Parallel Universe Found – Lerina García

We’ve all heard of a parallel universe and alternate dimensions where carbon copies of ourselves are thought to reside. You’d think these types of stories were reserved for episodes of Dr. Who but what if we had news of a parallel universe found?

Woman From Another Dimension

Parallel Universe FoundThis is the strange story of when a woman from a parallel universe found herself in our reality. Is this a simple case of some sort of mental health problem or is there some substance to it?

It is tale about a parallel universe found in Spain where a woman named Lerina García woke up one morning to find she was in ‘our’ dimension instead of her own.

She actually went online in 2008 to specifically ask for help off the experts as she was convinced she had slipped dimensions. It’s a wonderful story in my opinion as she seems very intelligent and very lost at the same time – check out the first excerpt from her forum post back in 2008:

“Hello, my name is Luz, I have 41 years and I think I jumped into a parallel universe. I find it hard to tell because everyone will think I’m a psychotic, and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience to write me an email”

I don’t know what it is – maybe it’s the fact that the message sounds calm yet lost at the same time? Something always grabs my attention in her post.

She then carries on to explain that this all had nothing to do with time travel – she simply woke up one day and everything was different!

She points out it was mainly the ‘small things’ in her life that had changed. The first thing she noticed was the sheets on her bed had changed to sheets that were unfamiliar. She didn’t really pay this much attention and set off to work.

When she got to her office in work she found out that it was not there any longer. She looked at all the names on the doors but her’s was not one of them. She thought she must of been on the wrong floor but she was not – this was the correct floor!

It turns out she was working for this company but in a totally different department for a totally different supervisor – she has no recollection of switching departments!

Love Life

The transcript of her forum post I encountered had been translated from Spanish to English but they have not done the best job on it. From what I can gather I think she had a new boyfriend in her original home but once she arrived at this parallel universe found she was back with her ex. Read through the excerpt below and see if you can grasp what I’m saying……

“6 months ago I’m not with my partner of 7 years, we left and started a relationship with a guy in my neighborhood. I know him well, I’ve been 4 months with him and know his name, address, where he works as a child you have and where he is studying. Well, now there is this guy. It seems that existed before me ‘jump’ but now no trace, I hired a detective to look for it and there in this ‘flat’”


It wasn’t long before she thought she must be experiencing some sort of hallucination so she paid a visit to a psychiatrist. She was told it was all attributed to her stress levels but she does not go along with this theory.

She cannot get over the fact that her boyfriend of 4 months ( see excerpt above ) never existed – both himself and his son seem to have been figments of her imagination!

She also claims that her sister had an operation on her shoulder about three months before the ‘dimension slip’. Her family claim that her sister has never had any sort of medical procedure on her shoulder!

A Parallel Universe Found?

Is this evidence of a parallel universe found? Is Lerina García a traveler from another dimension that has slipped through somehow?

It’s a fascinating story made even more interesting by the fact she went online to find answers. She does plead at the end of her post not to be ridiculed as she really does feel lost ( you know how cruel some people can be on the internet! ).

I seriously have no idea how to take this story – at times it really does tug on the heartstrings. She really does believe she is in the wrong place……she believes she is lost!

What are your opinions on her astonishing claim?


  1. I was amazed to find this story as I have been experiencing exactly the same kind of phenomena for the past two months or so. I am desperate for an explanation and would love to get in touch with Lerina Garcia to compare notes. I feel I am just coming back to “normal” now but have a feeling of amnesia in that I can hardly remember what I did the day before. Feeling very confused. Such a huge relief to know someone else has had the same thing happen to them. I need to find out more.

    • Hi Lynette thanks for stopping by. It’s amazing to hear you are suffering from the same sort of problem but you are not alone. During our research we have come across quite a few reports of this sort of case. I suggest doing a thorough Google search on the matter as there are many examples of this happening to people worldwide. You may well find a few answers…
      Hope you feel better and get this sorted out soon.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us.

