Moth (2016) – Movie Review

Moth (2016) - Movie Review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a film writer/director named József Gallai regarding a new Found Footage horror he had put together with Gergö Elekes.

Now, as you already know, I love it when indie writers/directors/producers get in contact with me but more often than not it is a double-edged blade.

Unfortunately about 75% of these indie offerings turn out to be painful experiences.

This leaves me in a bit of a sticky situation – either review the film and completely pan it…or ignore the review request completely.

Well, I have a heart, so more often than not I just ignore the request and carry on with the running of this site!

Well this film made it onto the site – so that should tell you something.

But at the same time I’m not promising you something ground-breaking in this genre – the film has it’s fair share of holes but also offers some unique positives.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

Thora (Lídia Szabó) is a foreign university lecturer in London who has set up a sort of weekend ‘field trip’ to Hungary to investigate a spout of recent Mothman sightings.

She asks her students if any of them would be willing to help her out with this project and Adam (Gallai) agrees to help out.

So Adam takes up the camera and the blonde Thora takes up the limelight as they travel through rural Hungary in search of the elusive Mothman.

Clever Spins

If I’m honest with you there were more than a few ‘dodgy’ moments through the first 40 minutes or so of this film but they sort of act like a glue to the plot.

I have already promised Adam that I would not hit any ‘spoiler alerts’ so I have to be careful with how I cover this.

All I can really say is that a lot of the lame scenes are actually put in place for a reason – there is something bubbling under the surface here and it definitely gave the film’s journey something ‘fresh’.

A lot of Found Footage movies fall apart because the audience fails to hang on in there – many climax moments are missed.

Moth could definitely fall into this category, so I suggest sitting patiently through the ominous build and giving it a full chance to impress!


I think the main ingredient of this film is the level of characterization achieved by the makers – the acting was not great at times but the two main protagonists bounced well off each other.

This may sound like a bit of an ‘oh-oh’ moment to you reading this but it’s important that I point out that English is a secondary language to the cast of this film.

On top of this you have the added challenge of the actors being from different European countries (from what I can gather).

This obviously means that subtitles and a singular European language was out the window from the off!

English was the common ground for them to act from.

As I mentioned in the intro to this review – I get a lot of indie directors contacting me for review purposes and most of them have to be passed over.

There was definitely enough in this film to warrant a review and inclusion on this site!

The cinematography and choice of locations was bang on the money in my book – both helped the atmosphere evolve.

I was also impressed by the ambitious plot of the movie – it’s nice to see a Found Footage effort aim at fresh ideas.

Okay, the acting from certain characters dipped in some scenes (notably the scenes which move away from the Found Footage genre) but overall they were able to hold the film together.

Some will like it – some will not!

I had no real regrets after watching it myself.



  1. this looks interesting, but I can’t find it anywhere to watch, is it only showing in festivals?

    • Hi Jason,
      I was given direct access to a protected version of the film (screener) so I think it’s probably still doing the festival rounds. The filmmaker actually contacted me to get a review done so I can’t imagine it will be long before it hits the internet!

    • Hi Laura,

      I do believe that it has been released by now – the director is actually in the process of releasing another Found Footage films so this one must be out there somewhere! I can remember him mentioning the typical avenues like Amazon – I’d give them a go first (and include the director’s name in the search term).

  2. This film is nowhere to be found. Can’t even find a website where I could pay to watch this damn thing. Anyone?

    • Hi Martin,

      I’ve got the director’s email here somewhere but I can’t seem to f##king locate it at the moment – as soon as I get it I’ll see if I can get some sort of link off him! It should be released by now because I watched the screener months ago…

      • Thanks I’m counting on You! Whats the point of making movies if no one can see them…

  3. Moth is on Putlocker now. Can I say that without getting you in trouble with Google, Chris? Anyway. I won’t post a link.

    On a different note. These slow first and second acts of FF movies are great for practicing a musical instrument or doing potato stamp art etc. You don’t need to give it your full attention until the halfway mark.

    • Yeah that’s fine John – it’s only the links that are dangerous to the site!

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