Long Pigs ( 2007 ) – Canadian Cannibalism


Long Pigs ( 2007 ) - Canadian Cannibalism

After several months of searching I finally located a copy of this Canadian cannibalism mockumentary last night.

I have been desperate to review this film ever since I stumbled across it’s page on IMDb but it’s proved to be an uphill struggle. Unfortunately the site I found it on was ridden with malware adverts so I had to continuously close pop-ups every five minutes or so.

Was the film worth the kicking my anti-virus program received?


Films in the Found Footage genre will ALWAYS succeed if they manage to create an atmosphere or a sense of realism.

Long Pigs managed to tick these two boxes in style and offered a pretty dark and comical look at the subject of serial killers.

As with most indie filmmaking efforts in this genre, it relied on performances and script to stand out as it’s budget was probably no more than the price of a packet of cigarettes.

The Plot

The film is set out as a Canadian cannibalism documentary ( mockumentary ) that follows a serial killer named Anthony McAlistar.

Two unsuccessful filmmakers take the plunge and decide to document the day to day life of this monster in an attempt to hit the big time in the film industry.

The filmmakers leave no stone unturned when it comes to the life of McAlistar. They tag along through all his despicable acts and even go as far as to study some of his victims and their families left behind.

The more they get to know McAlistar the more comfortable they become with his personality and his actions. They begin to take risks with the volatile nature of this beast and it’s not long before things start to go very wrong…

Anthony Alviano

The engine room of this film was always going to be the effectiveness of the main character. The audience needs to believe that the cannibal is just and average guy and not some sort of entity.

Anthony Alviano takes on the role of this serial killer and gives us a character that is both likable and believable. As with most Found Footage films – I was not aware of this actor beforehand.

If Found Footage actors are not recognizable it makes the whole process seem a lot more realistic. Having Brad Pitt in one of these movies would never work – we would be constantly aware of it’s fiction and it would provide no atmosphere whatsoever.

Alviano manages to portray this killer as nothing more than a regular Joe who has a craving for human stew. I felt disgusted by his actions but at the same time I felt like I wanted to find out more about what made him tick.


A sensible and well thought out piece of dark indie filmmaking that manages to stir up numerous emotions. I felt it had the same type of unique style that The Magician offered – it was extremely disturbing but very human at the same time.

It’s great to see another step away from the haunted asylums and Blair Witch forests – Found Footage needs this sort of originality every now and again.

The film relies heavily on the cast and they do not let the process down – every actor was more than capable of pulling off their character roles ( especially Anthony Alviano as McAlistar ).

I think the film also plays with your emotions as you watch – for long periods I was actually feeling a little sympathetic towards Alviano’s character. Just when you feel there could actually be a human side to the man the story line throws something hideous at you – it’s very well thought out!

A very creepy and realistic look at modern day cannibalism that works perfectly in a Found Footage picture – definitely one to watch!




  1. Im the type of found footage fanatic that I search for legal downloading websites,then transfer them to disks and then watch them later. I watch the oldest 1st,then move up towards the newer release(usually).Which brings me to ..Long Pigs. I’m just now watching it after having it on disk for at least a month.Well worth the watch…funny,well made,and serial killer related(im kinda sick for serial killer movies and docs).Glad I finally knocked this off my “to watch” list!!

    • Yeah I got plenty of time for this one Tim – great set of actors and script! A class bit of filmmaking.

  2. If you like found footage mockumentary films about serial killers, I recommend Man Bites Dog and The Last Horror Movie (2003).

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