    • Hello. My name is Kevin. I am 30 years old. I am going to sound completely insane, but I think I can help you. In introduction, I would like to let you know that I am a thinker. I believe that every man knows right from wrong from birth as an inherent knowledge, and therefore do not need governing (in essence I believe in anarchy, or “each man is a soul king, each woman is a soul queen”). I believe that humans are slaves, and that if we change nothing then we cannot free ourselves, therefore I am a Human Abolitionist (my own term, meaning I free the people of earth, not just the races and nations). I do not believe in the gods of man, though I do believe in the true and powerful creator of our universe. I create theories and test them myself because I cannot find anyone willing to think alongside me. I have always resonated more easily with older people, because I have an “old soul”. I know things I shouldn’t know, and I see things in a broader perspective than my age would suggest. A little background on why I am commenting. I am Black and Native American (my great grandfather was a Cherokee Chief). We have never followed any native american traditions in my family as long as I can remember, so what I describe to you next, for me, seemed extraordinary and strange, but familiar. When I was younger, I was what the Native American peoples call a “Skin Walker” or “shape shifter” (I actually had a friend who is a native american who follows tradition tell me that in my 20’s, as I didn’t know beforehand). In my sleep, I would disconnect from my own body and move freely around anywhere I wish. It would start in a dream, and I would realize (maybe from fear of a nightmare or having a boring dream) that I was dreaming and become conscious there. From there I was able to control the dream lucidly, leave my body, then travel to space or jump inside the bodies of animals. I tried other people, but they were too difficult. The thing is, I thought I was dreaming. Until one day when I was about 17, I slipped into a wolf and found a friend’s house. I wanted to scare him in my dream because he had wronged me in real life. So I hopped his fence as the wolf and saw his son, who I immediately begun growling at, because I knew my friend would in real life protect his son, but this was my dream and I wanted to eat his son in my dream. I did not, as he protected his son, contrary to my dream theory, and shot the wolf. And so I was jolted awake. When I awoke completely from the quick return to my body, I went about everything as normal, and about a week later I saw my friend. Now, between this time I had slipped into other people’s dreams and done many other things, but I thought they were just very realistic dreams in which I could do anything. So when I saw him, he starts to recount the story of a recent wolf attack in his own backyard. As he described it, I began interrupting and finishing his sentences. It was then that I knew that it wasn’t a dream and that I was really messing with reality. My friend and I no longer speak because of that incident, and because of the reality check I lost my ability to leave my body for 13 years. I believe the experience that Lerina García and Lynette experienced is the same as what I have experienced, only a different aspect. I feel that if I show this to you, I can help you get home. What I used to do, someone wrote a book on it (found here: ). They call it “The Phase”. I am a very calm and rational person, but I also believe in metaphysics. Some of the methods described in this book are, eerily, the exact same methods I used to use to exit my body. I didn’t know it then, but the more I read this book, the more I see. I have tried their methods, and, not to my surprise, they worked. I now can leave my body again. It is the same as before, except now I am more careful. My problem was Practice. I didn’t understand before why I was able to leave my body, but now I do. Now, I don’t even have to think about it. I was not sure my results were normal until I was just doing an internet search on metaphysics and came across Lerina’s story, which led me here, and down to the comments. I believe I also know why this happened to Lerina Garcia and Lynette, and how they can get back to normal. I will tell you here instead of in email if space allows. In order to tell you, I must first tell you why I believe I know. As I said before, I am a thinker. I believe in learning and keeping an open mind. I do not limit myself to the physical or mental borders of others, and as such, in my mind, I am free to do whatever I want, and Think whatever I want. Even the impossible. I had a theory when I was 8 years old about electrically powering a hoverbike, which was all electric and had no lubricants. I wanted to make it real. I am about to attend school for Electrical Engineering for this purpose. I recently found out that the Chinese made a hover car for BMW based on my beliefs. Anyway, there have been many people who influenced my beliefs, but the main people have been ancient texts depicting the ships of gods (ancient as in they wrote what they saw and experienced and didn’t just tell stories to make others happy) and people like Edward Leedskalnin (who created Rock Gate in Florida by himself, stating that he knew the secrets of how the egyptians built the pyramids and moved 2-10T stones by himself using magnets, and wrote a 4 books on it as well, found here: ). Now is when you will have to keep up, because I will be brief about as much of this as possible to not take up a lot of time, but this will inevitably be a long message. The universe, some scientists believe, was made from a big bang, created by Hydrogen gas, which in turn is the building block of this theory, along with Leedskalnin’s works. The hydrogen atom has 1 positive and 1 negative, as it is only made from 1 proton and 1 electron. Edward Leedskalnin, an electrical engineer and physicist (much like Nikola Tesla), proposed that atoms themselves are nothing more than magnets, and that they are cosmic force, flowing through everything. He theorized that the current diagram for atoms is incorrect, as there is no electron (but in truth there is not Neutron). In true understanding, he was not saying there is not one, he is saying that it is not as we have been taught, and the proton is actually North Pole magnet, and the electron is actually South Pole magnet (still no Neutron). Separating 1+ and 1- magnet is what creates electricity. If you move a magnet over a coil, nothing inside the coil moves, as science teaches us. There is no invisible fluid. What is actually moving is the magnets. They jump into a conductor as it is easier to move through, and as they move, we separate them to create electricity. In fact, I can show you videos on youtube and in person that show that all you need to create electricity is a magnet and a copper coil. To visualize the energy being used, attach them to a light bulb and you will see light. Why is this important to you? Because that same cosmic force is what brought you both here. The universe is made up of magnets. Everything in it is made up of compressed magnets. Your body is a conductor for these magnets, this is why electrical pulses are what keep you running. Your mind is the only thing you are. Your body is just the shell you use here or there, and they only resonate slightly differently in the spectrum. The universe exists on many planes, but and the planes transition into each other like the colors of the rainbow. During sleep, people sometimes experience out of body experiences because they separate themselves from their shell. This is the science behind it. The Yin and Yang govern us all, the Soul and Soul Mate. I theorize that the Yin Yang bagua is not just a symbol, it is an actual diagram of the true higher power’s creation. Edward Leedskalnin said that they must run together, and when we separate them, they create electricity, and not only that, but all kinds of light (like ultra violet, gamma, infrared, and so on), light that you can see and some that you can not. I believe that he is right. Also, so do others, like an author named Michio Kaku, whose book “Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel” states theories that I obtained just by reading ancient texts and Edward Leedskalnin’s works. I make music, and even sound has poles, like magnets. Light also has poles, I believe, because the universe is made from magnets, but we only see the visible light on the color spectrum because those colors are closest to us in the wavelength. In saying that, our universe has poles as well. In pulsating between the poles, waves are generated, and depending what type of conductor the waves pass through, they create light, sound and and all of the elements of the periodic table. In pulsating, there are many places where the same sound or version of light is experienced. Since the universe has waves, there are millions of places the same effect of planet creation and evolution has happened through time. Meaning that Lerina and Lynette and all of us exist on multiple planes as the exact same person, with very little alteration in the timeline, and the further along the line we go, the less similarities we and our counterparts have, until we no longer even look the same. Similar to the movie “The One” with Jet Li, but broader in scope. I believe The Phase is this. Now, I promised so I will deliver. About getting you back, read the first book I posted about The Phase and out of body experiences, and encounter the phase with your own consciousness. From there, you will know how to get back. Basically, you only have to dream it, leave your current shell in this plane, imagine yourself home and you will be put back into place. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to me and I will do everything I can to make this as clear and painless as possible for you. I do wish you the very best on your journeys, and may you get back home.

      • PS.

        This theory is my theory of the time/space continuum. It is the culmination of 22 years of work. The future time that others experience is nothing more than the waves colliding together so that you, when your mind is clear to the clairvoyant, can see the future of what happened in someone else’s past in the spectrum. Our future is alterable by small decisions due to this.

        • I have had a similar experience when I was younger . I would close my eyes once and find myself in a different places. I would dream things that happened days later . I predicted how my tests would be .

          • Hi. I have the same experience when I close my eyes, I would be transported back in my dream and it seems like a real event just like what happens in my daily life. Also, sometimes, I dont like to sleep long coz the dreams get so real to the point I mix them with my current life and It gets distracting especially if I have work to do or to act normally around people not appearing confused.

      • Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for stopping by and offering your help to some of our audience – please feel free to stop by and leave your Thoughts & opinions again 🙂

      • Working on a project that involves similar concepts, Kevin. Would love to interview you for research purposes. Please email me at christine @ filmatticpictures dot com

      • Hello Mr. KEVIN Lewis , I have had out of body experiences and controlled them well, but lately have lacked the control but have had more feeling in my dream as if it were happening. I have felt pleasure and pain, and appreciate your post because it made me realize that I am not the only one and got me very interested in continuing to practice it until mastered. Thank you

      • Appreciate your comment Kevin. Thanks a lot for sharing.
        My question to you – Which plane is real ? ‘Who is the real self here?’.. is it the one in physical body or subtle/astral body (out of body) ?

        According to my understanding and experience – Some fortunate beings (like yourself) can leave the gross physical body and experience their respective subtle bodies (out of body experience/astral projection), however next level of realization will reveal that even this subtle or astral body is a shell and you can actually move out of astral/subtle body at will (google ‘causal body’). Very few humans will experience their causal bodies, because beings who are aware in causal body hardly take birth. Again, next level of realization – can we move out of causal body ?

