NIETZERMANN, a FAKE Documentary About a REAL Hoax!

NIETZERMANN, a FAKE documentary about a REAL hoax!

In 2011, Will G. Kraft and French actor Olivier Thomas – AKA Olivier SirJohn – were looking for an idea to make a YouTube videos that would get some views.

They imagined this French psychic that would have accurately predicted in the 80’s a series of future events, and who would end up announcing an alien invasion in 2012. That’s how it all started. It was just a publicity stunt. The idea was to film this fake 1980 interview, get some views, and soon after reveal it was a prank.

Early 2012, the French psychic interview was posted on YouTube and the reception was huge.

CLICK HERE to view the 2012 French psychic interview!

They were really surprised. People were re-posting it with subtitles in Spanish and Chinese. They got a total of 5 million views and HUNDREDS of pages of blog were discussing it, trying to debunk it.

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It became this big online event where people had theories and arguing about them. The French psychic didn’t have a name yet, so Will G. Kraft “leaked” a press article allegedly from the 80s mentioning the psychic’s arrest in France for a murder he would have committed 22 years before. From then on, Nietzermann had a name. The myth was born.

The person who allegedly posted the article was Vengeance37, AKA Frederic Monfils, who claimed Jacques Nietzermann was responsible for the death of his uncle (reason for his arrest).

Then MrVengeance37 posted a video where we see Jacques Nietzermann performing a telekinesis experiment. The video was actually shot with an original TV camera from 1976 – CLICK HERE to watch.

It kept growing and Will G. Kraft got the idea to make a conspiracy movie about it.

He cast 2 young actors – Luke McClure and Mackenzie Graff and the 2 characters Luke and Mack came into the story with a web series ( Luke McClure and Mackenzie Graff ).

The 2 young actors were posting webisodes where they were trying to debunk the Nietzermann Youtube video.

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 1: WATCH

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 2: WATCH

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 3: WATCH

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 4: WATCH

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 5: WATCH

Then episodes 6 and 7 are missing – on purpose, to raise questions…and we see what they’re about in the movie.

The Nietzermann Case – Episode 8: WATCH

The movie was shot one day a week, for 10 weeks – And later 3 more days in France. They were shooting the episodes that were posted on YouTube and extra scenes for the movie. But one day someone online actually discovered the identity of Olivier Thomas. They first thought it was all over and actually thought they should abandon the project.

But then they got the idea to incorporate Olivier into the movie and Luke went to France with Will to film the rest of the investigation.

In the end, NIETZERMANN is a fake documentary about a REAL hoax!

They finished the movie and started to show it to festivals. They got an award at the North Hollywood Cinefest.

On the picture, Will G. Kraft is on the left, the in the middle there is Joanna Ellenbeck who plays Marie Diaz in the movie, and Luke is on the right.

They got a VOD distribution deal with a company called Under The Milky Way.

They chose to release the movie one week before the September 28th, 2015 Blood Moon. This is why they created this new 1987 fake video where Nietzermann announces Doomsday on the 28th.

Again, this video was posted and re-posted all over the Internet in various versions and languages.

So this 2015 video was made to revive interest for Jacques Nietzermann and have a second run with him when the movie would be coming out.

They chose the date of the 4th Blood Moon, simply because it was a new alleged end of the world… and the new prophecies totaled over 1.2 million views online.

Nietzermann is a really cool movie where the audience is constantly wondering what’s real and what’s not, like in The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity: It feels real, and that’s scary – and sometimes funny too!

Beyond the movie, NIETZERMANN has been a large social experiment, a 4 year cat and mouse game between hoaxers and debunkers.

It’s fascinating to see how the videos spread, how it became a debate. Will G. Kraft could witness how information was discovered and spread online, since he was the one planting the Easter eggs.

As a conclusion: All this for a movie? Yes and no. It’s been a whole process, they had no idea at first that the French psychic would become such a thing on the Web. The movie was made very organically, following what was happening online and inventing events around it. This is probably what makes this film unique.

You can find the movie here:

Article written by Will G. Kraft