decent if possible 🙂 Thanks already!

    • Hi Jurgen, nice to have you here 🙂
      If you look at the top navbar of the site you will notice a page listed as ‘Top Ten’. Here you will find the top rated Found Footage films on the scene at the moment!

  14. The great thing about a low budget horror film is you can make it look like an amateur documentary. I remember when i first watched The Blair Witch Project, the fact that it seemed like it was found footage made it all the more scary. Did you ever see The Blair Witch Project? If so, what was your favourite scene in it?

    • He there Marcus!
      I think the Blair Witch Project was actually the first Found Footage film I ever saw – it’s a giant in this niche!!!!
      As for favorite scenes it’s impossible to nail one down – they were all so original and creepy. The film was one of the best horror films I have ever seen – it’s a legend 🙂

  15. Hi Chris,

    Great little secrets revealed here about horror film making. Although I am more into Drama and Comedy but loved the post. Do share your own horror film once you finish it. I would love to see it and recommend few of my friends to watch it. At what stage did you reached with your script as of now ?


    • Hi Kunal,
      I had involvement with several indie horror films when I was younger but I haven’t got into it recently – I’m running this site instead 🙂

  16. Great to know there’s a way for budding filmmakers on a tight budget, can still produce a film, and be provided guidance from an expert. When you say found footage genre, what exactly does that mean? Do you mean like the Blair Witch Project? That’s the movie that springs immediately to mind, I guess because at its time, the idea behind it was quite unique.

    • Hi SC,
      Yeah you’re bang on the money with Blair Witch Project – arguably one of the best Found Footage movies ever made! Found Footage is basically POV filming through camcorders etc. They are usually based around horror plots ( as these work the best with it! ).

  17. Love your article, because i am a fan of horror firms, but not intending to be a producer in the near future. Your article will be of great help to those who are interested in low budget horror firms. Your write up look like a review which i think is in place. Please, you should not assume that most people do not need the baby step offered, because most of your readers may be newbies who might be interested and need these baby steps.
    All the best, God bless you.

    • Well thanks for saying so Richard!!!!
      Glad you enjoyed what you read even though you’re not thinking of getting into the business yourself.
      Begs the question though – how did you end up on this article in the first place? 🙂

  18. Hi Chris

    As an avid film fan this post grabbed me quickly and reminded me of a time when I aspired to get in to working in movies. Oh how the days and years have passed since then. Still for anyone wanting to go in that direction well worth a read and my congrats on another great read.

    Kindest regards

  19. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for replying and glad that you responded in a timely manner, Your whole website is fabulous and you have covered plenty of stuff throughout your website across different tans. Hope to see something releasing from your end one day and I will definitely enjoy it when its out.


  20. This guide sounds perfect for young movie makers who are just getting started. I really appreciate that though the book is rooted in the horror genre, the methods for low budget film making apply to any genre.

    Can you tell me some other movies that Draven made besides Ghost Month?

    • Hi Roger,
      Draven also produced a reasonably popular Found Footage film named Reel Evil – we have actually reviewed it HERE

  21. So you’re a filmmaker, eh? I make music and am always looking for new artists to collab! Like a music video or something!

    So this book, have you used it yourself? Sounds kind of interesting, Because I’ve been learning about videography and it’s definitely still new to me, might be worth reading!

    Thanks for this!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Hey Matt,
      Yeah I’ve read it about three times now – always come across something I overlooked the first time around!
      Great book 🙂

  22. This is awesome!
    I was actually thinking to myself at work today that I wanted to make a movie like this. I want to make a movie like the game manhunt where someone finds the footage of the main character viciously murdering people and tries to uncover the truth of what is going on.

    • Hey that’s a pretty cool idea for a plot Devin – you want to hold onto that ( it could work out quite well!!! ).
      Don’t worry…I won’t pinch it 🙂

  23. Hi Chris,
    Even though I would never make a horror movie, although I liked to watch good ones, I certainly can see that these tips given by the book can be applied to other movie genres as well.
    I loved reading your article because it really helped me to see the vision what someone can do when going this path.
    Awesome read!!!! Thanks

    • Hi Sylvia,
      You would never make a horror movie? Surely not!!!
      What are you doing here on this article then 🙂
      Well at least you like horror movies so that’s a good start!!!

  24. Well done Chris! Your site offers very comprehensive guide to aspiring film makers. Choosing horror films as your specialty makes it even more interesting.

    I love watching horror films as it pumps up my adrenaline and gets me really excited.

    I’ll check your site from time to time to see more!

