Nightmare Code (2014) – Movie Review

Nightmare Code (2014) - Movie Review

Okay, before we start I should throw a shout out to a Mr. Michael Link, who was kind enough to put this film in front of me last week.

If I’m honest, Nightmare Code was one of those Found Footage titles that had kinda slipped through my net (it does happen from time to time!).

My regular excuse is the huge backlog of films I have watched but haven’t got around to reviewing – not the case here, I hadn’t seen this.

Love it when that happens! 🙂

The Plot

A super-hotshot computer programmer with a dodgy past is brought in by a desperate software company to finish the work of a genius programmer who went rogue…

He basically turns into Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

This murderous genius was in the process of finishing off an advanced behavior recognition program that is set to take the technology world by storm.

Turns out this landmark computer application is a lot more than just binary code…

Being Analysed and Judged

The film seems to be set on taking the ‘big brother’ situation to a point where we are constantly being analysed and judged by a machine.

Not only are we being watched 24 hours a day – we are now being pulled apart through emotions and reactions.

It’s quite a clever way of keeping an audience interested as at first the film seemed to offer nothing ‘new’ in my opinion.

It had a sort of webcam/security setup that was a little irritating as it seemed to be too much work to follow (maybe that’s just me being plain lazy!).

But before long the interest kicks in rather subtly…and doesn’t stop until the final credits roll!


If director Mark Netter had been given a bigger budget. I’m in no doubt this would of been a Found Footage classic.

As it is, it is still pretty impressive.

I suppose a couple of the actors were picked up from a local village hall showing of Cats but I can overlook that – especially considering the performance linchpin Andrew J. West put in!

At a push I would say it’s sorta like a cross between The Lawnmower Man and Open Windows (yeah, that sounds pretty messed up but it’s the closest description I could hit up!).

The idea of a computer intelligence that can immediately ascertain an individual’s apparent intentions before they even realize it themselves is pretty groovy really!

There was a slow yet uneasy feeling throughout the ‘build’ of the film as we get to see more and more of this program’s power.

As I pointed out earlier on in the review – I was never quite sure what to concentrate upon during the opening 30 minutes or so of the film.

This split camera feel was all a little bit overwhelming initially, but looking back I have to say that is was pretty bold and unique editing.

The feeling of disorientation didn’t last – even though the camera angles didn’t change!

Overall the cinematography adapted to provide a really surreal element – and this ended up being the most important ingredient to the film.

Pretty cool stuff – unique, bold and original.

Sure, some of the actors sucked ass, but the majority of them held their characters well and were a credit to the project.

I kinda liked it!



  1. Thanks for the kind and thoughtful review, and so glad you got into our movie. Hopefully we’ll have bigger budgets in the future, but very proud of the effect it has on audiences that stick with it to the half-hour mark and get the full ride.

    • Hi there Mark – quite surprised to hear from you!!!
      Enjoyed the film and the unique direction it went in – will you be producing any other Found Footage titles in the future?

      • Apologies for the long-delayed reply! Working on a different kind of thriller, this one a very timely female-driven noirish story. So no more total found footage films at the moment, although will likely be a part of another project I’m working on, just not end-to-end!

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