Infernal (2015) – Movie Review

Infernal (2015) - Movie Review

I came across Bryan Coyne’s Infernal about two months ago and sat through the first scene before turning it off. It had been a long night and some of the acting on show was…less than desirable.

I was also a bit confused over the initial double camcorder view – couldn’t figure out whether it was a hybrid or true Found Footage.

Anyway, it was late and I just couldn’t be bothered, so I put it to one side and went back to it about a fortnight ago…

The Plot

Young couple Nathan and Sophia are about to be newlyweds and are also expecting parents. Nathan has also managed to get his hands on a camcorder ( surprise, surprise! ).

He sets about recording everything really – the wedding, the birth of their daughter…all types of family shit ( you get the picture! ).

So the film decides to jump forward about 4 years and the camcorder now concentrates on documenting the couple’s daughter, Imogene.

Imogene seems to be a bit of an oddball really – and both Nathan and Sophia are getting more than a little worried by her actions.

Thinking that Imogene may have a degree of autism, they decide to spend even more time documenting her day to day experiences ( Hooray! ).

Turns out she’s not autistic…

The Collapse

The first ‘collapsing point’ of this film had to be the fickle quality of the main actors. In some scenes they were quite excellent…and in other scenes they were painfully out of their depth!

I think that Heather Adair ( Sophia ) and Alyssa Koerne ( Imogene ) got out of this mess with their acting careers in tact.

But unfortunately Andy Ostroff ( Nathan ) didn’t quite grasp the whole horror concept and put on what I like to call a ‘soap opera performance’.

Don’t get me wrong – in some scenes he was really quite good…

But in certain scenes I had to cringe and turn away from the screen. The guy unfortunately suffers from over-acting particular dramatic events.

Then we come to the goofy-ass demon that decides to crawl out Imogene’s cupboard every now and again – another collapsing point.

I get it that budget’s can be quite tight and special effects can sometimes suffer…but seriously guys?

Getting your mate to wear a tight fitting onesie then planting a set of reindeer antlers on his head does NOT make him a demon…

It just makes him look like a bit of a tit!


I could see where this film was going and the idea was decent enough but I’m afraid the execution was pretty shitty in certain areas.

Bryan Coyne has failed to justify the 99 minutes of running time that makes up Infernal…there are many scenes which could’ve been avoided.

When you trudge on through pointless incidents in the film the ‘build’ sort of folds back on itself – you are left with a painfully slow moving Found Footage film you are sorry you started watching in the first place!

I’ve already covered the acting side of things – so I’ll give the cast a bit of a break…but that goofy-ass demon is pretty much unforgivable.

I was also a little put off by the amount of time Sophia and Nathan bickered with each other about the state of their daughter and how good their life together was before getting pregnant.

I get it that things aren’t exactly ‘good’ for them at this point in time but most parents would put their heads together and sort things out ( for the benefit of their daughter! ).

At the end of the day Infernal is nothing more than a melodramatic affair with some truly laughable visual and sound effects at work.

I think the idea was tidy enough but the budget hampered the overall delivery and direction of the film.

I wouldn’t watch it again!

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