    Thanks for the information you shared!

    • LOL, it wasn’t so much choosing horror as my specialty – it was more a labor of love ( I love horror films! ). Thanks for the positive vibes though 🙂

  25. Hi Chris, I have always loved horror movies from quite a young age and remember watching the British Hammer films with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I remember going to the cinema to watch the launch of the Exorcist and was more frightened by the people outside offering me a number to ring if I started to feel “possessed”! My favourite was the Omen which scared the hell out of me!

    • Hey Paul good call!!!
      I used to love the Hammer Horror films with Cushing & Lee as a kid – awesome memories!!!!
      I can remember my dad telling me about the Salvation Army outside the cinema when The Exorcist was on – crazy stuff!

  26. This is a win-win! For starters, I LOVE B-rated horror movies, name a horror move from the 70s and 80s, and I’ve probably seen it. The local video store had an outstanding collection until the got rid of VHS and went to DVD, then it all went down hill. 🙁

    I like the fact that Draven’s book is also applicable to all genre’s. Some buddies and I have some ideas for films, and this would be an excellent resource once we build-up the capital for it.

    • Awesome stuff Zeno!!!!
      I hope you and your buddies come back here with your finished product and give us a sneak preview – get out there and film!!!!

  27. Hi there,

    Awesome review you made here about the filmmaker’s book of the dead.

    If it’s written in a conversationalist style it’s always a lot nicer and easier understandable for most people. To me it’s the new way of teaching.. To be honest I like your blogposts because you do exactly that, write like you’re sitting at a bar talking 🙂
    On that website that goes along with the book.. Is there also some sort of software available for special effects?


    • Hi Maarten,
      There are lots of sections within the book that cover special effects but the website will not really provide you with that type of thing. You need to be looking at standalone software like Sony Vegas or After Effects for that type of thing!

  28. Hello Chris,

    I know I would watch it, I prefer the low budget films to the high priced gore attacks we get now days.

    I remember my first low budget horror film, Death Nurse, my friends and I watched it several times, why? Because it made us laugh, I know it is supposed to be horror but the films are so funny and I thing that is the whole point isn’t it, to have fun with it and if you scare some, yeah!
    But if you are like me you enjoy it because it is actually more creative than the big budget films and it takes more imagination to create it.
    I for one am into low budget films, even have one night a month where we watch films that are made this way. It is just something my friends and I do to spend time together.

    The Fat Guy.

    • Hey Fat Guy ( I feel terrible calling you that! )
      Yeah low budget horrors always have a sort of warmth about them due to the lack of budget – some of them turn out to be blockbusters as well ( Blair Witch was considered low budget remember! )

  29. hey this sounds like really hard work but with a lot of fun, one of these days I will get together with my friends and start making our own horror film, thanks for your post it really brings some great ideas to mind,
    just a little question, is there any great and cheap editing sofware?

    • Hey Danny,
      There is a pile of freeware video editing software out there that comes with plugins and effects etc. Just remember though – you get what you pay for and paid options will always give better results. I would always advise investing in a program like Sony Vegas if you are serious about filmmaking 🙂

  30. Wow, this book sounds quite interesting. It’s nice know that there is a book that offers steps from how to make your own horror film to how to actually get viewers besides your family and friends to view their movie.

    I agree with you about the con part because anyone who is into horror films, knows quite a bit about each and every scary character.

    It’s also nice that there is a website for more additional information. I’m sure this would be a great guide for anyone into making films.

  31. Great guide for those interested in making films. One thing I want to point out is that when reading an article if something is underlined I tend to think it is a link to somewhere. Every time I clicked on an underlined phrase it went nowhere so I am assuming your are just using it for emphasis. But the information was great.

    • LOL yeah we are trying to emphasize certain points Jerry – if we want to link to another page we will always use red bold type ( it stands out a lot more than simply underlining things! ). Anyway, nice to hear you enjoyed the article.

  32. Good information. I’ve been messing around with screenplays and similar ideas for years. writing is my true passion, and one day. I will research some of the links that you provided and dig out some of the “how to” nuggets that I find. After reading your blog, I just might make my own film. I hope to have one of my books made into a movie


    • Great stuff Ulysses,
      We look forward to seeing one of your books on the silver screen 🙂

  33. Interesting read, John.
    I have never though about making a horror movie myself but this sounds quite alluring. Ha ha. I am not a big dreamer on this field though probably just gonna show my family or something.
    Come to think about it, my niece would have liked this too.
    All the best!

