Paranormal Activity 2 ( 2010 ) – Signs of Poltergeist Activity

signs of poltergeist activity

I hate the idea of cashing in on great horror films and the release of Paranormal Activity 2 sort of filled me with dread.

Again it’s a film based on signs of poltergeist activity but this time it has a whopping budget behind it. Could it live up to the hype of the first installment?

Best Not Knowing

I realized when reviewing the first Paranormal Activity film that I needed to be careful – it’s easy to give the plot away and ruin these types of films! Simply put – you’re best not knowing the whole story so I’ll try and tip toe around the juicy parts!

Signs of Poltergeist Activity ( Again! )

This time round the signs of poltergeist activity are noticed by the extended family of the two victims from the first film. So it’s not really a sequel – it sort of runs along the same time line as the first film.

The wife of this family is the sister of girl in the first film (Katie if my memory serves me right!) and she seems convinced a demon is stalking both her and her sister (clever girl!).

The husband pretty much thinks shes a nutter but her daughter (Abi) seems to think there is some clout to the story. She is convinced that the demon is after her baby brother (Hunter).

An improved budget?

First thing to hit me about the second film was the complete lack of difference – where was this extra budget?

The actors seemed good and the film work was decent enough for Found Footage but nothing else changed! It was like I was watching the first film but with a few more characters included.

I think one of the directors or producers must of pocketed this extra budget and had a week of madness in Las Vegas.


As with the first film – this film was targeting the audience’s anticipation. The signs of poltergeist activity are minimal at first but we all know they are building up to that first moment that makes you jump!

The film did this quite well but it still didn’t seem to be as shocking or frightening as the first film. If this film had been released in it’s own right – as in nothing to do with the first film, then it may have been better received by me!

I Must of Missed Something

I actually watched this film twice over in close succession as I thought there must be something I was missing. Other people I knew had seen the film and thought it was great – why didn’t I?

I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t just the lack of something new – it was the characters as well. Katie and Micah in the first film were very memorable characters that you actually cared about.

The family in this film seemed decent enough but I didn’t really care for them overall. If I’m honest the only one I hoped would survive was Hunter the baby boy!


This is a reasonably short review due to the fact there was very little NEW to write about. If you liked the first one then this is near enough the same really!

There was a reluctance to break new ground with this film and that really pissed me off. I admit on the second time of watching I did enjoy it a little more but I still left it feeling a little disappointed.

The signs of poltergeist activity appeared more in the day in this film and that was new – but was that really enough? I thought they had a great chance (and budget) to crack on here with something new and different but I’m afraid they didn’t – I was not that impressed!

If you like Found Footage films you will enjoy it – but nowhere near as much as you enjoyed the first one!


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