Inner Demons ( 2013 ) – Drug Addiction Demon


Inner Demons ( 2013 ) - Drug Addiction Demon

A regular visitor to the site recommended Inner Demons to me about of fortnight ago ​when he found out I had never even heard of it ( shame on me! ). It’s a unique Found Footage horror based upon a drug addiction demon that is ruining a teenage girl’s life…

A Unique Take

I’ve been rather spoiled over the last few weeks as I’ve got to review a handful of unique ( and rather good ) Found Footage offerings – this was no different!

Inner Demons was a brand new take on this type of filmmaking and it was more than welcome. The topic of possession has been covered numerous times by the Found Footage genre…but not like this!

I have to admit when I was confronted with the synopsis of the movie my heart sank – I felt that if I had to watch yet another demonic possession knock off, I’d likely quit watching horror altogether.

But this film had been recommended to me and it was in the Found Footage genre – I needed to know more…

The Plot

The film follows a teenage girl named Carson ( Lara Vosburgh ) as she battles against a life-destroying heroin addiction.

She was once a high performing student and a devote catholic and now she is nothing more than a shadow of her former self. Her parents have had enough of her decline and desperately want their daughter back. They decide to enroll her in a Step Inside Recovery program where she will receive counselling for her addictions.

Enter the documentary film crew!

A film crew is brought in to document her recovery with a view to finally creating a TV program on the subject. They are allowed to follow the painful process of Carson’s recovery and capture every emotional moment.

But the more the film crew get to know Carson the more they begin to realize that her addiction may be down to something very, very dark indeed…


The main driving force behind this film is the realism of it all – it’s not your typical Found Footage yarn. The documentary is set out like all documentaries are – interviews with friends, Carson’s parents and Carson herself.

The first 30 minutes or so of the film seem very authentic but at the same time you are aware it is building up to something BIG.

Carson comes from a very Catholic minded family and is portrayed as being extremely religious before the drug addictions kicked in. This Catholicism sets up a powerful segue into a classic good versus evil conflict – it works wonders throughout this film!


Like most Found Footage films this project probably had limited funding and resources. But the filmmakers and their team have managed to harness all of what was available and use it in style.

As I’ve mentioned so many times before on this site – atmosphere is the key to a great Found Footage film!

That’s where the film producer Seth Grossman has hit the nail on the head – this was damn eerie in places! It’s not laden with big CGI moments and there is no need for buckets of blood – they’ve managed to put you on the edge of your seat with a solid story line and well thought out cinematography.

But the real driving force behind any film is the quality of the actors – and they got this part right to!

Lara Vosburgh made the drug addiction demon seem as real as you and me and I look forward to seeing her in more starring roles ( she’s good – very good! ). I also thought the support cast of the documentary crew were very charismatic.

Jason ( Morgan McClelland ), Suzanne ( Kate Whitney ) and Tim ( Brian Flaherty ) all brought a degree of humor to proceedings and their character development was spot on!

The film builds tremendously well and manages to avoid the all to familiar Found Footage climax ( for once! ). There are also a few twists and turns in the film’s ending that I certainly didn’t see coming.

A brave idea for a Found Footage film that has worked out REALLY well – I wish there were more unique efforts like this out there.

Great actors, great production and filmmaking decisions, great story line and great atmosphere – all the ingredients needed to bake your very own classic Found Footage dish!

Top marks for director Seth Grossman really – this is one you definitely don’t want to miss!




  1. This one really stands out among the FF I’ve watched lately. Clever story and great casting, especially whats-her-face did an excellent job playing Carson. Movies like this only prove that the whole FF genre still has a lot of milage. Gonna watch “Ghoul” later on tonight and I hope it’s atleast half as good as this one.

    • Hmmm I’m trying to remember whether I’ve watched Ghoul or not – Let me know what it’s like John as I can’t remember if I’ve seen it yet!

      • Think there are several movies with that same name, but the FF one just came out. A documentary crew goes to Ucraine to investigate all the cannibalism that went down there years ago. And then of course things takes a wrong turn. The movie was ok, but a bit messy with ghosts, demon possessions and cannibal serial killers flying all over the place. Still it’s worth watching.

        • Tidy John! I think I’ll have to look into that a little bit further this weekend 🙂
          Keep ’em coming – if you think there’s any I’ve missed or would be interested in either contact me here or send a direct message through the contact section ( it goes straight to my email account! ).
          Cheers once again John – glad you enjoy the site so much!

  2. God. I was on my phone as I was waiting for this page to load. So shocked at that picture on top!

    Anyway, I have no idea how I landed here as I was just researching on marijuana. Ha ha.

    But hey I haven’t seen this movie yet. Maybe I will! Thanks!

    • Well I can’t help you with the weed mate…but thanks for visiting anyway 🙂

  3. Watched this movie last night. Not bad. My question is this: during the group session, there is a character named Adam. He looks very familiar, but IMDB doesn’t have him credited. Any idea who he is?

    • I don’t Mike sorry – He didn’t really catch my attention that much ( so I’m guessing I didn’t recognize him from somewhere else! ).

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