  34. My wife and I watched the Amber Alert movie. I must say that I was not a fan at first. But I also must say that I could not stop watching it. I think that you have a good thing going here with rating movies, especially movies that are not well known. Just because a movie is “low budget” doesn’t mean that it is not worth the time to watch.

    • Great news Dave – I’m glad I managed to convert you 🙂
      There are plenty more Found Footage efforts to go through on this site – go mad with them ( and enjoy! )

  35. Hi John,

    I love horror films and have seen so many I have lost count years ago. I think some of the best are independent low-budget films and I’m happy to see someone showing us the way to make a dream a reality. This is fantastic information and conveyed in such a unique way. What a great way to break into the film industry. Well done!


    • Cheers PJ,
      Nice to see you enjoyed the product and the article so much – stick around and see if you can find a few movies you haven’t seen 🙂

  36. What a great review you provided here…Even though this not my particular genre, I would be interested in buying just for all the information provided!

    Indies movie makers have it rough, I think their situation is similar to musos (professional musicians) who are often so very talented but just did not get the break, or were big fish in a small barrel (like here in Dubai)…

    This kind of a book is just what they need to see how they could break out into the big times! Thanks for your excellent and thorough review, I will be sharing it with my muso and filmmaking friends here in Dubai and elsewhere!



  37. Very good review on “The Filmmakers Book of the Dead”.
    I’m currently in the same boat as you, not enough time to get into such a project, but I am fascinated by the process of creating and producing movies.
    I’ve mentioned many times to my wife that we should try to make our own horror film. I mean, who knows, we might make the next “Blair Witch Project”.
    Thanks for the review, I’m going to have to check this book out.


    • Yeah, who know’s Kevin – they had no idea the Blair Witch was going to be as big as it was! Get out there and get filming 🙂

  38. As I have already commented on one of your other posts, I have watched a lot of horror movies. I have three children and while I was pregnant with my third child I watched nothing but horror movies the entire time. I kind of ran out of horror movies to watch which is why I went to other things. Maybe I should search for more horror movies. But making my own horror movie sounds like so much fun! I don’t think it would be a very practical project for me right now with my kids to raise. But if I were to try to make my own horror movie then I would give this book a try! Sounds like a great book!

    • How could you possibly run out of horror films to watch Melanie – you must of been pregnant for 50 years LOL. There’s always something new out there girl – get online and see what you can find ( or go through the lists we have here! ).

  39. Definitely need to check this out on my next book run. If he’s as honest as you say he is, it’s nice to know he keeps things rather simplistic. Educating people about films is no easy deal even if you are going to film school. Keeping things casual and simplistic allow a lot of people to gain some kind of knowledge from his ideas. Also, I’m not totally against the idea of a horror-genre summation. A lot of people can find new media if they are exposed to different styles of film. Lord knows I did!

  40. Horror is my favorite genre.
    This is such an interesting idea, to create a horror film. Some people just happen to have a few million dollars laying around but most of us aren’t that lucky.
    How fun would it be to get several friends together and be a part of something like this… sounds pretty great

  41. I’ve always wanted to make a low budget horror movie, I’m sold! Thanks. This kind of info, based on the mistakes he has already made is well worth I suppose. Why should we have to repeat the same mistakes, right? I noticed he shot his film on 35mm film. Is film out these days? Or is it making a come back? Does this book go into explaining the new digital technology like inexpensive cameras that shoot cinema style images?

    • You can use whatever film medium you feel like Michael – digital was always be better quality but analog filming has a sort of warmth to it’s picture! Yes, this book covers many digital aspects 🙂

  42. What an interesting site – being a creative type myself also I can appreciate the need to bring to the attention of the general public that filmmaking, especially of this genre, doesn’t have to be costly. Your obvious passion for filmmaking comes across in the way put information across. Video might have killed the radio star but more video snippet examples would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  43. Hey guy’s this is a different thing than i anticapated i was hoping for how to make a low budget film, and what a surprise.
    It certainly woke me up from my normal pc position.
    Best of luck with this you have everything set up as far as i can see.

  44. Hi Chris. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your post. I love how you styled the sub-sections it’s so clean but still very powerful and attention grabbing–a combination that is pretty difficult to do. The book itself seems pretty interesting and I think you are a well rounded reviewer to give your opinion on both the pros and cons the book carries with it. All in all excellent work! Also I enjoyed all of your product reviews.

