Meadowoods ( 2010 ) – Manipulative Behavior Tactics

Meadowoods ( 2010 ) - Manipulative Behavior Tactics

Meadowoods is a Found Footage film that follows the manipulative behavior tactics of a teenager hell bent on committing premeditated murder. It’s a pretty fresh idea and it’s portrayed in a pretty original way…but did it really work?

Teen Angst Gone Wrong

I often find horror films suffer from shallow and almost hollow characters – this was not the case with Meadowoods.

We have a character named Travis Hall that displays impressive manipulative behavior tactics on two of his friends. He is such a complex and likable character he manages to rope his two counterparts into a scheme to murder another teenager.

The frightening thing about Travis is the reasoning behind his actions – he wants to murder a fellow student due to sheer boredom with his surroundings.

His two friends are equally as interesting due to the fact they seem completely under Travis’s spell.

The film certainly had some strong points but at times I felt it took a little to long to get to the actions we all knew were coming…

The Plot

Our main characters are Travis Hall, Stephanie Emerson and camera man Ryan Coffman. The film starts off with the three of them explaining to Ryan’s camera why they are in the mood for murder.

They are looking to create some sort of legacy that their sleepy little town will never forget. They believe that murdering one of the more ‘sweet and innocent’ members of the community will put them on the map!

At first it’s not as cold and calculating as it sounds – the banter between the three seems very childish and innocent. You sort of get the impression that they are liking the idea of murder but they will never follow it through.

The further the film travels the more we get to see into the characters and before long it gets worryingly apparent that two of this group are deadly serious about this plan…

Manipulative Behavior Tactics

The group is held together by the cold but playful attitude of Travis – if this murder is going to happen it will be down to his dark personality.

Stephanie is probably the most miserable female character ever put in front of a camera and her almost goth outlook on life only reinforces the situation.

Then we have Ryan – the member of the group that seems a little hesitant with proceedings. He is filming the whole ‘process’ as a kind of personal film project but his human side starts to show through the closer we get to the dreaded event.

The three of them are good strong characters in their own right and they manage to give the film an added dimension – they make it even more interesting.


Most Found Footage films are built on the concept of building up and up until the end of the film. There is nothing wrong with this as it seems to work for a majority of them.

For some reason this blueprint did not work that well on this film – and I still can’t figure out why!

The movie seemed to drag at points towards the final, shocking scenes and this was a little irritating. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie because it certainly offers something new. I’m just saying it could have done with an injection of tension about halfway through.

The style and the story line of the movie meant that the POV style fit it perfectly. There was no need for numerous ‘shaky cam’ scenes that make you feel nauseous.

The manipulative behavior tactics of Travis were well placed and effective throughout the film. They made him a really interesting and powerful center of attention.

I don’t really think it’s the type of film you will want to watch again due to it’s subject matter. Once you sit through it and witness the outcome you will be pretty much satisfied and move on.

A very decent Found Footage film that could of been much better with a few minor tweaks in it’s mid-section.



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