Into The Storm (2014) – Movie Review

Into The Storm (2014) - Movie Review

I’ve been aware of Steven Quale’s Disaster movie effort for quite some time now but nobody had ever mentioned to me that it had Found Footage elements.

I should first point out that this is not ‘true’ Found Footage even though it tries to be – Hollywood often cocks this type of aspect up (without even trying!).

Anyway, a regular subscriber to this site pointed out that I should give this film a go because of the camera elements, so I took them up on it!

The Plot

The film follows storm trackers, thrill-seekers, and everyday townspeople as they attempt to document one of the worst storms on record.

There, pretty short and sweet, but that’s about the whole film really!!!

CGI Versus Plot

I’m not gonna lie to you – there were some truly outstanding CGI-filled Found Footage shots in this film.

Some scenes really were quite breathtaking!

But CGI can only carry me so far into a film before I start getting a little bored of it…and that’s what happened here!

We have the group of documentary makers chasing tornadoes led by your stereotypical ‘Twisters are my life’ team leader who continuously put’s members at risk.

We then have the other half of the plot that follows an authoritarian single dad and his two sons who come together at the height of the twister attack.

Sounds pretty cheesy right?

It is!!!

I couldn’t help feeling that if they had hired a decent script writer this film would have spun out of control (see what I did there?).

It was so, so close to being a bright and brave Found Footage effort – a tragedy really that it ended up being so far away!


This film was basically a sequel to the rather flat and shitty Twister from 1996…even though the film’s have no connection whatsoever.

I have to be honest with you – I’m not really the biggest fan of disaster movies (I recently fell asleep about 20 minutes into that San Andreas movie!).

But this film did seem to have a lot going for it at first – it seemed to contain a certain amount of tense excitement and I thought I was onto a winner.

Unfortunately, after the first twister hit that was about it for me – the remainder of the film sort of traveled on a loop.

I can’t really forgive the Hollywood cheesy scenes either – there’s no place for cheese in the Found Footage sector (there’s a line I never thought I’d write!).

We sort of end up with a…

  • ​Who will live?
  • Will the father and sons fix their fractured relationship?
  • Who will DIE?
  • Do we really care?

You know the type of Hollywood shit I’m on about ​- it’s that ‘Independence Day Factor’ that Will Smith did so well.

Definitely a brave film with some awesome effects, but constant camera angle mistakes ruined the Found Footage element.

When you combine this with American cheese I’m afraid the whole experience was a little bit too ‘Walt Disney’ for my tastes.

Worth watching for the excellent Found Footage CGI shots, but nothing more really!

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