No Men Beyond This Point (2015) – Movie Review

No Men Beyond This Point (2015) - Movie Review

Imagine a world where men were pretty much redundant – they had no real purpose for hanging about on this planet and were in the process of being wiped out by mother nature.

That’s the beef behind mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point.

Now, I’m a pretty devote geek – so I like a bit of Sci-Fi now and again…but I like this genre to be as serious as possible.

Unfortunately, director Mark Sawers opted to turn this interesting subject into a bit of a dark comedy, and I’m way too moody a character to enjoy much comedy.

Just a heads up for you before we get into the movie proper – I ain’t the laughing kind! 🙂

The Plot

In a world where women have become asexual and are no longer giving birth to males, a quiet, unassuming housekeeper named Andrew Myers finds himself at the center of a battle to keep men from going extinct.

Dark Comedy

Probably the most irritating genre in horror or science fiction – dark comedy.

As I touched on above, I don’t tune into a film to get a laugh – I’m a little bit too extreme for that!

I’m not saying I hate comedy – I’m just saying there’s a time and place for it…

Not in Found Footage (that’s why I haven’t got around to putting What We do in the Shadows up here yet…but I will…eventually!).

I was actually enjoying this film for the first 20 minutes or so, then a character was being interviewed and I suddenly thought ‘that was shit – did he really just say that?’.

At the time I wasn’t aware I was watching a comedy, but it suddenly became blisteringly evident!

All of a sudden it wasn’t for me – the dark comedy element took something from the Dystopian feel of the film.


I should first point out that a lot of critics loved this film – and a lot of the audience did to!

Don’t let my review color your opinion on watching it, if you like this kind of thing – it just wasn’t a great fit for my character.

If they had avoided the dark comedy element I think this movie would of been excellent – the main character, 37-year-old Andrew Myers, now the youngest man in the world, was well played out by Patrick Gilmore.

Also, the alternate universe that Sawers has created seemed quite believable – when the cold laughs weren’t rolling in!

The cinematography of talking head interviews, archival footage and black-and-white re-enactments was extremely well put together – up there with the best mockumentary efforts.

But still it fell flat for me – I just couldn’t relate or get comfortable with the humor element.

I also think that the movie might of benefited from staying away from it’s ‘love story’ element – I don’t want to hit any spoilers but it ends up exploring the romantic route, and this slightly blunts the movie’s darkness.

Overall I just couldn’t shake the feeling of a feminist fantasy – this kind of thing has been ‘attempted’ before on the big screen and it always divides opinion.

Besides, I thought something called equality existed these days?

I can’t label this film as a bad one – it just doesn’t tick many of my boxes.

I wasn’t mad on it – but you may enjoy it immensely.



  1. I must thank you for introducing this flick to me. I like most people did rather enjoy it but I agree with you on one thing. This genre of movie doesn’t go well with a FF film. Still damn good. I didn’t find myself laughing at all but tuning the humor out and only taking the “what if” nature of the film. There’s a certain lizard that’s already able to breed asexually so what’s to nature there. With the mindset I took it and locked it down for the entirety of the movie.

    • Cool Willie – I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      It’s not really my type of thing (humor-wise) but it’s an adventurous enough mockumentary effort – great to hear you enjoyed it (and you found out about it here!) 🙂

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