        The ‘reality’ as we perceive is nothing but flow of causality (cause-effect). Cause is created at a subtler plane and the effect peculates down from causal to astral to physical reality. Today we know that light’s particle or wave nature depends upon the observer (, when the observer wants to see particle he/she sees particle and when they want to see wave they record wave, therefore the dual nature. The basic building blocks of this world is energy (vibration), this energy along with our consciousness defines behavior of light, heat, space, time and then material and solid foundation of universe. There may exist infinite planes and infinite universes, they all will converge to one source of cause. If I may say that only that which is permanent is real and whatever changes is not then probably this ’cause’ or the source of manifestation is the only reality and rest all will only confuse our consciousness and will only leave us with more questions without answers.

        Long story short – according to me, the multiple dimensions are our own creations from a very deep level we are not aware of. All we need to do is to ask repeatedly – ‘Who am I?’ and dont be surprised if the answer you find is – ‘nothing’.
        PS: This is based on theoretical knowledge largely and less based on experience. I would love to get in touch with you Kevin –

        • Who am I , I am me . There is only me , when you go in to that level of me there can only be one , therefore we are, me , I am who I am and what I am is me . When we all realise that and love the me that is , we will see that we are one and that one is me. Blessing on the journey of experiencing me. Much love.

      • Hi kevin i have this feelings when something happens i feel like i seen it before but i haven’t

      • Hi from India .. whatever you have discussed here is very interesting .

    • I hope Lynette or Lerina have already found some help by now, but if not, I suggest they contact William Buhlman at He’s an expert on Astral Projection/Out of Body Experience (OBE) and trains thousands of people to leave their physical body and explore the other dimensions at the Monroe Institute (

      I’ve been doing a lot of research on these kinds of stuff lately because I’ve been experiencing a lot of OBEs myself and I didn’t realize that’s what’s been happening to me until I came across William Buhlman’s videos, where he describes exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Here’s one of his videos:

      I hope he’ll be able to help you guys out.

    • Tell Lerina — something DID happen to temporal field around 2008 —that much i know for sure..A temporal rift resealed around that time ..
      As , for her ever getting back to her own temporal dimension—-unlikely …
      she was just a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught up in the temporal rift resealing event around 2008 ..
      It was the resealing of the rift from about 2003 thru 2008-2009 that resulted in the mandella effects we notice today.
      My guess is that other folks probably got caught up in things as well.

      • Thanks for adding this info to our article James! Thanks for helping out our visitors as well! 🙂

    • My name is Jessi Hudson and am extremely interested to hear your story if you could email me when you get a chance.


      I came across similar phenomena in Edinburgh Scotland 2015. Where time was delayed or moved forward. I took pics of unusual light phenomena. I also took a pic of the sun at 1:30am in the morning at an unusual angle. A friend told me that I should never let these things interrupt my life. I saw phenomena, documented it for the world to see. Now I’m moving on. After these lights had spun the tower everything returned to normal. I guess I’m blessed in a sense. It changed the way I think and act.

    • Well… are you coming back to “normal” or are you just adapting to this “new dimension”? I experienced weird stuff also in my life and never really talked about it as I knew that my surrounding would not be able to understand. So, what to do else than just “adapt” to this weird situation and those strange memories…

  2. I have experienced something like this some years ago, still to this day, I wonder how it happened, and can I do I again. It is good to know that more people are experiencing similar travels. I believe that it is important for all of use to come together to share our stories so we can find that common denominator.

    • Hi Kemuel. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us – it’s great to know that others are experiencing similar travels and are willing to let the world know about it!

  3. In my theory I would say because parallel universes have not yet been found and made a fact. There is only theories about them but if there is millions and millions of them for every desicion we make like USA can have a parallel universe where they never nuked Japan. So there beeing millions of parallel universe the chance is that his might happen. If you heard about that in my theory it is possible that NASA or USA might had a scientist that proposed a parallel universe machine but got declined and because the parallel universe theory that decision in other universe is yes they might have made a machine with would work. Yes and No matters alot. We never know what is out there.

    • Hey, thanks for your opinion anonymous guy/girl. Interesting link to that Beatles tape to! :).

  4. Hello..something wearied things happens with me…like i can see sometime like once or twice in a month i can see whats gonna happen in next 10 minutes and when that things happens after 10 minutes i feel like i have seen it just happened that situation is famelier with me..but when i see the future i dont realize that i m seeing future but when that same things happens again than only i understand…does anyone else have same experience??

    • Ok so I’ve had the same experience. It happened a lot when I was younger (12-14). However, I would see the future in dreams and when I did it would be months or even years into the future. The first time it happened I was 4 and my brother was ordering a drink and I instinctively said sprite before he even had the chance to say it. I was correct. I’ve had dreams about going to sonic with friends I hadn’t met until 2 years later. A dream of seeing a chest in my friends house that I didn’t encounter until 2 months later. But here’s the crazy thing. I’ve had dreams about the past as well. Let me explain in detail. My mother and I were staying in a hotel at the time and I had fell into a deep sleep. I saw myself in a hallway. There was a door. I opened it. Inside was my mothers closet but it looked different – there were items in there that I had never seen and some from my (and my brothers) childhood. I remember seeing a pair of red slippers with Elmo on them. I picked them up. it was almost like I was transported. This is a weird analogy but it was like the 3rd person view on call of duty, I could zoom in or out at my own will or move around but I couldn’t affect anything. Anyway I saw my brother who was 4 at the time, I don’t really remember much but what happened was probably insignificant. I was suddenly back in the closet. I saw a cerulean purse and I picked it up. I was transported to a bull fight. I could see my mom under some kind of sheltered patio on the sideline of the fight. She looked to be in her mid twenties (she had me when she was 31 btw) I remember she was wearing a blue crop top, the purse I picked up earlier and some high-waisted faded jeans. I went back to the closet, exited out the door I came in, and then woke up. While it was fresh in my memory I asked my mom about the bull fight and she confirmed that it did happen and that she was the age I saw her in the dream as. I’m not sure if we reached the same brain wave pattern or whatever but I saw her past and I assume that those items in her closet were artifacts of some kind.

      • Hi Abby.

        That’s a fascinating comment that is a perfect response to this article. I’m so glad you shared it here as a lot more people will get to see it and give their opinion on your experiences. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this – VERY interesting stuff!

  5. Im not sure what happened to me but I remember having moments of reliving the same day except because I was familiar with the events happening the ending was alternately different. This has happened multiple times especially during my early teen years.

