Knock Knock 2 ( 2011 ) – True Hollywood Hauntings

Knock Knock 2 ( 2011 ) - True Hollywood Hauntings

Knock Knock 2 is a Found Footage horror based on true Hollywood hauntings which was released in 2011. To be honest alarm bells started ringing when I tried looking for the first Knock Knock film.

This was largely down to the fact that the first movie had nothing to do with the second movie – it wasn’t even in the Found Footage genre!

Why make a second film that has nothing to do with the first….could it possibly be to jump on the Found Footage train and make some quick cash?

Lets take a look…

Not That Bad

First things first this was actually nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. We’re not talking the levels of Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity here but it did have some stand out points.

The quality of the filming was very decent and I find this always helps the Found Footage genre. You don’t want to see EVERYTHING but you do want to see the things that matter.

It’s not exactly a roller coaster ride of horror but it does have a decent amount of scenes that may get your heart racing.

The Plot

The film follows Aidan, Jordan, Beckett, and Stephanie around a few haunted areas in Hollywood. Why are they traveling to these rather dodgy areas? Well it’s not really made that clear!

All I could figure out is that the pretty girls wanted to so the boys followed (naturally!).

They are covering the famous locations for true Hollywood hauntings one by one. They end up in the spot where the Black Dahlia’s body was discovered. Then they travel to a apartment where a Playboy model was sliced up and even the spot where George Reeves committed suicide.

It’s not exactly story line of the year but it holds enough clout for the Found Footage genre (if you know what I mean!).

Their last stop on this spooky trip is to a house numbered 1666 (I see three sixes in that…shriek at the devil!). Now this house used to be owned by a guy who got possessed by a demon. If that wasn’t bad enough he also cut his unborn baby from his wife’s stomach.

Not really the type of venue I’d be heading for on a dark night – they shouldn’t have either…

The Pace

Most successful Found Footage films seem to have pace on their side. By this I mean they build up to the end rather well and leave the last twenty minutes explode!

I kinda think they missed the trick with Knock Knock 2 – they build well but the destination seemed a little flat at best.

You see everything was in place to succeed. I liked the characters and you can get into their personalities. Everything was realistic and the story evolved slowly but worked well overall.

The problem for me was the ending – nothing really happened! Sure we know the lot of them are going to cop it – that’s what happens with this genre. But we need some sort of conclusion on their deaths – this didn’t provide it.

The Acting

As I mentioned above the acting was actually not that bad at all. The characters were pretty strong and there was nothing to cheesy about the actors and their performances.

The relationships seemed pretty believable to – we are following two couples throughout the film and they seem like the correct ‘fit’.

There were only really four characters in the film so they had to make sure these four could act – they got this part right!


This could of been a really decent addition to the genre but the flat ending seemed to let it down big style!

I was expecting a really poor film much like the Asylum offerings but the first fifty minutes of this film really surprised me.

It’s a shame they didn’t sit down and concentrate on an ending more seriously – it seemed like a bit of a cop out to me. All to often films in this genre just rely on a sudden, forgettable ending and ruin the rest of their hard work.

But definitely give it a try and see if it’s up your street – you may well enjoy it more than I did. If you like horror and get off on Found Footage films (why else would you be here?) then try it out – you may be surprised.

If you have any opinions on this film or the true Hollywood hauntings it covers please leave them in the comment section below:



  1. So I probably just had the benefit of not watching the first knock-knock movie so I didn’t have any expectations. It just came on my list of free on demand movies and I’m always on the lookout for new horror that sounds decent so I watched it. And I really liked it I agreed with everything you said but about the ending I agree it was kind of a lazy move saying oh they’re just gone….lol but I think they tried really really hard on everything else and just didn’t want to make the reason so obvious like oh it’s a mystery…but maybe if their bodies had just been found like actually we know for sure they are dead would have helped the ending feel more absolute. Like yep the demons got them lol

    • Yeah from what I can remember – they just left the ending as a bit of a black hole (it’s been a while since I watched this one Janae!)
      Glad you enjoyed it though – I was also quite surprised by it!

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