K II EMF Meter Ghost Hunting – Simple And Effective!

We thought we’d cover a piece of equipment that one of our contributors is more than familiar with due to it’s versatility in the paranormal field. The K II EMF meter ghost hunting device is a serious enough device but I’ve found myself walking aimlessly around the office at night searching for the Blair Witch with it!

Simply put it’s an essential part of most effective ghost hunting kits but also a great toy for website owners to piss about with when they have to much time on their hands!

How to Use an EMF Meter For Ghost Hunting

I’m lucky enough to be joined here at Top Found Footage Films by a small group of contributors that are just as much of a geek as me!

Hanging round in these circles allows us to impress knowledge upon one another and gradually turn each other into an even bigger geek!

One of the subjects that often comes up in conversation is the subject of Ghost Hunting – we all love it but only a few of us are qualified in it! Luckily the qualified ones are more than willing to share their knowledge with us so we can produce these more niche specific articles……….

Using a Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

Before we center on the K II EMF meter ghost hunting device we should really look into the subject as a whole – there is a lot of misinformation out there!

Do not underestimate the importance of EMF meters for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation. They are fun but they are also an integral part of all ghost hunting kits. Learning to use one correctly will give you knowledge needed to find what many people believe does not exist!

A ghost meter EMF sensor measures the electromagnetic emissions in the surrounding area that are giving off some sort of energy. A simple test of this is to point the meter at one of your friends and examine the energy the human body gives off.

I’ll be honest with you here – most of what you point a normal EMF meter at will give off some sort of energy!

Well, equipment like the K II EMF meter ghost hunting device is designed to ignore all the common readings and cleverly just center on the paranormal activity.

The readings that are related to ghost hunting scenarios are usually very erratic and often fluctuate. A EMF ghost detector is tailored to track only the energies that fluctuate in this fashion!

The Two Types of EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting

You have a choice between two types of EMF meters for ghost hunting:

  • Single axis
  • Tri-axis

I always find that the single axis need a bit more effort to use correctly due to the fact they can only read a single dimension at a time. Every dimension has to be covered individually in order to receive an accurate report of emissions for a set object or area.

The Tri-axis EMF ghost detector is set up to take on three dimensions at once making it a whole lot easier to use overall.

The more modern EMF meters for ghost hunting have really neat features like LED lights and signal-strength indicators – these are designed to make the whole hunting process even easier!

The K II EMF meter ghost hunting device is our recommendation due to it’s fantastic reviews and it’s affordable price ( it’s also the model I have been messing about with in the office for the past week! ).

It’s a pretty easy choice to make as it is currently the most popular EMF ghost detector on Amazon and is VERY easy to use.

The K II EMF meter ghost hunting device was first introduced to the paranormal community back in 2007 and it soon became a big hit.

Before this point ghost hunting equipment tended to be a little to niche specific and the prices reflected that ( everything was overpriced! ). Here are a few of the K II EMF meter’s features

  • It has an instantaneous response to EMF fluctuations and Spikes
  • A newer tab introduced to turn device on and off ( does not interfere with readings )
  • A multi-segment display that is easy to read with a full LED display

My main gripe with this ghost meter EMF sensor is the look of the multi-segment display. As you can see by the amazon picture link of the product above there is a sort of childish rainbow color to the display.

Whilst this makes the whole LED display easier to navigate it sort of makes the device look like a child’s toy!

This is definitely NOT a child’s toy so please don’t let that rainbow of colors put you off – it works and it’s awesome!

But don’t just take our word for it – simply click any of the links on this page and go straight to the Amazon customer reviews!

The K II EMF meter ghost hunting device is an essential part of any ghost hunting kit and it’s price is hard to beat………

For more information on the K II EMF Meter simply click the link below:

Click Here For More Information on the K-II EMF Meter


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