    I remember when I was 17 I became really sick. I had visited multiple doctors and even searched symptoms similar to what I was dealt. Out of three different doctors between family specialists and GI specialists non of them could identify what was happening to me. I am a male and I had severe cramping, bleeding, and lack of talorance for food and water. I couldn’t eat or drink anything without mind numbing pain and vomiting. this took effect over the course of exactly 21 days with which I had suffered tremendous amounts of pain and starvation. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything and I was losing 1-1.5-2 pounds a day. I was in the hospital every 3 days and constantly nearing death. I had become anemic and lost too much blood to function correctly. I was dying! And the doctors through the course of those 3 weeks hadn’t had the slightest clue what was happening to me. On the 21st day of this I was rushed to a local hospital and been admitted. I remember them checking my vitals and the nurses and doctors swore they didn’t know what could have been taking me like this. I remember I past out. I thought I was dying then and there but I woke up and the doctors had IV’s in my left arm. They told me that they knew what it was and explained the symptoms and origin of the disease. It’s called CROHNS disease and relative to irritable bowel syndrome. Two terms I had never heard before in my entire life! They told me its quite common for a lot of people. I spend 1 week in the hospital in recovery with medications specifically for the now known and identified disease which the night before the same doctors had no clue about nor were familiar with the symptoms of. When I went home I began to hear more and more about people with crohns. There are commercials on television that I had never even seen before talking about treatment for this disease on the channels that I watch most often! I had never seen these before! I couldn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t notice any other small or huge changes but it’s insane! I was expected to die and suddenly I was treated to live! It’s been 4 years since then. I now am with the girl I met in the summer after 5th grade. I moved away with my mom and I lost her. We met in community collage in 2012 on our freshmen year. She was different this time, obviously, but I mean Slightly out of place. It seems that… She remember things about our past that I don’t. there are people who supposedly knew me and I “knew them” but I don’t! Not even slightly familiar! It had been 7 years since Ive seen her last! But there is something different…

    It’s just unbelievable that I am still alive. I sometimes believe that I may be in a coma in that hospital living the last 7 minutes of my brains activity in a long dream. I can’t help but feel that this isn’t my original home. I believe I slipped into a different reality where obviously I lived instead of died like I thought was going to happen. I can’t say I’m not satisfied with this world though. my goals and dreams happened here. In the previous world I thought I’d never find Rachel (the girl I met in the summer of fifth grade) and I was dying but I all I ever wanted to do was find her. I felt as though it wasn’t real for me to be dying at that time before I past out. I felt as though i couldn’t let it happen even if the doctors couldn’t help me. I only wanted one thing. To find her and live happily with her. But like I said. I woke up in the same hospital same room but only with doctors who were familiar with the case and we’re treating it and I lived to find her. Im not sure how else to describe it…

    My conclusion is that I was given a chance to be with her. But the difference is… if I had have never slipped here I would have died and never found her. But since I was given the chance I am forced to except her as this world treated her which is far from what I had expected and wanted. She was raped at 14 by a 17 year old and I have endured numerous occasions of depression and suicidal tendencies over this… I sometimes wish that I had have just died instead but I’m here in this world where I got her back only not the way I knew her to be… There is a sacrifice to these “jumps” I’ve been with her for 2.5 years now.

    All I have to say is… If you “JUMP” planes of existence. You should expect some serious sacrifice of your old life And values. You should expect to be confused, hurt, depressed, suicidal, and mentally changed from it…

    • Hi Tye,
      What an interesting comment – I had to read it several times! I hope you can take something from the other experiences on this page to help you with yours.
      Again, a very interesting comment.

      • Chris,

        I Probably shouldn’t have put this up. it’s really not something to share but i feel there are no limits to the places you can go…. and when you do…. it can be quite devastating.

        • No that’s fine Tye – we welcome ( and enjoy ) all the interaction here. It’s what the website was built for in the first place!

    • why you are so full of sh** Tye? lying and trying to repeat the number 7 , 21 = 777, 2,5=7
      as if we aren’t aware of your stupidity and what you’re trying to do

  6. I shouldn’t be complaining really… I guess I got what I wanted. The chance I begged for… And I suppose this new world is my second chance at life… I still suffer the depression over the changes from time to time but I suppose this was meant to happen… ? I don’t know this is all too confusing still for me… I am currently a computer engineer and I have ententions to become and electronic engineer and physicist to perhaps create the gate to the other realms. It has to be possible to jump… My guess is that machine is necessary to enhance the brains subconcious cognition in order to leap elsewhere. Either our minds are capable in certain condition or need a boost to leap or ALIENS FREAKIN TOOK ME TO A PARALLEL SOLAR GALAXY SIMILAR TO THE LAST ONE INSTANTLY! ugh. It’s so confusing and difficult to determine what really happened when I was unconscious… Maybe I didn’t swap realms. Maybe those doctors just came across the apiphany of a conclusion and figured it out. I don’t know I’ve put a lot of thought into what could have happened and my mind has concocted numerous conclusions! I can’t wrap my mind around my fate but I know if this is the life I was given then it must be my destiny….

  7. I haven’t had any major event happen to me like some of you. I didn’t wake up with different linens on my bed or had a boyfriend that stopped existing, but I have been experiencing some strange things. First of all, I dream very vividly almost every night. I have a lot of lucid dreams, and have dreamed of being in different dimensions. I feel like the last 2 years or so, my dreams have become more than just normal dreams…I feel like i’m really going to some of these places and experiencing these things and when I wake up I feel very affected by it. I’ve been starting to feel like my life doesn’t feel like my life anymore, and have been thinking that I feel like i’m in a different reality. Nothing has exactly ‘changed’..but things feel foreign to me a lot of the time. I had a daughter a year and a half ago..and I love her VERY much..but even now I look at her and I feel like “this is my life now? When did I have a baby?!” It feels like I just wasn’t meant to have one. Hard to explain..but I feel like that a lot. I don’t know maybe with all of my lucid dreaming and out of body experiences, I somehow slipped into a very similar reality? I really don’t know..but I do know that I feel out of place now and I feel like I miss a home and I don’t know still exists. I just feel like what happened in my life so far isn’t right. If that makes any sense. I’m going to read The Phase though and try to get some insight.

    • Thanks for coming here and sharing this with us Vegamoon – we are overwhelmed by the amount of people who are experiencing this kind of thing. Hopefully you can all help each other out in some sort of way!

