Nocturne Six (2014) – Parallel Dimensions Theory


Nocturne Six (2014) - Parallel Dimensions Theory

I came across this Found Footage effort ​from up-and-coming Director Charlton Jacob Jacques on Tuesday night and decided not to write a review on it straight away.

It’s a horror film based on the parallel dimensions theory and I really couldn’t figure out what to think about it when the end credits started rolling.

It certainly promised a lot and it covered some unique Found Footage ideas but at some point in it’s journey it just seemed to run out of gas…

Fizzled Out

After watching this film I did a little research to find out what others were saying about it. I was more than a little surprised to see the amount of praise it was receiving.

I’m not saying it was a terrible film as it had some interesting qualities – I just fail to see where the praise is coming from and why it is deserved.

Simply put – it was a debut indie film that was shot in the Found Footage style ( nothing more, nothing less ).

I’m afraid I’m not going to join the masses with praise as I felt it fizzled out in spectacular fashion and had no real ‘build’ towards it’s ( predictable ) climax.

The Plot

The film follows a prime-time network news magazine show’s version of events on some leaked government footage.

This footage covers a program named Nocturne Six that recruits citizens with extrasensory abilities ( even if they are not looking to be recruited! ).

These ‘participants’ are near enough forced to become ‘Guardians’ of our Earth realm and are sent to parallel planes to keep our reality safe from…monsters?

The prime-time network has managed to find a government whistle-blower who has handed over footage of a failed Guardian mission…

Poor Old Guardians

The Guardians in the film don’t half get a rough ride and it sort of puts the whole story into the realms of ridicule.

If I took the time to get hold of a few ‘gifted’ civilians and train them up I’d probably consider giving them some sort of weapon before they embarked on a mission.

There are plenty of mentions on weapons and ‘killing entities’ throughout this film but I don’t recall actually seeing any!

All I was confronted with was a darkening forest filled with half decent actors running about whispering ‘what was that noise?’.

I’ll be honest with you here – a group of girl guides would probably have done a better job than this lot!


I’ll lay my cards on the table here – I have no real idea on how to conclude this review as I’m still confused by what I watched.

The visuals are pretty cool in places but anyone with a copy of Sony Vegas could probably pull something similar off.

The cinematography is pretty good and the camera quality is also above average. The actors were all above standard for this type of indie Found Footage and the plot was interesting.

If you put that all together you’d think you’d have a pretty decent horror on your hands…

But you don’t!!!

It manages to miss the mark by quite a distance and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed overall. Everything looked and sounded so cool in the initial stages of the film – I got quite excited about finding a hidden gem.

I came to the conclusion that most of the praise the film received is directed at the up-and-coming Director Charlton Jacob Jacques. For a low budget horror he did a pretty good job of bringing us something new and original ( the parallel dimensions theory ).

But the film itself is not the best example this genre has to offer…

Average at a stretch.




  1. I finally found this one online yesterday and sat down to watch it. As usual I can pretty much get in line with the review. It had several good things going for it, but somehow it managed to lose focus all together as the movie went on. As a hobby musician, I would compare this production to that of a band with some obvious potential that is not quite ready to enter a recording studio just yet. Still, they go ahead and do it anyway.

    Like several other FF efforts I’ve seen, this one could have been much more memorable if they had developed the parallell dimension idea further and improved the script in general. Still it’s not bad for a debut movie and I would very much like to see a FF with bigger budget that explores this kind of subject matter.

    • Hi John,
      Yeah the plot was pretty cool but the execution slowly slid downhill the more the movie went along ( unfortunately! )

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