In Memorium ( 2005 ) – Spooky Cancer Treatment Documentary

In Memorium ( 2005 ) - Spooky Cancer Treatment Documentary

I ended up watching this film by complete chance as my first choice of film to review was not in the Found Footage genre (The Shrine – still pretty good though!). In Memorium is a Found Footage horror tale told through a cancer treatment documentary….

Nice Enough Idea

I was unsure whether or not this film would be in the horror genre when I started out with it as I only had one short review to go on. Either way I thought the idea of a cancer treatment documentary was pretty original and the film was set up in the Found Footage style (so it warranted a review!).

The story line is simple enough to start off with – a indie filmmaker is diagnosed with terminal cancer and moves into a property with his girlfriend to basically die!

He goes about setting up cameras all over the property so that he can document his demise and leave a cancer treatment documentary behind.

Looking Back

In Memorium is one of those films that seems to shine more when I think back over it. When I watched it I did enjoy it but I didn’t really feel it stood out from the crowd.

I was impressed by the route it took – a cancer treatment documentary offered many opportunities to be unique!

I just didn’t get that scared by the film at any one point – something the review I read promised me I would be!

Solid Found Footage

But this is NOT a bad film by any stretch of the imagination – I just think it has been given a little to much credit from some fans!

The two main characters (Lily and Dennis) worked really well with one another. Even though he was dying they seemed to keep a good level of humor between themselves and you actually cared about the pair (as opposed to the characters in the more suspect Found Footage films!).

The lead character’s younger brother turns up about twenty minutes into the film and unfortunately this set a few alarm bells ringing – not good, not good at all! I think the producer had run out of money by this point and dragged in any blonde haired surfer off the streets – the kid couldn’t act (sorry to be blunt but I’m expected to give honest reviews on here!).

I’m pleased to report that this was the only weak actor in the film – the rest of the cast were more than capable.

Things Start to Get a Little Weird……

Up until this point I was still unsure if I was watching a horror movie or not. The cancer treatment documentary side of things had been really well done but nothing ‘out of the ordinary’ had occurred……..

All of a sudden we had a rocking chair moving by itself followed by strange ‘whale song’ noises – things were definitely looking up!

This was all followed in quick time by a shadowy female character coming right up to one of the fixed cameras when nobody was in the room – we had landed!

Not Exactly Fast Paced!

These were some good moments early on in the film but unfortunately, like a lot of Found Footage, the story lapsed and got a little slow again!

I was expecting more of the same but it didn’t come for a while leaving the middle portion of the film a little weak in places.

Ain’t Nobody Leaving

As the film progressed we were alerted to the fact that Dennis had lapses in health whenever he attempted to leave the house. He eventually ends up vomiting pure blood so he quickly re-enters the property.

This quickly becomes the basis of the nightmare this couple are in – if either of them leave the house Dennis will die!

All of a sudden the cancer treatment documentary is thrown right out of the window and we are in the horror sector (yippee!).


Again, I cannot go any further with the story line due to the fact I will completely ruin the twists within the film.

It is a decent Found Footage film and the main actors – Erik McDowell who plays Dennis and Johanna Watts as Lily were very good. I’m reliably informed that the younger brother was played by Levi Powell – sorry mate but this was probably not your brightest moment!!!

It was a decent enough Found Footage film overall but it failed to reach the levels of other paranormal efforts in this genre like Paranormal Activity or Emergo. The director/writer Amanda Gusack should be commended for trying out something original with the cancer treatment documentary angle – it was a refreshing start to the movie!

Not bad at all overall but at the same time not great – somewhere in the middle but definitely worth 73 minutes of your spare time!


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