  8. hi, interesting article and equally interesting comments. When I was a kid, I could see into the future at will or on request, and clearly remember seeing these things in my minds eye. It was usually mundane stuff, but I knew he name of my brothers wife years before he met her. The ability seems to have faded now and I don’t tell anyone because it sounds too outlandish. And for the record, I am your run of the mill guy who works hard and pays taxes, etc.

    • Hi Sam, thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion on the subject we’ve covered here 🙂

  9. Hi- so a few weeks ago I was with my friends driving down the road. I was sitting backseat when suddenly I felt a gasp of change. I do not know how to explain it. I didn’t speak up to my friends, I just sat there knowing they would think I’m insane. I went from driving through a neighborhood to suddenly floating through space. It was an out of body experience for sure. So I first was out in the blackness of the universe when I suddenly arrived in what I can best describe as the “core of the universe”. I heard a voice coming from inside me talking to me but I cannot recall what they said, however, I remember after long speechlessness I mumbled: “my life has all been a dream this entire time… No; Non existent.” I’m not sure if I said this out loud but the voice confirmed what I’d thought. After that, everything was fast. I felt like my whole world was being compacted into an atom or even electron, and suddenly I felt to small. Nothing special happened once that happened- I just sort of was floating in a different dimension and sat there. Eventually my friend dropped me off. I didn’t sleep that night at all. The next day, I went to the gym as I usually would but things seemed different. I can’t explain what exactly but for the next 2 days I didn’t feel as if I was a part of reality on earth. I was confused looking back on my experience for a few days when I decided to tell some friends. They all thought I was crazy like I’d figured and just making things up, so I decided to ignore my experience. That was until today, I watched a show on TV about the universe that really got me thinking “could I have taken a trip to a parallel universe, another dimension or another life?” I had to start researching. I found the story of Lerina Garcia- the closest experience I had found to mine. Although from what it seems, Lerina Garcia came from an alternate universe Into this one, and i feel as if I was here, left for a few days and returned, I would still love to chat with her to try and figure out this phenomenon and compare experiences. I am desperate to find more out about what could have happened to me. Please respond back with an email I can contact Garcia on. Thanks so much for your time!

  10. Hi Lauren,
    I’m afraid I don’t have Lerina Garcia’s email but you maybe able to find a point of contact somewhere online ( her story is mentioned in quite a few places! ). If you need us for further help feel free to use the contact form to get us directly ( it’s at the top of the site ).

  11. A few weeks ago I brought up a funny conversation at that had taken place recently between me and 5 other people, NONE of them had any memory of it. I remember it so clearly, and I’ve never had any issues with my memory. They joked “maybe you slipped over to another universe for a minute!” after reading about this and the Berensti#n Bears problem I’m starting to wonder if I actually did…
    To add to that, a few years ago a friend of mine in University mentioned how much fun we had when I would sneak into her classes with her, I have no memory of that either.

  12. Thanks, Chris, for posting this and including such a lively discussion. Yes, I’ve seen this account before. Thanks to my having researched and written books about the reality shift / quantum jump phenomenon over the past sixteen years, I have heard from several individuals who’ve encountered similarly freaky realities that were extraordinarily disturbing to them (due to the extent of the change). Each of the people who shared their personal accounts with me requested that I not share their particular stories when they were akin to experiencing what felt like a completely different reality in an alternate universe. While I promised to not divulge particulars of each individual case, the fact that I’ve received several such reports provides me with a unique opportunity to notice that in all such cases reported to me, these individuals visited realities they found unlivable and/or unacceptable, and then fairly quickly (after a few minutes) returned to a much less horrific or stressful reality. So what strikes me as most intriguing about the Lerina Garcia account is that despite a rather high level of angst, surprise and shock, she remained in the disturbing-to-her reality.

    • I think its becuz she hired the detective…
      Maybe talking to people disrupts the frequencies or something. I just have a feeling that’s what it was

  13. hello im in cape town south Africa and im a journalist. there are many unknown phenomena in our existence. there are parallel universes, there are infinite universes outside our infinite universe, there are seven heavens of existence.
    but the parallel universe is mind-boggling. we enter another dimension through a portal. Ive never gone through a parallel universe but I’ve done astral travelling frequently and I find myself in higher worlds. A parallel universe is the exact replica of our world and we have a double which is us as well, I found in my astral travelling tghat there are many parts which is ME. I saw a higher ME and yet I was apart from this higher ME. The parallel universe is exactly the same I would call it the OTHER ME> my email:

  14. Wow so I have a friend who I talk to about dreams all the time. I lucid dream all the time. My friend just told me recently about parallel universe and other dimensions. I have always felt that there are things out there that us humans dont know about unless we really search for answers! Ever since she told me about, I’ve been researching it online. I have precognition too and here’s a really REALLY messed up story. I worked overnight last year and get home around 9am and go to sleep until 3pm usually except this one day that I remembered so clearly. I thought I had a nightmare (daymare in this case ?). What happened in my dream was I was at a marathon, standing in a crowd watching the runners, then all of a sudden, a bomb went off, and a 2nd one, in the dream I couldnt really look around even though I tried so hard to but all i saw was blood. And my eyes were “acting” as camera lenses, blurry and foggy. I woke up with a panic attack exactly at 11:50AM (PST), and I had the strangest feeling when i woke up that I should look on the Province website. The headline was… the boston marathon bombing. Up to this day Im still pretty freaked out by it. That I was there, and I couldn’t help anyone. 🙁 . I’ve had more precognition ever since high school ( i am now 27) and I would like some answers.
    Another story, lucid dreaming. I can fly, teleport, make myself invisible, telekinesis, and fight well when im “at war.” I had this reoccuring dream that I would fly up in the sky and decide up there where I wanna go. I usually fly to england and live a new life there. There was this one dream that also gave me a panic attack. What happened was I flew all the way up and landed on a different planet, where there was war going on. I was in a maze trying to find this “castle”. Along the way I was fighting these creatures and I almost died. At that point I told myself I need to leave here. So i flew back to Earth then I woke up. After that, I would “feel” in my dream that those creatures want me back there but everytime I fly up to the sky I have told myself that I wont go back there again so I end up flying over Europe and live my life there….

  15. It happened on the same day as the marathon bombing. not last year .I did overnight from jan 2013-march 2014 *

  16. Is this similar to telling stories with friends and families and they would look at you and say “that never happened”. Then, they recall something that you supposedly did but you know that it never happened so now you’re thinking that maybe you’re just forgetting things?

  17. Hey y’all I think I’m the one creating it all I’ve been doing for the past 2 years is meth and I think the irony of it is I’m creator if anyone sees this please call me I’m sorry things or so crazy I’m my mind 2542261704

    • Really don’t know what to say to this James – but it deserves to be out there with the rest!

