Invasion ( 2005 ) – Alien Attack on Earth

Invasion ( 2005 ) - Alien Attack on Earth

Covering an ​alien attack on earth through the Found Footage format is not really that original (remember Cloverfield?) but Invasion manages to offer us something different.

It’s filmed in a ‘one-shot’ situation through a mounted camera on a police car – pretty original right?

But was it any good?


I was looking forward to getting my teeth into a Found Footage yarn about aliens – I get a little sick of demonic possession and haunted asylums sometimes!

This excitement was however short lived as the start of Invasion informed me that the whole film was going to be viewed through a mounted police camera – how is that going to work?

But I jumped to conclusions far to soon – it actually worked out really well!

The film is a continuous 63 minute recording of an alien attack on earth. It starts out with a routine patrol of a friendly police officer then all hell breaks loose…

Body Snatchers

Yeah, I suppose you could think of this film as a Found Footage version of Invasion of The Bodysnatchers.

We start off following a policeman into a local park with reports of strange meteor showers hitting the area. He is also on the lookout for a local resident that has gone missing in the park whilst trying out a spot of night fishing!

The film doesn’t really dwell on these opening points as things get underway quite quickly. The cop has a ‘screen in screen’ video link with his Sargent and is filled in on the strange reports in the area.

He approaches the abandoned truck of the local resident and gets out to see if he can find him.

After a quick search the missing resident shows up but there’s something not quite right about him – his jerky movements tell us he ain’t well…


The film then follows the route of an alien infection through various characters that come in contact with the police car – it’s quite clever really!

The alien attack on earth is kept sort of low key but at the same time this makes proceedings much more creepier.

An alien infection is passed from person to person turning them into some sort of zombie-like creature. In some scenes the movement of the infected is a little funny but overall it seems to work.

It’s very fast paced and that’s what keeps you interested – having only one shot throughout the film is very hard to get right. I found it quite mesmerizing at times!

The Downside

Considering this is a one-shot movie there were bound to be a couple of downsides and that was the case here I’m afraid (although not enough to put me off the film!).

Some of the driving scenes went on a little to long – there was to much distance between each incident!

This is probably a clever ploy to kill off a bit of time in the film but it did get a little tedious in parts.

They also tried to kill off a few minutes of running time by introducing a couple of ridiculous scenes into the film. In one scene we have a young lady in the police car looking out at ghostly apparitions of herself – what the hell was that all about?


There were always going to be a couple of downsides to this sort of brave effort in filming – please don’t let them put you off!

The truth of the matter is that the film is reasonably short and quite entertaining –  I was gripped for the most part!

The acting side of things was pretty good – a few of the zombie aliens did seem a little pathetic but the main characters were decent enough.

It was a bold idea and they managed to get away with it – I enjoyed it!

It would have been easy to mess this type of thing up by they manged to avoid this for the majority of the film.

The effects were decent when needed and the makeup worked to – plenty of creepy face transforming shots!

All in all it worked – it was a fresh and original take on Found Footage that I enjoyed from start to finish – I recommend it!



  1. Hello! Do you know where can I watch this film? I really want to watch it but I doubt it’s going to be in any stores, and I haven’t been able to find it on the internet.

    • Hi Carlos,

      I managed to find this one online a couple of months back but I have no idea what site it was – probably a dodgy, ad-infested film site ( you know the ones! ). Try smacking up Google as hard as you can – it’s out there somewhere!

  2. Hey for anyone trying to find this movie you actually have to look up Infected 2005 and you should come across a movie cover that says Invasion. I don’t get why lol but that’s how I found it. Good movie too! A lot different from most ff movies I’ve seen.

  3. I did not like this one whatsoever. It felt way too fake within the first five minutes, cops don’t turn on their dashcams for one – and he was too invested in it – “Look at this new HD dash – let me try the picture in a picture” the audio didn’t even match the video happening on screen – it sounded pre-recorded and really basic. The ending freeze frame was a real cop-out as well.

    1/5 stars – if you’re looking for something scary this is not for you.

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