How To Make A Short Film By Yourself

How To Make A Short Film By Yourself

UPDATE – I’m afraid this product has now become discontinued by it’s vendor (all links to the product on this page have been canceled!)

Many cinefiles dream of becoming a successful film maker and seeing their projects on the big screen; others simply want the chance to bring a short, personal project to a wider audience.

Unless you are looking to write, direct and star in your creation in a strictly solo venture, you need some outside help.

Friends and family can provide initial support, but professional guides on how to make a short film by yourself can be an invaluable resource.

The following three programs – The Filmmaker Action Pack, Movie Plan Pro & Sell Your Movie – are designed to help film makers at three crucial stages:

  • Planning
  • Funding
  • Distribution

So where do you begin with making a short film on your own?

The prospect of making this blockbuster film to the best of your ability, and of turning ideas into reality, can be pretty daunting to newcomers.

Artists will say that there is no handbook on how to make the perfect movie, that everyone needs to follow their vision and their gut, but it definitely helps to get some guidance and a few pointers when you are just getting started.

The Filmmaker Action PackThe Filmmaker Action Pack promises to provide just that by delivering advice on a range of subjects for budding writers and directors “even if you don’t live in Hollywood”.

As creator Jason Brubaker likes to remind his readers, it is possible to start making films and gaining attention without having to move to LA.

He believes that with his guide, any newcomer can learn the basics of the film industry, harness the “digital revolution” and get their foot in the door.

The tips and tricks in this guide are designed to cover many areas of the film industry, but the important parts for first timers lie in the sections on production plans and putting ideas into action.

Brubaker promises to offer strategies on delegation within production and ensuring the all the elements are taken care of.

This means all the relevant crew and cast, but also aspects like the location, sets and props. The guide is designed to take users from prep to production via an eCourse, audio guide and step-by-step action plan.

Putting the ideas onto film and having the confidence to move forward with your idea is one thing, financing them is another…

Once you have the idea for your film and the means to get started, you need to look into the more difficult process of creating a business plan and bringing in the right investors.

how to make a short film by yourselfFilms rely on more than just hard work, determination, decent actors and a good script. You need to be able to finance the project, no matter how big or small it may be.

Some savings and loans can help with the initial shots to allow you to create material for a pitch, but you need a lot of money to produce a high-end film on a bigger scale.

Movie Plan Pro is designed to help newcomers create a sure-fire plan to budget the movie and pitch it to investors.

This product from Tom Malloy provides film makers with a strong business plan template that will take them from their first presentation to the moment that they finally get approval.

Malloy appreciates that it is as much about the preparation as the pitch with these investor meetings and this template takes users through the dos and don’ts of the process.

Preparation relies so much on knowing what the potential investors are going to say before they say it and having an answer or a visual tool for each question.

Working from his own experience, he has created a plan that focuses specifically on the industry to highlight the “core essentials” that investors are looking for.

Then comes the final step in the difficult process: distribution…

With the funding achieved from a keen investor and steady work through that action pack, you will soon find that your first film is progressing nicely.

Once the final edits are complete and the finished film on your laptop, you may feel that you have completed your goal.

making a short film on your ownWhile it is true that you have now successfully made a movie on your own, it is not going to make much of an impact sitting on your desktop.

The next stage is distribution. You need to know how to get your film out to the masses and find your target audience.

This is where a guide like Sell Your Movie comes in. This guide has an inviting tag line: “how to distribute your movie for maximum profit.”

You may assume that as a newcomer in a small town with limited resources, you are not going to see much interest. It all depends on how you present yourself to potential fans and how much effort you put in.

Again, this is a simple step-by-step guide that provides techniques that have been proven to work within the industry.

Users can learn how to work with distributors directly, build interest through an internet following and negotiate a deal with the best possible return.

There is also a lot of information targeted toward VOD marketplaces, such as Amazon and Hulu, which may provide access to an avenue you had not yet considered.

Making a short film on your own is tough, but these guides can help…

There are a lot of tools that film makers can use to create and promote their movies more effectively and while it is possible to go it alone, it is a lot easier and more profitable with guidance.

The three guides mentioned here could prove to be great assets for teaching you how to make a short film by yourself.

There are three clear obstacles to overcome on your journey towards becoming a successful film maker:

  • Planning a project to completion
  • Getting the right investors on board to fund it
  • Distributing the movie through the right channels

With these step-by-step guides and professional, tailored tips, these obstacles become easier to manage and you can go from making a short film with minimal resources to seeing your first finished project on VOD services.


  1. This site hit it right on the nose for me. Ive gone as far as ordering a $50 dollar book online about film distribution! Ive found that we can’t put to much emphasis on one area of the film making process because you may lack in other areas. They all need equal attention!

    • That’s pretty well said Adrian – I couldn’t have put it better myself mate! What was the name of the book you ordered? ( just out of curiosity ).

  2. Thank you for the tips! I believe that product would be very useful if I would make a short film myself. It seems that they have made a great training to teach the steps and principles for the successful short film.

    I was just thinking that the DVD costs $47 and it’s mainly educational lessons. Would it be possible to find the same information for free on the Internet or is it better to invest $47 for that program?

    • LOL well it’s certainly possible to find a pool of misinformation on the internet Roope! No, this is quality training that doesn’t pop up on YouTube 🙂

  3. As much as I’ve learned from watching countless movies if that we need to focus on all areas of the movie equally. Even if the movie has great cinematography but the story lacks, then it will still be rated quite low. It’s essential to focus on everything no matter what your strong and weak sides are. Everything is equally important.

    • Yep I think you’re bang on the money there Johann – thanks for sharing your opinion with us! 🙂

  4. I am new to this whole process so I was really impressed with your site.
    I really enjoyed the movie reviews.
    I am going to recommend this site to some other people that would be interested in this .

  5. Such a tough industry to break. As a creative type myself, I know that I find myself shying away from the more business element of anything I’m working on. This seems like just the thing I would need to get any projects off the ground.

    Just wish I’d come across a package like this a few years earlier, lack of time and two midgets have meant I need to put my plans on hold!

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean by the two midgets Jimmy – I have the same distraction…


  6. I’m very glad you bring out those points. While filmmaking is nto within my, nor many others expertise, universal business skills for conveying ideas, selling, and managing the prospects of capital toward this business expense make a lot of sense. Sound very much like it takes a total team effort even though it may be attempted by yourself.

  7. Thank you for the helping information and tips you provided, the idea is the starting point than the planning comes, regarding films maker, it isn’t an easy job , it need patient and continuity and the experience will come with the hard work, by the way, check your Filmmaker Action Pack Training System Url because it isn’t opening.


    • Thanks for that Simoon – there seems to be a problem with the link! Will find out with the vendor what is happening today…

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