Hunting The Legend ( 2014 ) – Yeti Murders


Hunting The Legend ( 2014 ) - Yeti Murders

There seems to be another trend forming in the Found Footage film industry and I’m not sure it’s all that welcome. Hunting The Legend is yet another Bigfoot offering but it seems to have slipped under the radar due to bigger budget releases on the same topic ( Exists, Willow Creek ).

This time it’s based on a story of revenge and Yeti murders…but does it offer something different?

The More Things Change…

Due to the success of Exists and Willow Creek one would expect the ‘runners up’ to offer something unique and memorable…unfortunately Hunting The Legend failed to do this.

After a bright enough and original start it seemed to travel the same route as every other ‘forest based’ Found Footage film.

We get the night vision, we get the hopeless teenagers ( who should know better! ) and we get the night-time campsite ‘noises’. Surely it’s about time we got something a little different?

The Plot

The film is based on a young man’s quest for revenge as he believes that Bigfoot killed has father whilst on a hunting trip in the Alabama woods.

He enlists the help of two of his friends and a camera crew in order to hunt the beast and finally highlight it’s existence to the world. As with most Found Footage films – they’re basically attempting to make a documentary on their expedition!

The group arm themselves with black market weapons and an attack dog before they set off on their exciting expedition.

The enthusiastic group head off into the wilderness to hunt the legend…

Yeti Murders

I have to admit that the start of the film is pretty well laid out. We get to see the footage of the father’s abduction and the view from the police car cam afterwards.

There is also a segment before the group head off into the wild where they interview locals to the wooded area that claim to have encountered the beast.

Then they enter the forest…

From this point onward the film turns into just about every other forest-based Found Footage flick – I struggled to find anything unique in it.

The main characters start to get on your nerves and pull off ridiculous actions causing you to shout at the TV. The typical bickering escalates and our lead character’s obsession hit’s new heights.

We get the boring daylight footage before seeing the slightly more interesting night-time footage ( noises outside the tent AGAIN! ).

We get every indication that the group are going to get ripped to shreds but still they persist in pushing forward.

I was bored…very bored!


The film was Written, produced, directed by Justin Steeley ( who also features in the film as well ). Justin had a chance to offer something different from the bigger budget Bigfoot flicks but he decided to ignore the opportunity.

The actors seemed pretty clued up and their performances were decent enough – they just weren’t given much to work with on the creativity front.

The script is where it all started to fall down a bit – it seemed like a majority of the daylight forest scenes were completely ad-libbed.

I was hoping that the film’s build would lead to more being revealed about the creature itself but the film decides to miss that opportunity to. There was no real ‘big bang’ to finish the movie off – it just faded out with a typical Found Footage conclusion.

I was hoping for a little snapshot here and there of the beast itself but that never materialized either. All we were treated to was load inhuman moans and banging on trees ( your typical Yeti communication ).

This film needed to provide something different due to the bigger budget offerings in the same niche. Instead of offering something original it simply walked the same old path as all the other Bigfoot offerings.

Disappointing film overall – there are much better Yeti yarns floating about with much bigger budgets.



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