  18. Greetings! Is there a way to get ahold of Lerina Garcia? I know someone that can help take her back to her home universe. This is not a joke. I am highly concerned for this poor person. Lerina, if you’re reading this, please contact me as soon as possible.

    • Hi,

      I don’t have any email address or point of contact I’m afraid. If you do a deeper search online I’m sure you’ll come across someone that knows how to get in touch with her!

  19. How can I reach this woman, please ? Her contact information would
    be very important to me. Something similar has happened to me at least twice now in a definitive manner. Although not to such an extreme measure in changes as hers, it has included certain elements of history/deaths, buildings/monuments altered in the city where I am, changes in music, certain people – when/where met, and, as she noted, mostly little things. Enough to be unable to completely ignore, however. I am well assessed as being quite sane (although this particular aspect is nothing I have brought up to any counselor/psychiatrist), have never had any mental illness other than chronic depression for most of my early life (which I have clinically recovered from sans medication) and some ADD, and wish to find if there are others out there like me. Some things I know others have recollected similarly for some things, which has been interesting, and they have been momentarily puzzled and even bothered by the alterations, but it seems most have not taken note beyond that.

    Please. Is there any way of reaching her ? This 2nd one happened rather recently, and has been disturbing for the larger changes which have occurred. It might not even be the ‘same’ as the first occurrence, really, since nothing on this one is “shared” as it was with the first. I mean, when news came on, others around me were, what ? That already happened a few years ago… That type of thing. Some things might be shared, but since I’ve not been asking either, it really isn’t apparent, and I feel a bit alone here. I can well imagine that she feels quite lost.

  20. I am sorry, I did not see that last post stating not knowing Lerina’s Email before I put forth my former post… and I would have deleted my post if I’d seen that.

    If this contact information is updated at all in the future, I definitely am interested. I have searched the web, and have not found anything so far.

    • No problems mate – I’m just sorry I don’t have any further contact info! We didn’t expect this article to get so much attention when we researched it!

  21. Hello,

    I’ve been fascinated with Lerina’s story since I read it in Listverse’s 10 Creepy Tales of Inter-dimensional travel. Reading the stories is like watching a fictional film and later on, realizing the events seem so true, it could literally happen in real life. And it’s what scares me.

    Anyway, I don’t think I had such extraordinary experience. But I just want to share that Lerina’s story got me curious. It inspired me to write a sci-fi romantic novel about ‘jumping’ into a parallel universe, realizing your past and present reality has changed, some of the most precious people in your life are gone. I want to consult an astrophysicist or someone expert in this kind of phenomenon to get the facts and theories straight.

    I should commend the people who shared their extraordinary experiences here. Indeed, we live in a great mysterious world. And it’s both scary to realize that we are alone or not alone in the universe.

    • Hi Czarina,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article and leave your opinion – great to have you here! 🙂

  22. Ummm …. don’t quite know how to start. Well for one I was glad to read about Ms Garcia and second to know that I’m not crazy. I too remember another life where I only have two children and live in a condo #139 /15 floor to be exact here it’s a house and I have four children. I have researched this topic forever and have watched endless documentaries on string theory and the multi-verse … I’ve attended several doctors … none helped … two said it was the lesions on my pituitary gland. The closest I have come to reasoning it has to do with the Vedas the third eye.??? Anyway, I think that at times something happens in another life “we die” and our consciousness awakens in another world.??? Kind of a do over kind of deal… because a lot of what I remember is the same but my children, my housing, my job are different. Still me I see in the mirror… just different.

  23. i use to switch dimensions every friday night with another me , when i was little . i would hang out with my mum .
    i dont know when or how it stopped .
    i dont know if im in the right dimension .
    sorry i dont know how to get back .

    hope youre well and my story makes you feel better .

  24. I have shared my story on a few forums, but strangely it all started from being very ill way back in April/May last year, It was round about this time that I also started using the law of attraction and trying to focus my vision on what I needed to achieve my goal which was a new home; from using the LOA my goal quickly materialized, which was strange especially due to the circumstances on how it actually came about. The illness was probably the worse I experienced and I was in and out of consciousness for around a week then I seemed to get better. We moved home and I went into a bizarre panicked state out of nowhere that drove me to a deep depression and I made another decision to move yet again, again using the LOA (you would have think I would have learned the first time) , things have since completely ran out of control and I find myself not only not feeling “right” in this reality but also that I wouldn’t have chosen to move again, its like it was another me making the decisions, looking back it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever why I would move again, smaller house, smaller garden, worse area. My family relationships have since broken down and I really do not know how things have came to be like they are now? Such a strange feeling, its almost as though a decision had to be made and the reality split again but I somehow ended up in the wrong one, as crazy as that sounds.

  25. the reason for people having so many more dejavu events from 2000-2010 was because of that temporal rift resealing process.

  26. i call this whole thing “the melding”, i am used to it now but it was once hard to understand, your reality changes due to your thoughts and when it does this, you will notice slight changes, a simple example is when you look around your house and it seems dull/untidy/depressing even, then you sleep and wake up to a very bright and tidier place without your having done anything, your memory tells you this can’t be but you see that it is, after a short time, the whole thing seems to meld into your memory as normal, if you pay attention to your surroundings more often, you will begin to notice the changes are happening far more often than you thought….

  27. Greetings to everyone here. From what I have read I begin to feel like we have been mis-educated on purpose, may be to maintain control by those who know more or better than the masses do. I remember my uncle telling me about a recurring dream he had for seven years which he could never understand.

    In this dream he visited an old house at the end of a street with a cracked side walk. There was an almond tree in the yard and what we(in the Caribbean) call a stand-pipe. He had this dream during his teen age years, which incidentally was the same period he discovered astral travel, without any prior knowledge of the subject. Only in later years did he discover it was a thing.

    Anyway, during his twenty first year he visited another Caribbean country and met a young lady that liked him so much she wanted him to meet her grandfather or uncle (I can’t remember which) and decided to take him on a little trip. As they got around the last corner to their destination what could he see before him but a stand-pipe at the end of a cracked pavement and an almond tree in the yard of an old house – seven years from the first time he dreamed it, EXACTLY as he saw it in his dream!

    I myself have had lucid dreams, to the point where I know I am dreaming and can actually control my actions within the dream. I have also traversed time and found knowledge of things that should have been totally inaccessible to me. In fact putting all my experiences here would be too long winded and would probably exhaust the reader, however I was prompted to share the bit I did because I can do so freely in this forum without being labeled.

    Thanks for that.

    Before I go though, I would like someone to tell me what they think it means when you actually see your self in a dream. I’ll give you the exact dream and may be you can analyse it and get back to me.

