Hungerford (2014) – Alien Invasion Theories


Hungerford (2014) - Alien Invasion Theories

British Found Footage release Hungerford has finally hit the internet and I was lucky enough to find a copy of it last night. Writer, director and actor Drew Casson’s long awaited new horror is based on your typical alien invasion theories.

I heard it was a unique and bold new attempt at Found Footage…did it manage to deliver?


Well I for one was thoroughly disappointed – I expected a lot more than what panned out in front of me last night!

The film manages to start out by brilliantly capturing your attention with a dynamic and fast moving plot and one particularly good special effect scene.

After that the actors, directors, cinematography and script seem to go on holiday – I have no idea how the film manages to fall apart so fast.

The Plot

A group of flatmates are busy nursing hangovers after a particularly grizzly night out when they hear a loud commotion outside.

They venture onto the street to join their fellow city dwellers and discover the source of the noise. They are confronted by an enormous purple electric space cloud hovering in the distant skies.

The cloud dies down and the watching population go back to their everyday lives but certain members of the public seem a little distant at best.

Within 24 hours the town of Hungerford is overrun with zombie-like creatures which are controlled by small insect-like aliens.

Can our band of party-loving misfits stop this modern day alien invasion…

Where Actors go to Die…

Unfortunately the Found Footage genre often ends up as a place where up-and-coming actors go to die. I’m pretty sure the majority of them end up doing washing powder commercials.

At first I managed to forgive the amateur acting in Hungerford as I was gripped by the initial story line. Unfortunately this did not last.

Cowen Rosewell (Casson) and his fellow students Adam ( Tom Scarlett ), Kipper ( Sam Carter ), Janine ( Kitty Speed ) and Phil ( Georgia Bradley ) all try their best but fail miserably.

I’d go as far as saying that acting just ain’t their thing!

At times they just about manage to pull off a scene only to totally blow the next scene with over-acting and unrealistic reactions.

I’m sure you all know by now that Found Footage relies on it’s actors to create an atmosphere through realism – without it we end up with a shoddy student film!


I was looking forward to seeing this film but I ended up being baffled by how it had failed so miserably. The special effects started out pretty impressively but then the budget seemed to dry up – it really was quite bad at times.

In one scene our lead protagonist manages to stab one of these alien insects with a kitchen knife and holds it up in front of the camera. I nearly pissed myself laughing – the insect was clearly one of those Halloween decorations that normally comes with a string attached!!!

The zombies that were controlled by the aliens also seemed to take a slap from the diminishing budget. They were given a bloody nose and some dirty clothes and that was about that!

Unfortunately the filmmakers have seemed to realize that they’ve ended up polishing a turd and have tried to game IMDb ( as so many of them often do! ).

Here is one of the apparently ‘independent’ reviews on the movie…

hungerford review

But wait, there’s more…

hungerford review

AND more still…

Hungerford review

That’s a grand total of three rather suspect reviews put up there at the time of writing this – I wonder how many Found Footage fans will fall for them ( quite a few unfortunately! ).

This certainly was a bold and unique idea for a Found Footage movie but it failed miserably. The alien invasion theories the plot covers could easily of worked out spectacularly but ended up being a right damp squid.

The only positive I can really give this film is the fact they tried something different with the genre. At least we got away from the dark forests and abandoned asylums for once.

Nice try guys, but this was a pretty messed up effort. I’m afraid I cannot recommend it here!



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