Media Studies (2017) – Movie Review

Media Studies (2017) - Movie Review

Well this one really fucked with my head – but not in a ‘good horror’ way!

Let me explain…

Okay, so I find a Found Footage title I’ve not heard of before, on Amazon Prime I think…or it could have been a Putlocker site…

Anyway – doesn’t matter – I found a film I’d not heard of before.

Start watching it, and it seems pretty cool. Three young filmmakers, Raz, Raz’s girlfriend Charlie and classmate Jess are lumbered with a media studies project for school/college. They are tasked with shooting some sort of film, and told by their tutor that they have to keep the camera rolling as he wants to see all the behind-the-scenes footage.

Bingo – there’s the reason to keep the camera running for 90 minutes right there!

So I’m getting comfortable with all this, settling into the film and getting to grips with the characters…who seem more and more familiar to me…

Fuck – haven’t I seen this movie before?

A quick check through the archives on this site – nope, not included here…I must be going mad.

So I watch another five minutes or so…it’s no good…I know these characters all too well – I must have seen this movie before.

So I dive into it’s past and sure enough – I uncover another movie by the same director (Warren Dudley), named The Cutting Room…with the same three actors…playing the same three characters!

For fuck sake – I’m watching a repackaged movie from 2015.

This is not the way to go if you want to get a good review out of me…

The Plot

Three students embark on their end of year Media Studies project unaware of the horrific and unspeakable fate that awaits them. What starts as a seemingly simple mystery soon turns into a claustrophobic and hellish nightmare.


Okay, this movie has already manged to masterfully piss me off once, so I’m jumping straight into the conclusion, so it doesn’t get the chance to irritate me further.

At the end of the day, even though I had to sit through the movie twice, three years apart – I still WANTED to like the movie…but I’m afraid it’s stuck in the 6 out of 10 area for life, from my point of view anyway.

The actors gave it their all, considering they were quite young, but there was only one real moment of menace in the movie, and that came at the end (go figure!).

It was one of those Found Footage movies that is crying out to be cut down to about 50 to 60 minutes run time…but of course the director will never do that…because films are not taken seriously unless they have at least 80 minutes under their belt.

What does that leave us with?

Well, it leaves us with a film that bores the shit out of you for about an hour, then gives you 15 minutes of entertainment at the end.

Far too many Found Footage titles go down this route, and it’s time for a new template.

Factor into that the way in which the sneaky director managed to pull the wool over my eyes, and you’ve got a movie I’m not really going to recommend to my regulars here!

Average at best (and don’t forget repackaged!).



  1. Hello Chris. Loved reading your review – I like the honesty in your words. Thank you also for saving us the time of going through this movie by ourselves. It is clear that Media Studies is not high quality found footage film and after reading your review, I will definitely skip watching it.

    I can see that you are a found footage film enthusiast like me. Can you tell me how many FF movies you’ve watched during your life? And how many shitty movies were involved.


    • Hi Strahinja!

      To be honest – I have no idea how many found footage movies I’ve watched in my life, but, a high percentage of them are pretty shitty!

      Unfortunately a lot of talent-less directors and filmmakers get into this genre, because it’s so cheap to start off in. The good films are worth their weight in gold though! 🙂

  2. Hi! All reviews on this film agree in the fact that the last part has some excitement. And that the cast made its best effort concerning acting. But the movie is slow and uninteresting for the most part. I started searching for other films done by Warren Dudley after coming across The Bromley Boys that’s a comedy about a Bromley FC fan.

    Thank you very much for this review. It will save me the time.

    • Wow you’ve done more research into the director than I have Henry – nice one! 🙂

  3. Hey, Chris! I’m really glad I read the review of yours. My wife was proposing to watch this tonight. Based on your review, it seems to be such a waste of time. Might as well watch only the last 15 minutes of the film.

    To be honest, the trailer wasn’t any good either. Really messy and didn’t really convey any useful information on what the film is actually about. Complete nonsense. I’ve no idea what my wife saw in that film to be wanting to watch it.

    Maybe you can propose a genuinely good found footage horror movie that you would recommend for everyone to watch?

    Thank you for all the insights, definitely appreciate it!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • No problem Matiss…

      Start with the Grave Encounters films (there are two out), then maybe try Exists or one of the Unfriended movies (also two of these!). Why not just look through the archives here and see what takes your fancy?

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