Paranormal Activity ( 2007 ) – One of The Scariest Paranormal Movies Ever?

scariest paranormal movies

A found footage site would not be worth it’s salt unless it covered this movie – even though most of the western world has probably already watched it!

Widely regarded as one of the scariest paranormal movies of all time, it now sits up there with the Blair Witch Project in Found Footage circles.

Paranormal Activity took a little while to find it’s audience but when it got going……it didn’t know how to stop!

One of The Scariest Paranormal Movies on The Market?

I suppose it could be referred to as this if they had stuck at one movie……unfortunately they spotted the cash cow involved in the film and the sequels started to pour out at an alarming rate!

We are not here to discuss the sequels today though – we are here to cover the ‘big daddy’ itself. A genre bending, heart stopping thrill ride from the found footage horror genre!

A Great Atmosphere

As I’ve mentioned so many times on this blog – the scariest paranormal movies all have one thing in common……atmosphere! If you get the atmosphere right you get the film right – period.

Paranormal Activity had bags of atmosphere and two main actors that could pull it off – simple! Even now I look back on the film and I still get that feeling of dread in certain parts. Let’s face it this is not Casper the friendly ghost – this is something very, very different.

Good Effects Adding to a Good Atmosphere

It became one of the scariest paranormal movies in the found footage genre through it’s delivery as well as it’s atmosphere. When effects or stunts were needed they were carried out perfectly. Whether it was the female character being dragged out of bed when sleeping or the male character being thrown across the room with force – it all looked frighteningly real!

Scripted Well and Delivered Well

In a lot of cases horror seems to fall flat even if the story is well above standard. I have witnessed many a Stephen King novel get massacred by Hollywood and end up as a three part TV mini series. Thankfully the writers of Paranormal Activity knew what they were doing and avoided this banana skin with style – the delivery was excellent!

The Story

So we have an unfortunate couple who start to experience weird going on’s in their household. Not the most original of ideas granted but let’s not worry about that. The ‘paranormal activities’ get stronger and stronger and the female occupant of the house starts to show signs of possession……..

Now we hate spoilers on this site so I’m not going to reveal anything else about the story line. The scariest paranormal movies are scary for a reason – they have the element of surprise on their side and I don’t want to be the one that ruins that for you!

The Success of The Film

I was really surprised to find out that the budget of this film was not all that high. Most of the scariest paranormal movies rely on six figure sums to create their effects but with paranormal activity this was not the case.

If you figure into the equation the earnings of the film then you will see how successful the whole project became. The film has apparently made well over $130,000,000 when I last checked ( and has probably made a lot more by the time you are reading this post! ).


There is no doubt in my mind that this is possibly one of the scariest paranormal movies in the found footage genre. It is well made, well written and well on it’s way to becoming a horror classic.

The actors are not Hollywood stars but they do a fantastic job in this film – they deserve as much credit as the producers and directors ( although the female character is a little irritating at times! ).

There are alternative endings to the film which sort of add to the suspense. I’m not going to reveal what they are but one of them is incredibly frightening.

If you are making your way through the scariest paranormal movies in this genre and you haven’t yet watched this film get on it right away. I’m pretty sure you can stream it for free somewhere on the internet by now. What are your thoughts on this movie? One of the scariest paranormal movies of all time? A film worth watching? Or a waste of time? Feel free to leave any opinions in the comment section below…..



  1. Couldn’t agree more. This film scared the crap out of me back in the day.

    Hard to believe it’s almost been ten years since it was released. I still remember all the hype about it. It basically led to the boom of the found footage horror film, some good, most bad.

    Would you consider this the best found footage film? I still think for me, the original Blair Witch, messed with my head. Probably because I sneakily watched it with a mate when we were about ten! Mental

    Cheers, Ed

    • I certainly think it’s one of the best Ed – it made a big enough splash when it was first released. The Blair Witch is obviously another good shout, but there are a lot of titles out there that are pretty amazing!

      Take a look through our review archives and see what you can find…

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