Look ( 2007 ) – Movie Review

Look ( 2007 ) - Movie Review

For some reason Look managed to outwit me on many an occasion – I kept on making a mental note of it’s existence but frequently forgot about watching it.

I finally sat down to watch it for the first time about a year back but it’s one of those films that definitely needs a second viewing – which is what I gave it the other night!

Totally original and totally engrossing – I may even watch it for a third time tonight! 🙂

The Plot

This is one of those films that I probably wouldn’t do justice to if I used my own words to cover the plot – there’s way too many directions I could go off in.

So, bearing that in mind I decided to hijack the blurb, synopsis or whatever it’s called from IMDb…

“Americans are captured on surveillance cameras at least 170 times a day mostly without their knowledge. This produces millions of hours of footage revealing the nature of those hidden secrets.”

So you get where this is going right – we have a Found Footage offering that’s bled out through surveillance cameras ( pretty awesome stuff! ).

Slow, Slow, Slow

The first time I watched this film I spent the first 40 minutes or so wondering what all the fuss was about. I knew it had been well received but I couldn’t figure out why?

The first scene introduced us to a couple of underage high school girls, Sherri and Holly, as they bounce naked around a dressing room at the mall ( they are NOT underage actors so please don’t phone the police! ).

This ‘part’ of the story seems to revolve around these hideously twisted girls making a pass for one of their teachers. This part of the plot didn’t really grip me if I’m honest with you.

But the whole ‘power’ aspect of the film is built upon these early introductions to the various characters – and how their stories will intertwine in unexpected ways.

I guess I’m putting out a little warning here – don’t judge the film by it’s early movements…the good shit comes out to play in the conclusion(s).


Wow – what a mental ride and what a neat way to drive various messages home to the watching audience!

There’s no traditional exposition, so you have to pay attention – don’t sit there watching the movie with friends you KNOW will talk.

Every character, decision and moral gets thrown in the air and then glued back together in an immensely intelligent ending.

Director Adam Rifkin and cinematographer Ron Forsythe have concocted a blinding Big Brother scenario that stays with you long after the final credits have run.

After my first viewing of this wonderful film I started to look up a lot more often when I was out ‘on a shop’. It’s quite an amazing feeling when you try and digest how many cameras have been watching you through a city center.

A movie like this could make you paranoid if you let it, and maybe you should…

A great Found Footage experience that manages to successfully step away from the horror and Science Fiction genre. It’s a slow burner but it’s worth it’s weight in gold…

I thoroughly recommend it!

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  1. Hi Chris. This looks really interesting – I’ve not heard of it till now. You say it steps away from horror/SF – how would you categorise it??

  2. Also, did you know that in 2010 there was a Look TV series that was a direct spin-off from the movie, shot entirely from the point of view of security cameras, also written, produced and directed by Rifkin?.

  3. I found this movie a little disturbing just because it shows the weaknesses that are so common in men and woman, primarily sex it seemed. Actor’s were pretty decent, and the ending a bit anti-climatic but overall was a very original film that left me thinking. All you can ask for really, worth watching! Thanks for the post!

  4. Great recommendation Chris. I’m not sure how I missed this movie. Either way, what a glimpse into the lives of modern-day America through CCTV and other surveillance cameras set up throughout my country (though I hear that London is actually the most watched city in the world).

    This was slow in a good way and it had storylines that you couldn’t help but get engrossed in. It was hard to think that that certain person got away with what they did (didn’t want to be specific for spoilers sake), but I think that was the point… to show us the kind of things probably going on around us, right under our noses and we’re not even aware of it and we might even know some of these crazy individuals and talk and/or interact with them regularly. Wow!

    Thanks again.

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