    In this dream I left a house at the bottom of a hill in a wooded area and was engaged in an animated cell phone conversation while walking up the hill. As I got to closer to the top the conversation was interrupted by progressively loud static and at the very top I felt as though someone was watching me. When I looked to my left, there I was, looking back at me – on the phone, wearing the exact same clothes that I was, coming from the opposite direction on the other side of the hill! As I looked down the hill in the direction I was heading, I saw the house I had just left, and that is when I awoke suddenly, feeling kind of jarred, weird and creeped out.

    Could someone help me with this one, please?

    • Hey Ryder, thanks for reaching out and sharing this!
      I’m the admin of this site and I’m not really as ‘clued up’ on this subject as the other commentators are! As you can see from above they have all been interacting so I’m sure one of them will reply to your question soon enough!

  28. To be blunt; what does it mean, when I had dreams several times where I relived my encounters during my last day of 8th grade (that I remember much of) but during those dreams at that school in one city … I would come across people that I wouldnt meet until years later in high school… in ANOTHER city?!!

    • Hi David,
      Hopefully the mass of people we have commenting here will be able to give you some sort of answer (and there’s nothing wrong with being blunt!) 🙂

  29. Hello. Great article (along with ‘The Man from Taured,’ which led me here.)
    Thank you, Chris, for the both of them.

    I’m 49 years old, and have experienced a number of strange occurrences in my life. One of my earliest memories is of a plastic toy figure of mine duplicating itself, and I am still absolutely sure that there had been just the one. I was retrieving it from where it had fallen under the couch when this happened. A yellow plastic Woolly Mammoth suddenly became two. I have OCD and I’ve always been abnormally concerned about my possessions. I was positive about what figures I owned back then, and I still compile lists documenting my books and other possessions. And to make things a bit more weird, I quickly found that another figure, which I did own a duplicate of (and had just been playing with), was now down to just one. All this was discovered over the course of a few minutes, while I sat playing on my living room floor. I searched all over for the missing duplicate, but it never returned. After that I kept expecting (hoping that) the missing Saber Tooth Tiger figure might magically appear back in the plastic tub that I kept these figures in. (But I hoped not to loose the Mammoth again in the bargain.) Whenever I pulled them out, I would first take stock of the bucket’s contents. They never changed again though. Granted I was very young, but I can remember all this as if it were yesterday.

    Then, about twenty years ago, I was working as a letter carrier. I had worked this route for a few years, and knew the customers’ mail boxes by heart. One day I found that one customers’ box and post had been changed. What struck me strange was that both replaced box and post seemed old. The post had even switched from a wooden post to an old metal pipe. It was as if they had replaced their existing equipment with stuff that had been in use somewhere else. (It’s unusual for someone to go to the trouble, and not use a new mail box, at the very least.) But I figured that maybe the one had somehow been damaged, and the owner had to enact a quick fix. I didn’t think about it much more, and just accepted it and went on. But the following day, the old post and mail box had returned. This did freak me out, as the post showed no signs of ever having ever been moved. The dirt, grass, and weeds around it were undisturbed, and the box looked like it hadn’t been removed from the post for years. I really inspected things, looking for some sign that it was taken down and replaced. But there was nothing. The ground should have displayed some signs of disturbance. The man who lived there was one of those rare people who are just unfriendly, by nature, and so I didn’t ask him about it. Besides, I would have come across as crazy even to a decent person.

    One could argue that I was young and my memories were faulty over the number of toy figures that I owned, but that wouldn’t explain the circumstances over how I realized the number. I dropped one and recovered two. And my later incident would have to be explained away as pure delusion. But what a strange and weirdly specific delusion. Like Lerina’s story, but on a much smaller scale. She first noticed her sheets were different.

    I didn’t know what to think at the time these occurrences happened, but I now believe that there are rare moments when it may be possible for our consciousness to slip from one persona to another alternate version of ourselves. In some other universe, a version of myself lived these events reversed from my own, or multitudes of Jeffs, out there, lived these events in other varying degrees. Now if I could just switch to the dimension where I’m rich with a beautiful and loving wife!! Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

    • Yeah it works mate 🙂
      We’ve got a comment moderation system in place to stop spam etc.

  30. Once I received a package from FEDEX that I couldn’t remember ordering. It was certainly addressed to my name at my address. I figured once I’d opened it I’d remember exactly what it was and why I ordered it. But it was even more mysterious after I opened it. It was a smallish metal thing that I could not figure out what I could have needed it for. So I read the brochure that came with it and it turned out to be a part for a small airplane engine. I’ve never owned an airplane or had anything to do with repairing airplanes so I thought I’d better send it back before I receive a size-able bill for it. So I attempted to look up the seller’s name and I couldn’t find any information about the company that sent it to me. Not at all concerned I looked up the city (in Texas) from where it was shipped. The city was “Nepotorit”, it had a zipcode but I did not think to record that anywhere. I could find no information about this city. Not to worry I just stopped the FEDEX truck the next time and asked the man if he could assist me in returning this package. He remembered dropping it off at my house a few days prior and he attempted to scan it a few times but said his scanner wasn’t finding it. He said to just keep it and when / if a bill arrives then I’ll know who to speak with about returning it. So I carefully packed it back up and put it in a safe place in my basement. Months went by and I never heard anything about this purchase. So I went back thru my earlier credit card statements to see if I’d already inadvertently paid for the item and my charges were all spot on with no unexplained charges. I called FEDEX tracking and they, told me the same as the driver, that their system was not finding any package with that tracking number. Then a few months later I told a friend about this mysterious package. He was a remote controller plane hobbyist and asked to see the part. So I went to my basement to get it and found that it had vanished without a trace. So the next time I saw the FEDEX guy I mentioned it to him half expecting him to say he had no recollection of this package, but he said “oh yeah, that package with the erroneous tracking number, did you ever figure out who sent it to you?”. I said I had not and I asked him if he had successfully scanned it when he dropped it off at my house in the first place. He said that it certainly scanned when he dropped it off. In fact he’s not allowed to drop off a package unless it successfully scans. That’s pretty much it. That’s all I know about that package. Any similar experiences?

