Jeruzalem (2015) – Movie Review

Jeruzalem (2015) - Movie Review

I should probably start off this review by apologizing for my silence over the last week or so – I’ve got a huge backlog of films to get through here but a few (advertising) offers came in for the site.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to thrash out what works best on this site without ruining the user experience – and I hate using JavaScript!

I decided to take a break from it all last night and hit up the horror section of Putlocker – to my surprise there was a nice new shiny Found Footage effort on there!

It was called Jeruzalem

The Plot

When a couple of young American adults fly to Israel to visit the city of Jerusalem, a biblical nightmare falls upon the city…

Google Glasses

Yep that’s about it for the plot folks – short and sweet…but worth it’s weight in gold!

I should point out that this particular Found Footage has a new sort of edge to it – from a perspective sense.

For once the camcorders have been left behind…for a pair of ‘smart spectacles’ ( or ‘Google Glasses’ as I’m reliably informed! ).

The rather tired haunted forests and abandoned asylums have also been ignored and replaced with the wonderful Found Footage scenery of Jerusalem.

Directors Doron Paz and Yoav Paz ( The Paz Brothers ) seem to have been fully aware of the location benefits they had at their fingertips. In fact the first 40 minutes of the film played out as a sort of tourist advert for the famous city.

Surprisingly, this was NOT a bad decision as the unique setting really plays well through these smart spectacles!

While at first seeming like just another excuse for shaky first person visuals, the glasses come into their own throughout the movie as maps, Wikipedia, videos, social media and Skype calls all get a chance to feature in the mix.

It gives the Found Footage genre a pretty modern twist – it almost feels as if it is polishing up the process for the 2016 horror landscape!


Try imagining a mix between Cloverfield and Raiders of The Lost Ark with a hint of a George A. Romero classic thrown in there!

I know what you’re thinking – that sounds pretty shit…but you’d be very wrong!!!

This so, so easily could have turned into a complete disaster but the Paz Brothers seem to have kept a lid on things in style.

The budget was limited but the CGI they managed to fit in there was excellent – it’s just a shame they couldn’t afford to put MORE of it in there!

The cinematography and the smart glasses perspective was perfectly put together from start to finish.

I only saw one real downside to the film and that was the performance from anthropologist character Kevin ( Yon Tumarkin ).

I thought that every lead actor pulled his/her weight except for this dude – I don’t know why but he really seemed to struggle with some of the scenes!

I don’t particularly like singling people out on this site but I’m afraid I couldn’t ignore his rather ‘plastic’ presence in the film at times.

But I’m probably nitpicking a little bit here – Jeruzalem had a lot more positives than negatives overall.

I’d struggle to say that this is a watchable Found Footage horror – it’s more of a watchable Found Footage adventure!

A nice surprise to stumble across late on a Thursday night…

Well worth watching!

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  1. Why on earth would anyone think that combination of movies would be “shit”?? More like the opposite. Anyway saw this movie last night, not too shabby.

  2. Just watched this with my wife the other night. I agree that Kevin was plastic. To be honest, I didn’t think his character was even necessary. I do hope that found footage horror doesn’t go the “scary adventure” route. While I realize that trying new things is a necessity and don’t always work out, I also realize that the people who classify movies into categories need to actually watch the films BEFORE passing judgement. Just because there’s a monster, doesn’t make it a horror movie. Godzilla, for example. Jeruzalem was cool, but I am glad I didn’t shell out for a horror movie, only to be sucker punched with a demonic version of Indiana Jones. On that note, if you ever would like a hand with ff movie reviews, or just a 2nd opinion, I’d be honoured for the opportunity!

    • Where are you based James? The way this site is going I may have to look for help at some point! The visitors are almost doubling by the month at the moment.

  3. Saw this a couple weeks ago and for a second while reading review wasn’t sure if would mention the guy with the bad acting 🙂 Loved all of it except that, although he seemed to do fine acting paranoid but in a regular mood..just tanked it. Like Jack Nicholson in the Shining (crazy-good acting..normal guy-over acting and insincere). Def. enjoyed all the little additions to footage like texts and FaceTime, GPS was neat. When I finished I thought…”I really rather enjoyed that”, but that one actor did stick to the side of my brain during this thought. Team editing on Segment 2 btw. Probably releasing Feb 15th or thereabouts. Might be longer than Seg 3. Will still be a gap in-between the 2 segments but that will be bridged by the later posting of Segment 2.5 🙂 2 was a blast and filmed everything in 1 or 2 takes. The shooting scene was done just once (cuz someone living nearby heard gunfire and called the cops…) but was perfect!!! I think it tops Seg 3 but thats just because was slightly more fun to film..(biased directors opinion here 🙂

    • Hey Brandon, just watched the second published segment late last night – looking good!

  4. Hi Chris thanks for this, I enjoyed the hell out of it! Only thing that bothered me was the two lead girls, why does it always have to be two rich stupid white girls in scary movies? Although they did a great job portraying that kind of personality, no disrespect to the actresses themselves. Loved the new camera style and the scenery as well, I think the setting was one of the biggest reasons I liked it. Keep it up!

    • Good stuff Kevin – I thought it was pretty cool myself! I’d heard nothing about it beforehand so it was a nice surprise!

  5. Hey its me again i got a few more movies for you .. Have you seen Crowsnest (2012) or Frankinsteins Army (2013 ) or Earth to Echo?…….. On another note SPOT ON AGAIN WOW I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW RELEAVED i am you liked the movie all the reviews said it stunk then i watched it and loved and and i felt the same way about kevin spot on man great blog really i’ll get back to you with more later

    • Yeah I really enjoyed this one – most critics out there don’t ‘get’ Found Footage, which is why they give such shitty reviews! 🙂

  6. those movies i named are all found footage have you seen them yet ?

    • I have yes but thanks for mentioning them! I struggle to keep up with all the reviews I need to do – at the last time of counting I had over a 100 films waiting to be published to this site LOL 🙂
      Keep ’em coming though – I rely on you guys to inform me about new titles out there ( and underground films I’ve missed! )

  7. F Y I, The ‘Camera Glasses’ Point of View – Found Footage filming style got introduced by this other found footage film called ‘616 Paranormal Incident’ back in 2012-13. Just checked it recently, not bad though.

    • LOL that’s the first time I’ve received a comment with FYI in it! 🙂
      Yeah I remember 616 Paranormal Incident, don’t remember the glasses mind but it’s been a while since I watched it (can’t remember if I’ve reviewed it for this site or not!)

      • Man, probably the film with the cheesiest dialogs, mindless nudity and burning evil spirits in found footage so far. I’ll check the new 1 you reviewed, the Dooms Chapel. Thanks for updating this site, great work.

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