Mr. Jones ( 2013 ) – Living Dream World


Mr. Jones ( 2013 ) - Living Dream World

I first came across this Found Footage effort on a free ( probably illegal ) film site about ten months ago. This initial viewing was a nightmare due to the film site throwing adverts at me throughout the duration of the movie ( every 10 minutes or so! )

So last night I decided to watch it again from a much more legitimate source. I’m glad I did…

Modern & Unique

Mr. Jones is a modern looking horror that bases itself around the living dream world. I’d say about 90% of it is ‘true’ Found Footage whilst the last 15 minutes or so tries to lend itself to something different.

They try to base the climax on various invisible entities following our main characters with their own cameras. I get what they where trying to do here but it did seem like it was a bit of a cop-out.

I got the feeling they tried to shoot the whole thing in Found Footage but realized the ending was much to elaborate for a POV recording.

Still, it combined well overall and I found it a refreshing and unique take on the genre.

The Plot

Mr. Jones starts off as a traditional ‘cabin in the woods’ movie where we follow Scott ( Jon Foster ) and his partner Penny ( Sarah Jones ).

They have decided to pack up their urban lifestyle and move to a remote location so Scott can film a nature documentary.

The initial stages of the film shows shots from Scott’s camera with his voice-over narrating the reasons they are out in the wilds. It then settles down into a more traditional ‘real-time’ Found Footage movie.

At first the remote cabin life seems to suit the pair down to the ground but before long we see Scott sink into a type of depression ( apparently he hasn’t been taking his medication! ).

This seems to spark the whole film off as we are introduced to rather creepy scarecrows being set up in the woods around the cabin.

Penny recognizes them as the art work of Mr. Jones, a mysterious art-world figure that has been living in exile for a decade or so. They search the surrounding area and stumble upon the artist’s derelict home not far away from their cabin.

But why is this successful leader of the art world living out in the wilds and why does he insist on planting these strange pieces of art around their cabin…

The Living Dream World

This film could quite easily have ended up a complete arty mess but it manages to walk the diverse line rather well. I felt the two lead actors ( Jon Foster and Sarah Jones ) were more than capable of pulling this sort of thing off.

When Found Footage movies manage to rope in decent actors they can always rely on the atmosphere they create. The two main characters were believable so I actually cared about what happened to them.

By using a living dream world as the basis of the film the director was able to twist the plot and leave me wondering what the hell was going on. The more surreal the film turned the more gripping it became.


This was definitely worth watching as it seemed to cover all the Found Footage bases. It was visually impressive, had a strong cast, an interesting plot and a unique perspective.

It’s a decent ‘step away’ from your more traditional haunted asylums or witches in the forest. It bases itself on a psychological slow burn that draws you in and in until you hit the climax.

It’s one of those deep horror films that never really explains itself so the viewer is left to make their own mind up. We have ideas dangled in front of us then taken away just when we think we are figuring things out – it works well.

A pretty decent and original Found Footage effort – well worth watching.



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