    • Well thanks for saying so Jesse – if you have any more compliments please feel free to throw them my way LOL 🙂

  45. Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    This comes very useful if you’re planning on making low budget film. I was thinking about this and found this great content here.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

  46. Hi,Chris I love the older style horror movies,like,Chucky,Freddy Kruger,Jason etc are the best type of horror based films when I was a kid!To be able to create your own horror movie is mindbending and I would have never thought that I could do this myself.I looked at weather I could get the book here where I live overseas and am pleasantly surprised the book can be delivered worldwide and very cheap price too!.
    Thanks for your review,Chris.

    • Cheers Sonny!
      Glad you found the review useful. Yes, Amazon offers worldwide delivery on most of it’s books. Hope you enjoy this one! 🙂

  47. Hi there,

    I can honestly say that I love Horror movies… and to come across this site that teaches you how you can make your own horror movie… well it’s AWESOME!!! I will be showing this to my husband as we both enjoy watching them.

    What is the cost to make a low budget film? Do you know?

    • Hi Tanya,

      Well I’ve seen some awesome indie horror movies that cost no more than $100 to make! It’s all down to the director and the editing at the end of the day ( oh, and a few decent actors! ) 🙂

  48. My best friend is studying on the Dutch movie academy and as his exam-work he is working on a low budget short horror. He still has a year about and he is gathering information on how he could do without the need of selling his home. He really needs to know how to make a low budget film!

    I will get the Filmmaker’s book of the dead for him.

    I wonder do you have access to the accompanying website only if you have to book or even without?

    • Hi Adam,

      I believe you can only access the website if you have the book – there’s a sort of key code included from what I remember!

  49. I came back to this site after bookmarking it previously. Halloween is coming up and me and a few friends have decided to get something going in the way of movies and recording a little something before we go out and maybe throughout the night. Im still worrying about a costume too. Useful site!

  50. This post about how to make low budget horror films was really interesting. I’ll have to check out Draven’s book. I’ve never made a movie, but I’ve always been interested in how to go about making one; from scripting and storyboarding, to casting and filming and post production. The whole bit.

    I don’t know if it’s something I’ll ever do, but I’d love to be involved in making a film. I love anything creative and working on your very own movie sounds awesome!

  51. Sadly now a days the making of a horror movie’s budget is as low as it gets, all you need is a camera, phone camera can also do the trick and couple of your friends. And that’s a wrap!

  52. Awesome Site. If I were passionate about making A Horror film of my own This is where i would start. Everything is explained thoroughly and in an understandable way. from casting all the way through post-production i now feel ready to produce my own low-budget horror film! great job Keep it Up.

  53. I saw this site last night, and was going to comment, and then I started doing something else, my life at the moment.
    Double creepy, really like it, maybe a bit too much.
    I would like to be able to click on the names, for example Danny Draven, and get some more information for myself, also The Filmaker’s Book of The Dead is there a link for that.
    I also look using 35 mm film.
    Do you sell that?

    • Of course there is LJ – if you read the WHOLE article you will see direct links to the book at the end ( we don’t plaster links all through our reviews – it ruins the reader experience! ).

  54. Lol, nope I wouldn’t want to watch a low budget horror movie, even though I understand where you are coming from but with me, If I have to get scared, or watch some horror movie, that movie better scare the living day light out of me and with very good props, costume and make up. Thats what am talking about. But good article for film makers.

    • You’d be surprised at some of the low budget offerings Kelly! Don’t forget that the Blair Witch Project was low budget 🙂

  55. It’s so intriguing to think about how successful a low-budget horror can be, and I’ve been wondering how it’s possible for a while. This page gives great advice and little facts about techniques and people involved in the horror movie-making business. Also, it utilized a lot of voice that managed to keep me constantly interested. Thank you. 🙂

  56. Hi there Chris, I love the review you made about that book. I’m a horror geek before as well like you but when I met my wife it all started to change.

    My wife doesn’t like horror because she’ll have nightmare after watching it. So I’m now more of a comedy movie fan.

    But still the side of me that always crave for a scary sequel doesn’t fade away and making my own horror movie is just like awesome. I have lot’s of ideas about how to make a horror movie a heck more scarier than these latest horror films that are just released in cinemas. LOL

    • Sounds good Norstad – get those ideas down and set up some sort of indie film…it don’t cost much these days! 🙂

  57. Thanks for the post Chris.
    Ive got a friend whos studying film and we were talking about how easy it is to make a quality film with little to no budget. His also a big a fan of horror and thrillers… “The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead” haha, thats a great title. Im going to tell him about it, maybe he hasnt heard of it yet. All the best!