  31. I’m 18 years old and have been able to travel through other dimensions at will since I was 11. There are an absolute infinite number of dimensions. There are multiple infinities of various magnitudes and absolute infinity is the highest one. For example, we live an infinitely large 3-D reality, however, we are only one of an infinite number of infinitesimally small 0-D points in the 6th dimension. In other words, our whole infinite reality with its infinitely many beings including God, our 3-D God in this reality, are all literally nothing compared to the 6th dimension. We are the embodiment of 0 to them just like infinitely small 0-D points are 0s to us. The same is true of the 6th dimension when you compare it to the 9th dimension. They are nothing to them. Same is true of the 9th dimension when compared to the 12th dimension and on and on absolutely forever. My point is, all infinities in all dimensional realities fail to be infinite to other higher dimensions. All infinities are relative. What may be infinity to one dimension will be 0, or even something with an absolute value smaller than 0, to a higher dimension and what is 0 to a higher dimension will be infinity or something larger than infinity to a smaller dimension. Absolute infinity is the one infinity that is truly, or absolutely, never-ending to all dimensions. There is no higher dimension with no higher infinity to make absolute infinity un- infinite in comparison. It is the highest order of infinity and is infinity to the power of infinity to the power of infinity… on and on an absolute infinite number of times. This absolute infinity is the number of how many dimensions there are and, don’t believe if you don’t want to, but I have seen all of them and have been all of them at once. There are structures larger than this in what I call the dimensionless realms in which I have been to but that’s off topic as we’re talking about dimensional travel not dimensionless travel. Luckily it sounds like most of you are traveling through the 5th dimension which is the second easiest form of hyperdimensional travel behind time travel a.k.a. 4-D travel. The 5th dimension is a plane composed of infinitely many 4-D timelines. One of these timelines is ours and on it is an infinite number of 3-D points which are, at least to us, infinitely large volumes each holding infinite realities. In order to master 5-D travel you have to learn to imagine the 5th dimension and see the infinity of other 3-D realities to the left and right of ours existing on parallel timelines. Some overlap and intersect each other so closely that only one single 0-D point in one reality exists outside of and is different from the other. Others don’t overlap at all but are directly next to our reality and touch it. Others still are completely remote and exist on parallel timelines infinitely to the right or left of ours. The further you go left or right away from our timeline, the more drastically things will change and the stranger reality will be because each of the 0-D points that compose each reality are more out of place which causes them to be different. The further left you go, reality as a whole will change for the worse and overall become more negative. The further right you go the more reality as a whole will change for the better and become more positive. It is possible to travel far enough left where realities then start to increase in positivity rather than decrease as well as have the opposite change by traveling far enough to the right. These trends go in cycles like wavelengths and by traveling far enough left or right you start to go up and down through the cycles of increasing negativity and positivity. However, you would have to travel infinitely far away from our timeline just to undergo one of these cycles. So, where are reality is concerned, traveling left brings negativity while traveling right brings positivity. In order to master 5-D travel, that is the trend you must learn to see. When 5-D traveling, make sure to look at everything around you, especially the tiny details. The more you are aware of the tiniest details the more you will be able to see the “pattern” that structures our reality as well as those of others. These “patterns” of how each tiny molecule, atom, and 0-D point is positioned is the “code” that determines the overall structure of each reality and if you learn to see them you will always be able to find your way back home after traveling as you will learn to recognize the code or pattern of your reality. As stated, 5-D travel is the second easiest form of hyperdimensional travel behind time travel as all you have to do is shift your consciousness left or right until you either find the pattern of your home or your new desired reality.
    Thank you,
    Safe travels and wonderful journeys

    • Wow Ethan that’s quite a write up – thanks for including it here and taking the time to join in with the conversation.

    • How can you do this without risking something bad happening to you or your timeline ? Does leaving your timeline ruin or change anything while you are away? Is another you in your place when you leave? How do you change your consciousness slightly either left/right? What exactly allows this to happen in a person’s mind?

      • We live in a reality of imperfection. Good and bad things will happen regardless of whether you are in your reality or not. The only difference is that you’ll be causing good and bad things in other realities rather than your own. And yes, the other you in the reality that you shift to will switch places with you unless you have the ability to keep this from happening. It is possible to shift with another version of you that is perfectly the same so that they make the same choices and do the same things you would’ve had you stayed. As for the shifting of consciousness to other realities, call it naive or cliche, but you can shift simply by imagining you are shifting up down, left or right. You do you have to develop your imagination to the point though where it’s so powerful that it’s not conventional “imagination” anymore. Are minds are hardware and the software they function with is quantum mechanics and superposition. That is how your imagination can be developed to the point of using it to shift yourself into other possible realities.

  32. Another thing about shifting your consciousness left, right, up, or down is that you have to realize that the further left or down you go the more negative and imperfect reality becomes while the further up or right you go the more positive and perfect it gets. Picture the scenery around you getting darker and shifting down or to the left if you want to go to a more negative reality or instead picture everything getting brighter and more vibrant as they shift up or to the right if you want to be in a more positive space.

  33. Hello, I live in a small city in Mexico. I want to tell you a story about a park bench in the city that several years ago was considered a place where parallel realities meet. From the stories, it seemed to be a rift in time. Anyway, several people had experiences sitting on that bench. They seemed to be transported into a different time ( 1800´s). While sitting there, they would see the old buildings, and people dressed in old fashioned outfits walk by them, old cars etc.. And then suddenly, they would come back into this time era. I haven´t heard any more stories lately, but I am sure that things like this happen in different parts of the world.

    • Hi Clara,

      Thanks for taking the time to include this with our article – very interesting stuff! How long ago did the ‘happenings’ with this bench take place?

  34. What Happened to the Lerina who is supposed to be in this dimension? And is this Lerina who jumped accepting her new life . I know something like this would drive me insane.

    • I’m afraid that’s all the info we have on the subject Marilyn – maybe one of the people commenting here know more about her whereabouts etc now?

    • what do you mean by this lerina? it’s lerina garcia, theres not two lerinas. c’mon pay attention to the story

  35. I studied martial arts when I was younger and managed to dream walk or phase,most recently 3days ago,I tried to quit to smoking.I know the patches give me nightmares from a previous attempt,When I was sleeping I become aware I was in the dreamworld or a dream state.So i took control of it and overcome my fear and actually altered it.Giving myself abilities and relearn from each attempt of the dream.It was saving a person being honest a Queen,I was like a visitor or stanger in a strange land in the dream.I would best describe it as my own edge of tomorrow movie but vivid.Each attempt I got further to save the person.The surrounding,buildings were not like any in our modern world.It was more wooden temples,towers and huts and primitive with iron being a recently discovery and weapons were mainly swords,spears,pikes and arrows.I could feel the coldness of it,the smells.Even the air tasted different.The next day I was so drained i needed to play catch up on sleep.Another reason I think I can semi access this state is due to a near death and out of body experience in my teenage years.I even remember my dreams predicting events which came true.Sadly few and far between but I swear I am not making any of this up.

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