Ouija Board Safety Tips – Beware!

Ouija Board Safety Tips - Beware!

During an extremely boring morning promoting this site on a social network I came across an article highlighting Ouija board safety tips. This perked up my interest as I was fascinated by these devices as a kid (even foolishly tried one a couple of times!).

I constantly come across accounts of how dangerous and powerful these boards can be so I thought I’d create an article covering the various Ouija board safety tips…..

Are You Alone…….

The first of the Ouija board safety tips is probably one of the most important though I cannot imagine many people are stupid enough to try it (unless they truly are alone!).

Never even think about making use of a Ouija board on your own. You must always have at least two sets of fingers on the Ouija board pointer (the ‘planchette’ I’m reliably informed!).

There are claims that if you use the board by yourself you are a sitting duck for spirits to aim at. Apparently a door opens (where? I’m not sure!) and it is easy for you to be possessed by ‘another’.

A lot of people will laugh at the last statement but seriously guys – do you really want to risk it? Make use of a like minded friend who knows the seriousness of the device you are using – don’t piss about with it!

Ouija board pointer

Don’t be Self Obsessed – Ask Questions

This is not so much one of the Ouija board safety tips but more a recommendation – a little advice to let things go a little more smoothly. If you manage to make contact don’t sit there slamming out questions about yourself – you’re not that interesting!

Use the time to ask questions about the spirit and find out what or who you are dealing with. If you get enough information hit the internet and see if you can find the deceased’s records. Use all the details given to judge for yourself if the spirit appears good or evil.

Spirits are just like us when it comes to vanity – don’t take it for granted that they are telling you the truth!

Don’t Ask Questions That Will Cause Fear

This is a common mistake when it comes to Ouija board safety tips! If you inquire about a subject you are normally afraid of, certain spirits will indeed pick up on this. These types of spirits can actually feed off your fear and become stronger and dangerous.

Again asking spirits certain questions will not guarantee they will give you a truthful answer. And after all – with some questions you’re better off not knowing the answers….

Ouija board safety


It’s easy to get carried away with anything in life that we enjoy. With this in mind ask yourself how often do you actually use the Ouija Board? If it’s getting to an alarming rate then it may be a good idea to step back for a while and calm down. Addictions are like fear to spirits – they can also feed off them!

Had Enough?

This is one of the Ouija board safety tips you should take great note of – disposing of the device! If or when the time comes that you have had enough of the device don’t believe the Hollywood movies and start getting the matches out.

The reality of the situation is that Ouija boards are very hard to get rid of. There are reports that you must break the device into seven pieces and then wash every piece with holy water. Another option would be to take it to a local church and leave it at the entrance (I wouldn’t recommend handing it to the priest personally!).

Remember you are opening doors with the Ouija board and those pathways remain inside the board. There is a lot of good and bad energy built up in there just waiting to burst out – you do not want that falling into the hands of the wrong person!

A Care Free Environment?

Remember guys this device has some pretty serious s**t going on around it at all times. The Ouija board safety tips we have covered here today are only the start of a very long and precise safety procedure.

Personally I would never go near a Ouija board again – I know what they are capable of and I think the risk factors will always be to high. You have no idea what you are dealing with through them and that should be enough to put anyone off.

If you do decide to use one take note of the Ouija board safety tips covered above and seek assistance off someone who knows what they are doing!

If you know of any other Ouija board safety tips you feel are important then please add to this article by using the comment section below. The more information we gather on this subject the better for everyone involved…..


  1. I’ve had experience with Ouija boards too and I refuse to ever participate in one again. As a kid it was something fun to do late at night with your friends and you don’t realize what you are getting into. My biggest tips (aside from don’t do it) are to always say goodbye at the end of the session and trust your instincts. If you are using the board and something just doesn’t feel right, stop and say goodbye.

    • Yeah these days I just can’t take the risk. It does have a great fun element when you are a kid but there is far to much evidence pointing to the fact that these are NOT toys. You are opening doors that shouldn’t be opened – this cannot be a good thing! Thanks for stopping by and commenting Avey, hope to see you again soon!

  2. I agree with you. I don’t ever want to use or be near a ouija board. It sounds like all fun and games at first but I’ve just seen too many scary movies with these boards that make them seem like something out of a nightmare. And I do believe in spirits and I think using one of these is like inviting them into your home. 🙁

    • Yeah they never appealed to me either Jessica – you really don’t know what doors you are opening with them (and some doors should remain CLOSED!).

  3. There are some people that would consider this fun but not me. I would be honest with you when I tell you that It is a scary. I don’t see it as fun. Although I have never participated in it but the movies I have watched that involved it been played was always scary.

    Most of them always like playing it late in the evenings and this just makes it even more scary. I have no idea why somebody would want to do this alone. If they do that means they are just begging to be possessed. I think it should be meant for only adults and kids should not be allowed to participate because it can make them have nightmares later that night.

    • Hi Jay, 

      Yeah they are not for me either – I don’t really think people realise how powerful these sorts of things are, especially if you get the whole process wrong!!!!

  4. Good post with some humor,

    In all reality I agree with everything you are saying about the ouija board. I remember back in high school I did this in the basement of our old house, it was like a perfect set up for a scary movie. I found it to be a joke…at first. Then as we went on for like 30 minutes, it got eery and I will never forget the answers we got from questions.

    I agree most with your part about “don’t ask question that induce fear”. Great post, thanks.



    • Hi Nic,

      Glad you enjoyed the article, and glad you came out of your basement in one piece!!!

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