I Am Alone (2015) – Movie Review

I Am Alone (2015) - Movie Review

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions – the biggest ‘perk’ I receive from running this site is when independent filmmakers contact me, and then introduce me to movies I had no idea existed.

It’s happened once again!

Of course, this sort of contact can end up being a double-edged sword.

Most of the movies I get introduced to this way have some sort of interesting quality to them…but some are so atrocious I have to ‘pretend’ I never received the film link and go silent on them.

At the end of the day I don’t want to spend my time shitting all over someone’s hard work – it doesn’t really make me feel that good about myself…or this website!

(ALERT – This film has plenty of worthwhile moments so please keep on reading the review!)

Anyway, as I said, more often than not these introductions lead to interesting additions to the Found Footage genre.

Last week I was contacted by a filmmaker named Robert Palmer regarding a zombie-based Found Footage entry he had put together back in 2015. As I touched on above – I had no idea it existed.

During my conversation with him I was delighted to find out that the main character in his film was played by a fellow Welshman – Gareth David Lloyd. I feel like I know this dude pretty well from my addiction to Torchwood/Dr. Who (which are filmed in Wales…because it’s the best country in the world!).

Yeah okay, I’ll stop with all the biased Welsh shit for a couple of paragraphs…or at least I’ll try to!

So, as you can imagine, there were more than a few ingredients here that got me excited…

Zombies, Found Footage and a Welsh actor = my kinda late night in!

The Plot

An unknown virus begins to spread infecting the local population almost instantly, but footage found by the CDC of one man’s survival may just help them find a cure.

A Unique Angle

I know, I know – zombies and Found Footage have been fused together many times before…but these past efforts have all sort of ‘walked the same George A. Romero path’.

This one took on a new angle, a pretty brave angle really.

Instead of the more common, run from pillar to post zombie movie, we get a more targeted experience…for the most part anyway.

I Am Alone (mostly) follows the time line of a character who has been bitten by a zombie, so we are all aware that he is pretty much f##ked by the 20 minute runtime mark!

Think of it as a zombie transformation journey that is captured through GoPro cameras.

As you can imagine, there’s not that many laughs for the lead character in this journey, but it is a totally unique Found Footage direction.


Well, this film is split up into three ‘segments’ that run alongside one another until they (sort of) meet at the end. I have different feelings about each of these ‘segments’.

The main segment involves Gareth David-Lloyd’s character going through the transformation from human…to face eating maniac!

The secondary segment covers Gunner Wright’s character of a cameraman searching for David-Loyd’s character.

The surrounding segment is set in a CDC interrogation room.

The main segment surrounding Gareth David-Lloyd’s character is excellent…and I’m not just saying that with my biased Welsh hat on! I truly thought he ‘rocked’ the part and it’s one of the most powerful Found Footage performances I’ve seen.

As you can imagine, portraying a man turning into a zombie, with only a camera to keep himself company, must be a really personal performance. It’s a character part that would be easy to f##k up!

It turns out to be the strongest part of the film…by a country mile.

Gunner Wright’s segment is also quite interesting – I felt this journey was more like the Romeo films of old. Wright seemed to be a competent enough actor and his character had interesting traits that developed slightly throughout the film.

The final segment, or the surrounding segment, sort of ties the movie together in present time. For me, this was the weakest part of the movie’s setup.

Unfortunately, the ‘believable’ or ‘realistic’ side of the film gets sidestepped here. I don’t think it’s down to direction – I think it was more down to the film’s budget being drained. But there’s no getting away from the fact that it doesn’t match up with the rest of the project’s qualities.

But the good far outweighs the bad here, and this film has some memorable moments and performances.

If you like Found Footage (or zombie flicks!) – there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this one!

NOTE: I can’t give you the link to the screener I was given for obvious reasons, but the graphic image below was given to me by Robert Palmer himself. As you can see – it lists all the places online you can currently find the film…

I am alone poster



  1. Unfortunately its not available on any of those platforms over here in the UK. I’ve been a supporter of this movie for years and have still been unable to watch

    • Isn’t it Simon? Wow – that makes me one of the only people in the UK to have seen this film!!!
      I’ll pass this info on to Robert and see what he suggests.

  2. Unfortunately not. I’ve spoken to the people who run the Facebook page and they’ve been unable to give any answers apart from youtube (content not available in your region!)
    Incidentally have you seen ‘Found Footage 3d’? I’m about to give it a go!

      • I took out a free weeks subscription to Shudder (it was the only place i could find Noroi: The Curse). It was on there. Pretty good actually. Part satire, part straight up horror. It doesn’t reinvent the genre but it was a fairly fun 100 minutes!

        • Oh that’s pretty cool then – just remember to cancel when the month is up (like most of us do with Netfilx!!!)

  3. I’ve found it on 0123movies(dot)com 👌 I’m going to give it a watch now.

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