Jenny’s House ( 2012 ) – Little Girl Ghost Video


Jenny's House ( 2012 ) - Little Girl Ghost Video

​It’s time for a bit of indie amateur filmmaking again in the form of this little girl ghost video from 2012 shot in the Found Footage style. Jenny’s House is an indie Found Footage effort by director Michael Pierce which has a run time of 36:04 mins. It’s a free-to-watch effort posted on various social media sites – here is our full review…

The Kid Factor

I don’t know about you but I get a little downhearted when I realize the stars of a horror film are kids. I don’t know what it is exactly but the whole affair seems to slip when youngsters try and scare you.

The first scene of this film had three youngsters ( James Conreiss, Eliza Scott and Rick Gerhone ) sitting on a couch explaining the reasons behind the video they were shooting.

They appeared to be arguing about one of them logging out of Facebook on his laptop. I am now in my late thirties so I at once felt a little distant to these three actors and their mannerisms – they were not what I would call likable characters.

The amateur camera work was impressive enough at first though and this sort of made up for the kid actors. I was also impressed with the film audio levels and I didn’t struggle to hear ANY of the conversations throughout the film.

But I continuously got the feeling the film had been edited by a school teacher or somebody’s older brother. There was something edgy missing from the film and I believe it is down to the age group of our main characters and the way they have been directed. When was the last time you watched a Found Footage horror with the bad language ‘bleeped’ out?

The Plot

Our little girl ghost video starts off with your typical type of Found Footage title screen reading:

“The footage you are about to see may not be appropriate for some audiences”

It then goes on to provide us with a police report on a 911 call where a Mr. Roscello had admitted to killing his 10 year old daughter named Jenny. He gets arrested and commits suicide whilst his wife goes nuts and ends up in the loony bin. Their house is now about to be sold by the bank.

The mother of one of our main characters is actually on the board of control over this house and for some unknown reason she is letting the group carry out a paranormal investigation there.

Now this to me sounds like probably the worst mother’s I have ever come across, WTF was she thinking?

Kid: “Hey mum can me and my two mates spend the night in that house where the little girl was murdered?”

Mum: “of course you can my love – here are the keys and make sure you don’t spill any blood!”

We even see a scene where the mother in question actually drives them to the house! Come on! Crazy script idea that could NEVER work.

So the three budding paranormal investigators arrive in the house and take a little tour. Two of them are actually dumb enough to test the electricity at one point – they also decide to turn all their cell phones off ( never a good idea in this genre! ).

Before long the kids decide to do a seance in the kitchen area of the house ( another clever idea ) to evoke some sort of spirit activity. Well it works and the shit begins to hit the fan!


The age group of the cast in this film sort of reminded me of Paranormal Activity 4 – that film was a flop for it’s franchise and I’m afraid that this flops to!

This little girl ghost video seemed to really struggle through it’s first fifteen minutes or so. The cinematography levels were initially excellent and the movie audio tracks were professional sounding – but the character development and their natural mannerisms were way off.

When three kids perform a seance and banging starts occurring upstairs the natural reaction would be panic…not enjoyment.

This little girl ghost video did however, improve when the supernatural elements were introduced to the screen. I thought the girl ghost herself was well made up and quite frightening in places.

This was then ruined by the director’s mad decision to use a soundtrack over the scary moments – what an idiot!

Found Footage movies are KILLED by the use of any soundtrack – it takes away from the horror and the atmosphere of the situation.

This is an amateur horror film project that fails to deliver overall. I’m not saying it’s awful – it just has a lot of holes in it that need filling up!

The director Michael Pierce has ‘had a go’ with this and he should be commended for it. It’s not the longest of films so if you are stuck for a Found Footage injection you should probably give it a go…I won’t be watching it again!




  1. My thoughts exactly. Never seen any found footage with music. Besides detracting from the atmosphere and horror, it makes no sense that a video found in a camera and therefore is unedited contains any music :/ But I did like the effort and will defintely watch it again some time in the future

    • You know, it’s been that long since I watched this – I seriously can’t remember fuck all that went on in it Eduardo. But yeah, soundtracks don’t work in Found Footage!
      Nice to meet you mate! 🙂

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