My Little Eye ( 2004 ) – Live Online TV Broadcast

the live online TV broadcast

​I first watched this film about seven years back now and I can’t initially remember being that impressed by it. I realized about a week ago that I needed to re-watch it for the purposes of a review and I couldn’t really remember much of the film. My Little Eye is filmed as a live online TV broadcast where the participants receive their share of a million dollars if they manage to last the duration……..

First Impressions Didn’t Last!

I’m unsure why I did not take to this film the first time around as I really quite enjoyed it on second viewing! The live online TV broadcast isn’t exactly an original film idea now but it was at the time.

The film had the ‘Universal Pictures’ logo at the start of it so I realized I was watching a Found Footage film that had a bit of money behind it. I instantly recognized one of the actors to which doesn’t usually happen in the Found Footage genre!

As I touched upon above the contestants of this live online TV broadcast are all thrown in a house together and they must stay there for the duration to receive the prize money. Not one of them is allowed to leave the house – they must all cross the finish line together!

Professional Enough

It was a very professional version of Found Footage – you could tell it was a Hollywood release as opposed to the more independent efforts out there. The actors were good and the camera work was spot on – the finished article was very impressive!

The placement of the cameras throughout the house was well thought out leaving us with the opportunity to see everything that goes on. There is also a split screen section when they first enter the house showing us the first few weeks of their contestant’s stay. This part of the film is split into four sections so that they can speed up the initial weeks of the story and arrive at the more interesting conclusion!

Alarm Bells Start Ringing!

It’s one of those films in which you are amazed that the characters do not realize how much trouble they are in. To us, the watchers, the tell tale signs seem obvious from the start ( well they did to me! ).

When the supplies finally arrive instead of food they receive a box packed full of bricks! Within this box is also a letter telling one of the male contestants that his grandmother has died and the funeral is in a couple of days.

As you know this live online TV broadcast is based on all of the contestants passing the finish line – so the group desperately attempt to stop this contestant from leaving the house for the funeral.

It all becomes based on mind games and the setups become crueler and crueler as we go along. The contestants become aware of this and their suspicions start to grow. The whole ‘peeping tom’ setup of the cameras starts to drain on them more and more.

Get The **** Out of There!

The guys in charge of this live online TV broadcast start to cleverly pull things out of the contestant’s past and leave evidence of this all around the house. I found it very quickly became one of those films where you were left dumbfounded at why they were actually still in the house playing the game?

I’ll be honest – I would of packed up and left at the first sign of trouble! We have a group of people taking part in a so called live online TV broadcast and not one of them had decided to research the company beforehand.

On top of this the house they are left in is a secluded property in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow drifts and bad weather!!!!

Arise Sir Bradley! 

One part of the film shocked me more than any other and that was the arrival of a lost stranger who walks in from the snow. Now first things first – I wouldn’t have let him through the door! But our naive contestants seem to have little problem with this creepy character turning up!

After a couple of minutes I started looking at this character a little more closely – there was something very familiar about those blue eyes…….and then it hit me! This was a younger Bradley Cooper – before Hollywood got hold of him and turned him into a smiling freak

I was quite surprised to see him in this type of film but considering nobody really knew about him until after the first Hangover movie it did make a little sense!


The plot of the film does turn out to be rather obvious in the end but I’m still not going to throw out any spoilers – I enjoyed the film and I thought it was a great addition to the Found Footage genre.

It does have that feeling of ‘how stupid are these guys?’ about it but at the end of the day – if the contestants left this house the film would of been over!

I know the whole idea of a live online TV broadcast has been pillaged by the horror genre time and time again but this one is slightly different – there has been a lot of effort put into it and the characters are quite unique.

I would definitely advise any Found Footage freak out there to give this film a go! It covers most of the bases and even has a beheading ( for you gore freaks! ) that was pretty damn impressive!

It is a little dated now ( 2004 ) but the The Blair Witch is even older so you really have no excuse to avoid it – it’s well worth an hour and a half of your time!


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