Occupants (2015) – Movie Review

Occupants (2015) - Movie Review

I’ve noticed that over the last eight months or so, most ‘film critics’ have stopped giving Found Footage films such a hard time.


I’ve got no idea, but it makes a nice change!

But, there’s a slight problem with this new direction – it’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint new releases. At least when Hollywood was battering the genre, we all got to know what was what, and when it was released.

So, over the last few months, I’ve been clicking on movies that ‘look’ like they could be Found Footage titles, and going from there…

As you can imagine – the success rate of this process is rather low!

But it does work…eventually…and it worked again last night, with Occupants.

So, if any of you know of any new releases floating about out there – chuck them in the comment section below. I’m grateful for all suggestions, even if I have watched them, and haven’t managed to get them up on here yet! 🙂

The Plot

Occupants is a film about Annie, an award-winning documentarian and her husband Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a “30 Days of Clean Living” documentary, setting up cameras all over their house to document their new eating habits. By doing so, half of their cameras capture a parallel version of themselves – a version that isn’t what they expected.

Where Do These Awards Come From?

Yep, this is yet another indie movie that has completely plastered it’s front cover with the awards it has picked up along it’s journey.

Now, we’ll get into the film itself in a moment, and I better start by saying it’s not a complete ‘shit-show’…but as for deserving ANY sort of award…

It’s a decent idea for a film – it’s very unique to the genre as well, but like most decent indie ideas in Found Footage…the delivery is all over the place!

I’ll see if I can sort of explain in a bit of a timeline template:

The start is decent, and interesting enough. All of a sudden a few stupid science fiction lines pop up in the script – irritating, but still the film holds a little interest.

Now we get to the more sinister and moody scenes…all of a sudden we get a middle portion of the film laden with a fucking awful soundtrack (sounds like royalty-free music from Creative Commons!).

The film then starts to get a little more interesting towards the end…but the mess of it’s middle section is just too hard to shake!

I hope all that made some sort of sense!!!


The movie is unique in the fact that it concerns itself directly with the ethics of voyeurism – this is what allows it to stand out, and this is probably the ONLY reason I sat through it until the end credits rolled.

The acting unfortunately fails to deliver the impact needed for this sort of science fiction yarn – even the guy that used to play the hologram doctor in Star Trek Voyager sucked ass and failed to convince.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the main pairing of actors have to play two separate parts in this movie. It’s safe to say that they are way more comfortable with the first pairing of ‘characters’ they play.

The main problem with writing this review is how easy it is to ruin the film for you, if I go into too much detail on it’s negatives.

The plot reveal is probably the most interesting aspect of the movie – and I don’t want to ruin that for you!

This was a really exciting and interesting idea, which should have provided a great Found Footage experience…

But it didn’t.



  1. Hey dude been a viewer of this site for what feels like an eternity but this is the first time ive commented. Been a Massive FF fan forever and don’t think theres many i haven’t seen. If you’re looking for suggestions id recommend:
    – The Poltergeist diaries- a fantastic addition to the genre, imagine paranormal activity as a series
    – killing Gunter- not sure you’ve reviewed it yet but its great and very original
    – fury of the demon- decent and average
    – the 5th kind- average at best
    – Paranormal farm- decent…ish
    – the veil- fantastic, plus it has jessica alba so you know its good, its like 70% FF from what i remember
    – Without Warning- amazing may dad made me watch this as a kid and changed all the clocks so it appeared live and i was terrified we were being invaded
    – cold ground- highly recommend you won’t be disappointed
    – Turtle island- im literally obsessed with bigfoot so i liked this way more than i should have

    anyway here a few i can think of off the top of my head, hope you enjoy

    • Awesome stuff Ashley – great to hear from you!

      Killing Gunter, Poltergeist Diaries, Fury of the Demon and Without Warning all sound good to me – as in I don’t think I’ve seen them (I may be wrong!).
      I have seen the other 4 however.

      That’s four you’ve given me I have to take a look at tomorrow night – good man! 🙂

      • I’m glad you’ve already seen The Veil because I was about to counteract Ashley’s recommendation (no offense!) and warn you against it. The best part about it is The Mist’s Thomas Jane who plays the religious leader Jim Jacobs; he steals the show and really gets into it. Other than that there’s nothing much scary about it, the past and the present storylines get kinda muddled, and it feels annoyingly slow at several points. In fact I did a review for it myself in under my Google+ name and you may actually remember reading my review for The Pyramid, which I just recommended on your latest post. If you wanna read it let me know!

        • I seem to remember The Pyramid but I don’t think it was Found Footage – am I right?
          I can remember watching something that was about 50% FF, with the rest being shot naturally?
          Anyway, I might be wrong – so let me know if I am!

  2. Alright. I’m not the sharpest tool in the kit but I sure ain’t stupid. I have tried to send you at least 3 comments in the past week but every time the captcha screws me and tells me I did something wrong and I lose the chance to send you what typed up I basically was sending you what I thought about #Screamers and Boots On The Ground but more importantly I found at least one really good ff movie called Hide and Never Seek. It’s Korean and I had a great time watching it. It’s on M1.newasiantv.com but it isn’t a tv show! It played in theaters in Japan and got positive reviews. The version is great quality and the subtitles are big and bold lettering so no problem reading. This woman Ashley might want to take note on the other movie seeing as she is a Bigfoot fan. The movie is called Bigfoot At Millcreek and it’s free on YouTube but I noticed watching the trailer that it looks nothing like your typical YouTube movie. From what I can gather the director wants more of an audience since part 2 is coming out soon. I haven’t watched it yet. That’s going to be taken care of tonight. Now I’m going to try to send this to you. Wish me luck

    • Yep you’ve got through Howard – strange about the captcha that? Have you tried clearing your cache – sometimes that works (cookies off the site clog up the browser!). I’m on painkillers tonight so those two films will go down nicely (as I’m suitably relaxed!) 🙂
      Bigfoot first I think…

  3. Love your site. Thank you for saving me from Houses October Built 2. I trust your opinion. Watching Ashley’s recommendation of Cold Ground. Love FF, 70’s, people hiking and foreign film feel. Thanks, Ashley

    • No problems Celine – great to hear you like the site! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and reading our mad ramblings!!!!

  4. Hello there Chris. Nice to see you reviewing movies again. Had to stop by to see what is new my friend. I have watched Occupants since I got a recommendation from a friend of mine. He said the film was unique so I had to check it up.

    I can agree with you that film does hold attention since it is not a regular movie but an experiement of a kind. Unfortunatelly, I am not a big fan of experimenting with camera and movies like that so it did not leave impression on me. Props for creating something completely new of course.



    • Hi there mate!

      Yeah I’ve been really busy over the last six weeks or so – not much spare time to get movies up on here! 

  5. I love “found footage films!” I find them intriguing if I can imagine that I am actually watching “found footage”. When it is over or under acted, it gets annoying and the fantasy illusion is destroyed. 

    I am interested in checking out “Occupants.” It sounds like it may be a bit disappointing, but if the storyline is good, maybe that will override the rest of the negatives for me.

    The very first one I remember seeing was “The Blair Witch Project” which scared the crap out of me especially because for a while there was such controversy over whether it was truly “found footage.”

    I think “Cloverfield” is actually one of my favorites in this genre, but I am anxious to check out the ones on your top ten and additional ten list!

    Do you know if many of these are on Netflix or Amazon Prime? I could start checking them out tonight!

    • Ahh I think that particular film was 99% of people’s first experience with the genre Karin! 

      I tend to find more Found Footage on Amazon Prime, Netflix tends to only play the really successful FF movies!

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