Nietzermann ( 2015 ) – Movie Review

Nietzermann ( 2015 ) - Movie Review

​This is probably the most adventurous movie review I’ve had to write so far on this site so bear with me through the first couple of paragraphs!

About three weeks ago I was contacted by director named Will G. Kraft regarding a brand new Found Footage movie he had released. I’m often contacted by indie directors so I didn’t really think that much of it at the time.

However, this guy provided me with a ton of information about his background and where the basis for the film originated from – it turns out Mr. Kraft had already made quite a splash on the information superhighway!

There is a pretty big backlog of info on this film and I was a little confused as to what to do with it all in this review. In the end Will agreed to pen a sort of bio on it’s journey and I strongly suggest you read it before carrying on with the remainder of this review.

You can find the film’s bio by Will G. Kraft HERE.

Into The Unknown…

I’ll be honest with you here – most of the indie efforts I get put in front of me through the contact form on this site are probably not the most talented pieces of work ( and I’m being polite there! ).

With this in mind, I was more than a little worried about the overall quality of Nietzermann. I’d also had the pleasure of meeting/conversing with Will before I’d sat down to watch the movie…

What was I going to say if the movie was bad?

Thankfully, within ten minutes of viewing time I knew I was onto a winner. This was a different kettle of fish than the other efforts put my way!

The Plot

At a guess, you’ve probably read the bio by this point so I’ll keep this section of the review short and sweet!

Nietzermann follows the personal journey of two young actors who are captivated by a conspiracy theory they have encountered on YouTube.

The video in question covers an interview with a French psychic supposedly shot in 1980. This particular psychic seems to be on the money with most of the historic predictions that have occurred over the period of 1980 onward.

They notice that this Nietzermann video has had no problem at all in racking up the hits ( video views ) so they decide to capitalize on it’s success with a dedicated Vlog channel of their own.

However, the deeper they delve in the murky past of the subject…the more danger they find themselves in!

Polished Article

As I mentioned above, I was more than happy ( and relieved ) to find that this movie was a very polished piece of Found Footage.

A lot of you may be thinking I’m slightly biased due to my contact with Will G. Kraft beforehand but I can promise you that is not the case. The moment I start writing reviews that are not ‘straight down the line’ is the moment that this site falls flat on it’s face!


The cool thing about the Found Footage genre is that even the simplest of plots can work out if you are able to deliver realism and atmosphere – this is largely down to the cast you work with.

The two main actors, Luke McClure and Mackenzie Graff seemed to have been able to embrace the Found Footage genre with relative ease. Their performances were very natural and that allowed the remainder of the film to look after itself!

Beforehand, I was unsure about how the whole ‘conspiracy theory’ gig was going to work in a Found Footage plot but it had me gripped from start to finish.

The whole package reminded me very much of the whole Slender Man viral effect. You get a cool idea that goes viral online and before you know it full length feature films are being created off it’s slipstream.

Clean cinematography, good audio, interesting plot and strong actors – a welcome addition to the Found Footage genre really!

If you are interested in buying or renting Nietzermann you can find it here:

Link to iTunes

Link to GooglePlay

If you would like to leave any feedback for Will to read please feel free to leave it in the comment section below – I know he will be very grateful for your input! 🙂



  1. Cool, retro and nostalgic. I like to visit your site and see what is new, read up on indie films and the behind the scenes stories are riveting. I love your top ten list. The footage films are classics!
    It is quite difficult to find comprehensive lists and a one-stop-shop to footage films of the past and also find up and coming hits! Entertaining awaits here on your site 🙂

    • Hi there Kim! Thanks for stopping by!

      Nice to hear you the enjoy the site so much – hope you enjoy Nietzermann as much as I did! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    Great review and this is obviously a movie I definitely have to have an eye on.
    I really like the plot you have mentioned even if I’m not someone who loves watching movies. I’m more the kind of a sports interested person why I watch a lot of sports, but such movies are arousing my interest 🙂

    What did you like most?


