Nazi Alien Technology

Nazi Alien Technology

​It all get’s a little creepy when I stumble upon articles relating to Nazi alien technology as it paints a dark picture of ‘what could of been’.

Most aviation authorities seem to stand against the idea of Nazi alien technology ever being a reality and laugh off the suggestions.

The problem most believers have with this is the fact that directly after the war the UFO phenomenon took off big style and for the first time in modern history we were getting sightings everywhere…….

Hitler’s Secret Weapon

During the end of the war Hitler became more and more desperate in his attempts to keep his country and army together. Let’s face it guys – he was getting his ass kicked!

He was hell bent on developing some sort of weapon that would make a mark on the war – to turn things back in his favor. He came quite close to this with the first jet rockets and the V2 bombers but it was all to late for his war effort.

During these last few desperate months there were more adventurous super weapon schemes embarked upon that were not so well documented….

Nazi Alien Technology

Recent reports have highlighted the fact that Hitler had indeed managed to create a flying saucer of sorts. The surprising thing is these reports also suggest that the flying saucer ships actually flew on more than one occasion.

Nazi Alien Technology

The Nazi alien technology program was under the command of SS officer Hans Kammler and it had significant breakthroughs. There were eyewitness reports in the German countryside and also a few reports of a disc shaped object with a Nazi cross near the Thames in London!

The Americans took these claims very seriously and made revised plans to handle these sort of weapons if they ever turned up state side.

To make matters (and paranoia levels) worse the New York Times posted an article that claimed residents of the city had indeed reported a strange disc like shape above the city one afternoon.

All Plans Destroyed (Apparently!)

These recent claims of Nazi alien technology come from a German science publication. This publication claims that all the plans for this German UFO were destroyed with haste at the end of the war.

At the same time this German publication states that in the 1960’s the Canadians somehow got hold of a portion of these plans and built the design themselves. To their surprise the flying saucer actually worked!

The Nazi Alien Technology Project

The project was known as the Schriever-Habermohl scheme. A man named Rudolf Schriever was the engineer and test pilot along with another engineer called Otto Habermohl.

The Nazi Alien Technology Project

Apparently it was all set up and executed in Prague somewhere around 1942. The project didn’t actually start out life as a flying saucer though – it was a Luftwaffe plan headed by Hermann Goering.

There were about fifteen prototypes built and many prisoners captured by the Americans had claimed to have seen them in action.

After The War

Many years after the war German scientists are known to have helped the Americans out with their side of the space program. Were these scientists involved in the Nazi alien technology project of 1942? I guess we’ll never know!

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  1. Very interesting and controversial article. I know there are billions of non believers out there, but to me it is quite obvious. Aliens and alien technology on earth do exist. Goverments have just been able to keep it under wraps all these years. It does not seem possible for so many people that has had any kind of extra terrestrial encounter to have been unreliable. Do you think any goverments are already using alien tech, but hiding it as something else?

    • Yes I most certainly do Leo – and why would they ever tell us know about it? They won’t!

      Every government on the planet is trying to get ahead of the neighboring country – it’s the way of the world. Thankfully we’ve got to a point now where we KNOW there is something out there…and we KNOW they are hiding something!

      Great speaking with you! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris

    What a fascinating post!

    I have never before heard anything about Nazi Alien Technology – you learn something every day!  It really makes you wonder what kind of things would have happened if the Nazis had actually won the war.

    Do you know if there is any kind of proof that the Nazis were actually able to contact aliens?

    As you say, there just has to be something which we have not been told about contacting aliens, otherwise could it really be a coincidence that there have been so many sightings of flying saucers etc?

    Thank you so much for this most interesting and thought-provoking post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie, 

      Proof? No, no solid proof, as that would certainly be a story! These are more theories (or conspiracy theories).

  3. I must say that I have not heard about this things but if this is true that it is really scary. I truly don’t believe in aliens and alien technology but Hitler was a dangerous man and it is not strange at all that he ordered “alien” tech. I hope that these things don’t exists anymore, 2 worlds wars was enough.

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