Megan is Missing ( 2011 ) – Most Terrifying Found Footage

Megan is Missing ( 2011 ) - Most Terrifying Found Footage

This was by far one of the most terrifying found footage efforts I have come across – who’d of thought it?

The prospect of watching a teenage girl based thriller did not fill me with anticipation but I thought I’d give it a try for the purposes of this review. I’m glad I did….

So Poor Then so Good!

As I mentioned above – this film turned out to be one of the most terrifying found footage movies I have encountered…..but it did not start off that way.

I was unsure about the story of the film until I read a more recent review on IMDb and got the lowdown on it. So we’ve got teenage girls being abducted right? Oh god this doesn’t sound like the type of thing I’m into………..

The first forty minutes of this film definitely backed up my fears. I was confronted by a lead character (Megan) that was a complete slut – nothing likable about her in the least. I was also introduced to her best friend who was more of a clean living type of girl.

They badgered on back and forth about sexual acts and we were taken through teenage parties and gatherings with them blah blah blah….I was not that impressed.

Starts to Make Some Impression

The further I got into the film the more of an impression it made on me. The transition between the two girls was really quite impressive – nice family supporting the quiet friend whilst Megan’s family consisted of a messed up single mother.

I’ll admit at first I found it very difficult to like the characters – they were empty, shallow and made of cardboard. As the film progressed I began to feel for the character of Megan – she slowly won me over.

Things Start Getting Interesting…..

This film went from a damp teenage squid to being one of the most terrifying found footage efforts I have encountered. Things started to get very interesting when our main character (Megan) was introduced to a guy online named ‘Skaterdude’.

Now right from the word go there are tell tale signs that this guy is not what he’s making out to be. His webcam is broken so she is unable to see his face and when questioned about it he keeps changing his story…..

The directors of the film manage to tackle this sensitive issue very well through the interactions between Skaterdude and Megan. The conversations between them were believable and intelligent and I was drawn right into the plot – it was creepy, very creepy!

Documentary Style

All of a sudden halfway through the film we are confronted with a documentary styled news bulletin claiming that Megan was indeed missing! This took me completely by surprise and I nearly got up to check the internet connection.

The film had got a lot darker in the space of five minutes – I was hooked!

Creepy Guy

Josh (Skaterdude) suddenly turns into a real creepy piece of work when it becomes clear Megan has been abducted. He converses online with Megan’s best friend and starts to dig into her with hurtful comments.

What makes this the one of the most terrifying found footage films is the fact that it has happened and it probably will happen again. Without giving to much away the film becomes terribly disturbing and twisted but these are the kind of things sexual deviants get up to.

I’m afraid some of the scenes may have been far to extreme for the watching public and this will stand against the film’s popularity. The ending is quite simply horrible! I will tell you now that it WILL BE TOO MUCH for some viewers and they will turn away from it.


As I stated earlier – a pretty lame effort turns into one of the most terrifying found footage movies out there. I feel the writer and director have probably overstepped the mark with the ending as it is completely disturbed but that’s what we watch horror for. In my book this is a classic but I can understand why some people will be disgraced by it…..

If you have any opinions on this most terrifying found footage effort then please leave them in the comment section below. Love or hate it we don’t mind – just tell us why!!



    • Yeah I really rate this film – especially the ending. Dark and creepy throughout – thoroughly disturbing in parts!

  1. I just skip the first few scenes with the conversations and party. Some of the scenes are unnerving and I had to pause the movie a few times when I first saw it. Some jump scares i wasn’t expecting. The ending though… Poor Amy.

  2. This found footage film sounds really scary as the plot develops, I’ve read about articles of Sex Deviants abducting kids/teenagers overseas and it is pretty disturbing.

    These kinds of films always have a certain shock factor that really ropes you in along the way – I suppose it’s what makes them so memorable!

    On the other side of it, I think that the film can serve as a good warning to young adults to be more careful and wary of who they befriend etc.

    There are some wild choices of films you’ve reviewed here – this site is really interesting!

    • Hi Leo – nice to meet you mate!

      Yeah this is a pretty disturbing film…but at the end of the day this sort of thing does happen. I suppose it could act as a warning if you like…but young teenagers are hard to convince right? (I certainly was at that age!).

      Glad you like the selection of films we’ve covered here – don’t forget to pop back because we are always adding more, week by week, month by month… 🙂

  3. Lets be real. The scariest thing about this movie is we all have girls in our life that we worry about on a daily basis. I thought it was lacking for majority of the movie until the last 20 minutes. Then this movie seriously got into my head. It became the movie i’ll make my nieces watch when I think it’s time for them to experience the horrors of the real world

    • I think that’s where all the film’s power lies Albedo – the last 20 minutes or so. It certainly makes the film memorable…in an extremely dark and disturbing way!

  4. I listened to your suggestion (comment section of The Poughkeepsie Tapes), watched this one and It’s a top FFF in my opinion. I must say “Megan is Missing” is an underrated and unknown found footage film. The point is you can’t trust IMDb user ratings anymore. 4.8/10, really?! Why people who dislike this genre force themselves to watch FFFs? I even saw some people bashed this film because it was extremely disturbing for them and harmed their feelings. Why they didn’t get the point of this film and its message? I’d say this is a must-watch movie for many parents. Yeah, watching it may disturb you but this is a film with a powerful and important message about online predators.

    Your website is one of my main sources for finding and watching FFFs. I like your style of reviewing and the “Conclusion” is my favorite section. Keep your good work up!

    • Hey there once again!

      Great stuff – glad you enjoyed the movie (it’s one of my favorites to be honest!). Great to hear that you find the site useful as well! 🙂
      Look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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