    • Hi Don,

      I liked the way the plot was handled the most – it would of been easy for it to slip into boredom but it managed to keep me gripped without the paranormal/horror elements I am used to! Don’t forget to pop back here and leave your own thoughts on the film after you’ve watched it! 🙂

  3. Hey Chris,
    now you have successfully made me curious about the Nietzermann movie! Was the setting in Franc? Was the psychic actually shot? What type of danger(s) did they get themselves into? And for how long was this whole interview or investigation going on? I guess I just have to watch the movie!

    • Ahh that would be giving the game away Juliet – spoiler alerts everywhere!

      I can say that some of the film is based in France…

      You need to get out there and watch it! 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,
    Whew… Good thing the movie was a winner. lol. It seems like it may have been an uncomfortable situation. Nobody likes hearing that they have an ugly baby, even if it’s true!
    Unfortunately, in my opinion, the found footage style of movie making has been beaten to death. It was a great idea at first aka Blair Witch, but now, there’s way too much of that style going on. I don’t mind having to take Dramamine before a movie or two, but it’s all the time now. BUT, that’s just me and my opinion.
    I’m probably the first to do it myself if I wanted to make a movie due to lesser expense. lol
    Great review and thanks!

    • No problem Brain – try and lay off the Dramamine! 🙂

      Just one question though – if you don’t like Found Footage…why did you visit this site???

  5. interesting, like conspiracy stories. you could make a Found Footage producers list, and how to get their contact, because I think Found Footage fans must have stories and interesting ideas to create a screenplay

    • That’s a pretty good idea in theory Thiago! I just don’t know about posting people’s contact info online…
      Maybe someone could come up with a safe idea of doing this – it could result in a pretty creative system if a handful of producers signed up for it!

  6. Damn near perfection!

    I wasn’t in love with the ending but everything else was spot on.

    Spoiler alert!

    I was hoping for his friends to come into the shot after he’d finished the last scene and congratulate each other on the completion of their first Mockumentary! That would have went along with the whole doc about a doc about a doc theme.

    Great job to all involved with this gem!

  7. Hi Chris,

    After reading your article, I went to youtube and watched the video. There was one comment that gave me a giggle. “I just got done watching Nietzermann, wtf is going on?!?! there are 5 days until the 28th!! I hope this is all fake……….” What a marketing ploy! I love it. What good entertainment! Only if there could be a sequel! Do you think they will try a second attempt at this?


    • That’s a great comment – I love it when people think Found Footage is real! I have no idea about the sequel Julie, I haven’t heard anything yet!

  8. What an interesting story!

    I’m a big fan of these type of films, I was just surfing the web for it and up came this!

    I’m glad I found this, it has made me curious to watch it now.

    I am going to go and check it out now 🙂 Thanks for bringing it to light!

    Thanks again, Dan.

  9. Great review! I’m a huge movie buff, and can’t get enough of them. I had never heard of that type of genre, Food Footage, but it sounds like a really interesting type of movie. Thank you for the awesome review. I’ll definitely be bookmarking the site and stopping back for more good, honest reviews. Thanks again!

  10. I just stumbled upon this website, and thought it was really cool, especially with the honest and sincere reviews about indie movies. Which I love indie movies, but let’s be honest, they are not all hits. Although the review on Neitzerman wasn’t long, it sounds interesting enough for me to definitely rent to watch. I love stuff like this, I think it’s great when you can really make something cool without it having to be some huge hollywood production. I really appreciate the information on your website and will definitely be back to check it out on more movie reviews!

  11. First of all, I really like your site! Seems like a fun ide and a great way to shine a light on films that would probably go unnoticed other wise. Nietzermann sounds like a particularly interesting project. Getting caught up in the Slendar Man videos was definitely a really fun viewing experience for me so this sounds right up my alley!

  12. Hey Chris, many thanks for this review and the background info. Now I’m genuinely intrigued and will have to check out Nietzermann.

    The whole premise of your site is really fascinating. I’m going to bookmark it for now, and when I get a little time, I’ll be popping back to take a nice leisurely perusal.

    • Cool, great to hear that you’re into the site mate – have a look around and enjoy! 🙂

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