Marble Hornets Slender Man Sightings ( 2009 )

Marble Hornets Slender Man Sightings ( 2009 )

The Found Footage genre is responsible for a host of talented independent filmmakers finally ‘making it big’ in the film industry. If you have the talent and you have the vision, all you need is a $300 camcorder or an iPhone to get your story ‘out there’.

But there’s two sides to every coin – for every mind-blowing Found Footage event there is always a piece of s##t that follows it. Unfortunately most people can afford a camcorder or a iPhone – regardless of their level of talent.

This brings me to the Marble Hornets slender man sightings that are recorded in a ‘Vlog’ or ‘video entry’ style. It amazes me that something that started out so small could develop into something so big.

But that’s what comes from genuine, raw filmmaking talent…


If you are looking for a show that will travel in a straight line and provide you with answers along the way then it’s best you close this page.

Marble Hornets has no interest whatsoever in making this an easy ride for the viewers. You want answers and they don’t really want to provide you with them.

A larger part of it’s structure is built on strange cryptic messages between straightforward film work. It’s almost like art at times.

The film is made up of video entry after video entry so there is no set running time really ( if there is I haven’t figured out what it is yet! ).

For the most part there is no real structure to the entries either – the timeline is pretty messed up leaving our narrator to guide us through each entry’s position.

It’s unlike anything I have seen before in the Found Footage genre…it’s a masterclass in indie horror!

The Plot

Marble Hornets is the story of Jay, a young film school graduate who is given the leftover tapes from his friend Alex’s failed film ( aptly named ‘Marble Hornets’ ).

Alex has pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet so Jay decides to check out the tapes and see if there are any clues within them.

At first the tapes seem pretty normal but after a while we begin to notice strange interference and audio problems to the video quality. Alex’s behavior starts to get a little erratic and a strange character named ‘The Operator’ starts popping up in various shots.

Soon strange things begin to happen to Jay as he tries to unlock the mystery of what caused Alex to abandon his film and find out what is following him…

Marble Hornets Slender Man Sightings

Over time fans of the show have mislabeled it as being a Slenderman story ( I have myself on the odd occasion! ). There’s no doubt the creator, Troy Wagner, has taken a great deal of influence from this character but he insists Marble Hornets is a different creature altogether.

Marble Hornets is based around a completely different entity in The Operator – it is trying to make it’s own mythology and supernatural niche ( and it’s succeeding at doing that! ).


It would be really easy to label Marble Hornets as a great idea that starts out gripping and then loses it’s way a little. At times it feels as if the makers are just throwing things together because they have run dry on ideas.

But that’s not the case at all – that’s just their style!

The series is both unique and spellbinding – it offers something I’ve not come across before in the Found Footage genre.

At times I felt myself getting bored with the short video entries only to be dragged straight back in with a glimpse of something really disturbing.

If you are looking for a straightforward slasher horror or some sort of ‘gore porn’ like Saw then you are best staying away from Marble Hornets ( and this website! ).

This piece of indie filmmaking will make you think and confuse you no-end at times. You will find yourself rewinding certain entries just to brush up on what is going on and center the plot a little bit.

You don’t have to go far to locate Marble Hornets – it lives on YouTube ( How awesome is that! ). Here is a link to the complete playlist of Marble Hornet entries that I used myself – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmhfn3mgWUI&list=PL796DFBECFE88FAB7

There are quite few adverts throughout the video entries but that’s to be expected with a completely free indie offering ( we all have to make money somehow right? ).

Every fan of Found Footage should try this Marble Hornets lark out for size – most of you will not be disappointed!

A unique and classic serving of Found Footage…




  1. The operator!! Wow!! As the late,great Johhny Carson used to say..”I did not know that”!!! Lol!! Thanks for clearing that up!! Man..confusing ??? yes!! Addictive?? Yes!!!! I agree,if you have the time and the patience.(and you want something different in f.footage beside haunted hospitals).watch it!!!!

    • Apparently there’s a full feature length version being released later this year ( big budget ). It’ll have different characters in it but it’s based in the same universe. Sounds very interesting!

  2. I dove head first into to it last night and watched about 30 mins of it (wife needed the computer for work related purposes). Very confusing and hard to follow sometimes, it still has something going for it. Sort of like listening to a bootleg recording of a great band. It takes a bit more out of you as a listener, but you can tell what’s underneath is pure gold. Same thing with this one I think, can’t wait to see the rest of it.

    • Oh you have a lot of enjoyment ahead of you John – just don’t expect too many answers to the questions the film asks ( that’s what makes it so appealing and original! ). The boys who created this did a really clever job considering the budget level they had ( zero apparently! ).

      • I read up on it. They started with $500 in 2009. Since this was done in a web series format, by the third season series, it was popular with fans that they were able to raise approximately $75,000 on Kickstarter to continue and finish up the series. But you are correct, they virtually started with nothing and made a great series… great enough to raise tons of money and get 86,600,000 views on YouTube thus far (who knows how big their YouTube check is?). They earned it either way in my opinion.

        • Yeah I know, last time I checked the ‘big’ payouts on YouTube are when you start hitting a million views – they’ve probably done pretty well out of it ( and I hear they’ve started up a mini-franchise! ).

  3. Un-friggin’-believable web series. I read this post yesterday as I’m literally watching anywhere from one to four found footage movies a day in the hopes of seeing every one ever made. This site and a one other found footage site are my references for new movies to watch each day…

    And yesterday evening I came across this review. Color me intrigued at the very least. It promised little answers, a film that seemed like art at some points and very little jump scares. All things that would have turned me off immediately, but the reviewers enthusiasm for how great of a found footage entry this was and that it was unlike anything he’s seen in the genre and moreover recommended that all found footage buffs should check it out, was too much to resist.

    I instantly loved the web series style with different length video entries. I felt the timeline was explained very well. It was the plot that kept you asking questions, but the end felt final in that most questions were answered. And who needs jump scares when you have The Operator? If truth be told, that thing got me to jump more than once!!! For a low budget film (starting at $500 but for third series raising $75,000 on Kickstarter from enthusiastic fanbase), the cinematography, pacing and framing were excellent. The acting wasn’t A-list material, but it was definitely passable in the context of the type of film/web series this was trying to be! I mean it’s had a grand total of 86,600,000 views on Youtube so it’s doing something right.

    Like the review said, this is a phenomenal entry in the found footage genre and one that I will be on my top ten list for sure. I can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with.

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