Lunopolis (2009) – Movie Review

Lunopolis (2009) - Movie Review

Okay, I thought I’d get this review written and out there as soon as possible because I’m unsure how many of you have actually seen this one.

Lunopolis is one of those films that sometimes pop up and leave you scratching your head – “how the hell did I miss this one first time around?”

I’ll admit, sometimes it happens…but not often!

It’s actually even more surprising when the film turns out to be a blinding bit of work…

The Plot

Two documentary filmmakers accidentally uncover the greatest moon secret the world has never known, and the powerful organization determined to keep it that way.

Re-Define Not Fade Away…

The Found Footage genre often gets a bad rap due to the lack of originality thrown into the majority of film plots.

Overall this is fine – I actually agree with this gripe from time to time!

In my book Lunopolis manages to completely re-define a genre without any marketing, budget or bullshit – I was quite literally gripped from start to finish.

Now, I know not everyone is going to agree with me here – this film doesn’t exactly tick many boxes on the Found Footage checklist.

There’s no night vision (from what I can remember), there’s no forest, there’s no asylum, there’s no stretchy-faced demons and there’s no snotty nosed girls telling the camera how sorry they are!

This offering COMPLETELY stands out on it’s own on EVERY level.

Lunopolis totally manages to mix up science fiction with conspiracy, re-launching the mockumentary style with an original twist of institutional authenticity.

To be honest with you, I have no real idea why this film has stayed in the shadows for so long?


Well it certainly looks as though I’m going to have to switch things around on the Top Ten page of this site – this blew my socks off.

To stumble across a film this good, in this genre, these days…is becoming more and more of a rarity.

Let’s not piss about here – the genre is becoming infested with extremely poor and vision-less titles that each climb on the backs of one another.

For a time, a couple of years ago, even the lower budget offerings were getting impressive with their use of CGI.

Over the last year that apple cart has seemed to tip BIG TIME!

These days most indie directors opt for a completely diluted plot line with no special effects whatsoever!

Here’s a simple tip for you – if you are not planning on letting the audience see the enemy you must create some sort of atmosphere to counteract this choice!

Lunopolis creates an atmosphere – and so much more!

The plot is complex, brave, unique and extremely well played out.

Matthew Avant directs the film and is also responsible for writing the plot – on top of that he takes up an acting role in the movie.

Put it this way – the next time I hear his name linked to a film it’ll be a case of ‘fuck everything else and drop what I’m doing’ – this guy has something in his locker that this genre was crying out for!

One of the most memorable Found Footage/mockumentary-styled offerings I’ve come across in recent times.

I fully recommend watching this little diamond in the rough!



  1. I was wondering when you got around to this. I got the “WTF that came out of no where” thoughts when it got to that cult members car part lol I like twists and turns in these types of movies and like you I like something new because there are way too many run of the mill settings like Woods,Asylum and haunted home movies. Anyways I’m glad you liked this. Keep up the good work..

    • Hi Stewart,
      Yeah I loved this one – it sort of ticked all my ‘geek boxes’ if you know what I mean. Totally twisted story and ending…great experience

  2. Yep,I saw this only a few weeks ago and for some time in a FF offering, i was genuinely excited and impressed by most aspects(acting,lore,atmosphere etc). Instantly thought, ”Oh Chris is going to love this one”

    • LOL well you were right there Vlad – loved every minute of it! 🙂

  3. to be honest, i did not like them stuffing as many conspiracy theories in one movie as possible. But it was a nice watch for a sleepless night.

  4. This was a damn good watch. Enjoyed it from start to finish! Would have liked to have seen them actually go to the moon or something but overall it was pretty great.

    • Glad you agree Mitch – this is one of the best I’ve sat through so far this year! (well worth watching) 🙂

  5. Hi Chris, great site you have here.

    As for Lunopolis, what a great film! Other than the ending being a wee bit predictable this film totally rocks. Combining all those conspiracies was some feat, same with the great story, editing, acting and soundtack, top class I say!

    Yeah, I’m with you when it comes to finding any good FF. To be fair though, you can say that about any genre nowadays. Damn you Hollywood!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, here’s a list of some FF films I’ve really enjoyed lately
    Apollo 18
    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
    The Dyatlov Pass Incident
    The Taking of Deborah Logan
    Evidence (2012)
    Home Movie
    The Houses October Built
    The Tunnel (2011)
    Digging Up the Marrow
    Leaving D.C
    The Frankenstein Theory

    All time Favourite, REC1 and REC2

    • Hi Rab,
      Some good titles you’ve covered there above – enjoyed every one of them (from what I can remember!). Glad you enjoyed Lunopolis

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