Mockingbird ( 2014 ) – Murder Games


Mockingbird ( 2014 ) - Murder Games

I’ve been pretty impressed by the amount of unique Found Footage films that have surfaced throughout 2014 and Mockingbird joins this impressive list.

Shot from the perspective of three different cameras that are somehow linked to the same creepy story line, it succeeded in creating a fierce and gripping atmosphere…


As I touched on above, Mockingbird is a story following three different video cameras that are left on three different doorsteps.

The story line is taken from the perspective of these lucky occupants who receive one of these free cameras. The only problem is that these cameras don’t seem to have an ‘off’ switch and they come with a certain amount of rather dark baggage…

The Plot

The three cameras are left on the doorstep of the following characters:

  • A Mother and Father who have the night off from the kids
  • A lonely college girl in rented accommodation
  • A social misfit ( geek ) who still lives with his mother

​The film is set up in a real-time situation for each of these characters from the moment they receive the cameras onward.

The mother and father and the lonely college girl give us the suspenseful and terror filled side of the story whilst the social misfit sort of lends the film a humorous side.

Each camera comes with a set of rather suspicious directions indicating that each recipient is in some sort of competition. The winner of this competition is promised a monetary reward so naturally each of them go along with the instructions provided.

What starts off as simple enough tasks like ‘don’t stop filming’ soon turn into rather sinister requests like ‘don’t call the police’.

It becomes apparent to the first two recipients of the cameras that things are definitely not what they seem. The social misfit however is oblivious to the dangers and is set on the fact that he stands to win $10,000.

The film quickly descends into terrifying situations where our main characters are faced with worrying commands which they have no choice but to follow.

It becomes clear that all three recipients have been chosen to play their part in a deadly twisted game.

Bold Beginnings

The film starts of boldly with a filmed murder of a young boy then switches straight to the recipients of the three main cameras. It’s a very original way to begin one of these films and it grips your interest with ease.

All four of the main characters were believable and that was down to the actors used – all of a decent level ( especially Barak Hardley who plays the social misfit! ).

The film doesn’t really go into to much depth about each character but with this type of story line it doesn’t really need to. It’s a fast paced yarn that seems to build incredibly well – it’s like a car crash in slow motion!


This was a pretty ambitious Found Footage that managed to tick all the correct boxes. I love it when this genre comes out with a unique idea and makes it work in style!

Barak Hardley steals the show as the geek idiot dressed in a rather creepy clown outfit – he acts the part perfectly and adds a handy amount of humor and balance to the film.

The film was directed by Bryan Bertino who was the man behind The Strangers which was an equally impressive and tension filled ride. Both films seem to have succeeded in tapping into a naturally claustrophobic fear factor.

It’s not rocket science and it’s not a deep and meaningful plot – it’s simply a frightening idea shot in the Found Footage style!

The cameras used are the old fashioned 80’s camera so the cinematography turns out to be pretty unique. It has a sort of graininess that can only be attributed to these older cameras.

Great fun to watch and really well put together with a strong cast – not one to be missed!




  1. Just watched it and it was far above average. The end really caught me by suprise, just the way I like it. Very well made in every aspect.

    • Yeah I have to agree with you there John – a really solid Found Footage experience from start to finish. Great actors, great pace and a great conclusion. Would recommend this one to any regulars of this site!
      Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your opinion 🙂

  2. Personally i hated it.
    Finding out who did this and why was the main reason i kept watching the whole thing and they come up with THAT? At least in Sinister you can say the kids were possesed and the main culprit was some kind of demon aniways so it fit but it made absolubtely no sense in this one. And to be fair almost nothing of note happens during the movie (The lone woman arc was pretty pointless) so the conclusion would had save it.

    Damm i was specting you to trash this but i guess i cant trust 100% on your judgement (Wich had worked up to this point)

      • I liked Mockingbird, it was ok and ambitious but the ending was kind of… weird and implausible. Maybe it would worked better if they didn’t showed it to us and left us wondering who masterminded this whole situation?

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