  58. Awesome post. A friend of mine goes to this zombie-theme LARP event once a month. It lasts through the night, is in some cabins spread throughout the middle of the woods, and can be quite intense. I always tell him that they should make a little movie out of it, since they really go all out with the costumes and scenery, but he admits he doesnt even know how to get started with that. I am definitely going to pass this on to him.

  59. Hi Chris,

    I really loved this article. I’ve done photography for years now but I really want to get involved in film now that I’ve freed up some time, so I think I’ll take a look at it. Whenever I think of low budget horror I think of Evil Dead, which is one of my all time favourite movies ever.

    I’ve got heaps of filming and scripting books – my Dad bought them all years ago – but it’d be nice to see something more updated, especially seeing as those books still refer to film recording, not digital recording.

    Thanks for this review, I’m sure it’ll help plenty of people that want to film within this genre.

    All the best,


  60. I’m glad to see that this book can apply to all genres of filmmaking. My brother is wanting to get into filmmaking, but doesn’t have much direction with where to start. He has a lot of great ideas, though! Hopefully this will help him decide where to start with everything.

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  62. Wow this is something different. Nice. This would be cool to try out. I’m not that into horror films but making my own type film would be something interesting. I noticed you can apply the methods to other than horror films also. You did a really nice job of capturing all the info this provides to help you make the film. Nicely done.

  63. heya I love horror films and I contemplated making a low budget horror film in the past, but one thing I wanted to know about this book is whetehr it talks about actual finances? I.e. how much it would cost to hire a producer etc? I have an idea and the script is already almost done but does the book take you from a-z?

    • Hi there,

      Yes there are many sections that cover estimated finances and point out the cheapest path to take. It’s based at filmmakers who have a relatively low budget.

  64. Hello
    Just have to say great page and great site. I’m looking at your page from a different perspective than most. I have myself been in the Film Industry for over 20 years doing Special Effects. Although I have never created my own movie I have had the opportunity to work on MANY films and even a few horror movies. I do know MANY who would love to bring their own productions to life. Its always been mostly an issue of finances. So kudos to you for creating this site you have. I’m absolutely sure it will bring you a following. Keep up the good work.

  65. Hey, thanks for the article!! I find this information helpful for not only horror films, but for many low budget films. As a person who is constantly being dragged into film festivals by my friends, this information will come to mind next time I watch a what will appear as a low budget film. I’ll also let my friend know about this page, as he is interested in film making. Thanks for the tips, greatly appreciated 🙂

  66. Hey Chris, what a fab website and niche. I love film so I really like what you are doing here. I love that you are promoting the idea of inspiring people to make film using their iPhones. I shall be visiting your website to follow your progress. Im a tv producer director so if you need any geek chat please get in contact.

  67. wow this is great resource for such an interesting market!
    I have most certainly learnt something today. This book sounds like the place to start if I wanted to make a horror flick as I’ve always been into horror movies. I’m curious, Have you yourself made a movie like this?

    • In my younger days I ‘dabbled’ Sunny – those days are long gone now though! 🙂

  68. I love horror movies. To be honest are my favorites:)
    I really loved reading your article 🙂 Is very informative.
    I hope you will inspire people to do some good movies:))
    Sometimes is not important the budget if the story is good and captivating:)
    the way you show it looks easy enough:)
    Thanks for sharing with us:)
    have a nice day:)

  69. Great Guide,
    Not only does it help you make low budget films, but it also gave me some ideas I can use for college. Just encase I need to make a film for a class.
    Have you used this guide to make any low cost films? If so I would love to view an example of this put into action!

    • I have taken instruction from this guide many times Tom – it’s a great resource! 🙂

  70. Hello there Mr. Chris Evans,
    First off all, nice name!
    Second of all what a post! loved it. You have a real nack for writing. From reading this post, I can see that Danny Draven is the real deal and his guide is definitely the way to go for those interested in flourishing in the horror genre of filmmaking.

  71. What a cool idea! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for future projects! When I was younger, I recorded home made films with my siblings, and we acted out skits. (All created by myself :)) Looking back on them now, it’s both funny and cringe worthy haha. Creating a more professional styled short film is in the area of my interests for sure!

    • Hiya Sarah – glad we peaked your interest! There are plenty of articles on this subject here so have a look through – see if we can help you get started! 🙂

  72. Wow I have always wanted to make my own little budget horror movie but I always thought it would still be way to expensive or impossible to put together. This book seems like great starter guide to putting it all together. Does it give tips on hiring staff or are you mostly doing everything your self?

    • It covers all aspects of indie filmmaking Aden – including employees and extra hands etc. 🙂

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