Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension (2015) – Movie Review

Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension (2015) - Movie Review

No matter what anyone else says – I still like the Paranormal Activity Franchise! I know it’s getting tired and I know they are beating a dead mule…but I still like it!

At one time I thought the series would end up surpassing the ‘chapter total’ of the SAW movies (now they WERE a bag of shit!) but this offering is apparently the conclusion to the whole shebang!

But I don’t care – when I hear about a new film being released into this series I’m still pretty stoked!

I actually watched this movie (Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension) about 4 months ago when I was pretty sick. I made a few notes and forgot about it because I didn’t want to be reminded of how bad I felt that week!

So here we go! Time to tread the Paranormal Activity path once again…

The Plot

Ryan and Emily, along with their adorable little rug-rat Leila, move into the home of their dreams and life couldn’t be any sweeter…

Except this ‘dream house’ is actually built on the burned out remains of Katie and Kristi’s former home (remember those two f##king psychos?).

Anyways, Ryan and his brother Mike come across a bulky video camera and box of VHS tapes and Ryan does what most male characters do in Found Footage movies – films just about everything with it!

He’s probably got a $4,000 DSLR tucked away somewhere in his bedroom but no…he opts to use this rusty old bag of crap!

But this old shed of a camera seems to be picking up some sort of distortion around the home – what could it possibly be?


You may be able to tell from my tone thus far that I was not really bowled over by the experience of this final chapter. There were definitely some excellent scenes but there were also some very poor scenes to ruin the overall effect.

This is APPARENTLY the last installment of the PA series and they promised you would ‘get to see the paranormal activity this time out’.

Okay, that’s fine – we’ve waited long enough for this treat right?

So at last we get to see this twisted time traveling demon named ‘Toby’ that has f##ked up so many people’s lives…

What happened to the effects?

Seriously…what happened to the effects?

This film had everything in place to become a Found Footage classic…but what the f##k happened to the effects?

Our good friend Toby turns out to be nothing more than black billowing smoke that I could drum up within 5 minutes on Adobe After Effects!


This was certainly NOT a bad film…but with the money they had behind it and the pulling power the franchise has – there is really no excuse for what appears on screen!

I know I’m in danger of disappearing up my own ass for saying this BUT…I could of done a better job of directing the visual outcome!

I find it really sad that they came to the end of the road without putting the right kind of effort into the effects. Sure, they hadn’t really used CGI before in any of the films but that’s no excuse…

There are plenty of geeks out there that can find their way around a laptop and a copy of After Effects.

But let’s put the effects to one side for a minute because I don’t want to put you off – I thoroughly enjoyed ALL aspects of the film besides the visuals.

To me the initial Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch films are the two strongest pillars holding up the Found Footage genre – they weren’t the first…but they certainly made the biggest splashes!

This (apparent) final chapter missed the boat I’m afraid due to lack of vision when it finally came to displaying the demonic entity.

SPOILER ALERT: Getting an extra to wear hooves past the camera in the final scene ain’t gonna cut it I’m afraid!

An enjoyable film but at the same time a sad, sad way to end a franchise that has had so much support.



  1. Saw this at the cinemas – thought it was average but watchable with the 3D. Without 3D, ugh.

    • I forgot about the 3D aspect in the cinema actually – that could have added something to the effects I suppose?

  2. Ah well. So many franchise films wind up this way. Remember “Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows”?

    • Yeah I do Alan, I actually quite like the film but I was super-disappointed they opted to ignore the Found Footage format!

  3. I was a HUGE fan of 4 and Marked Ones. Like, FANATIC. Probably those movies biggest defenders. I hadn’t seen them in theaters, and felt bad that I hadn’t caught ANY PA films in theaters, so made it a priority to see Ghost Dimensions. I was basically forced to walk ONE HOUR in FREEZING VERMONT WEATHER for a theater showing the film, only to realize I was an hour early. So FINALLY, after ALL that time, I sat down to watch the film…

    …And I can safely say, that Ghost Dimensions was the worst movie of a year where The Ridiculous 6 was released.

    • LOL – “Ghost Dimensions was the worst movie of a year where The Ridiculous 6 was released”. Well that wins the ‘comment of the day’ prize hands down Will 🙂

  4. I think this film failed to summarize and end the Paranormal Activity series. The producers should just recruited Christopher B. Landon as the writer and director for this one too. London wrote four PAs and directed one PA which is a good FF, so he was the best person for the job. The Ghost Dimension is not a bad FF but it’s not good as the final film of PA series. GD screams from the beginning to the end: “Look at me! I’m a PA. Look at Toby!” The Marked Ones is much better than GD. MO is well-written and has good scenes, plus it has its own signature in PA series while GD feels like a try-hard entry and rushed project. Toby is a scary demon in previous films while GD’s Toby is a tired demon who just want to retire as fast as it can. It’s not even scary or mysterious like previous PAs.

    The good thing is the decision of Peli and Blum to not turn PA into a milking franchise and I hope if they decide to reboot PA someday, they create something as original as the first PA.

    • Hmm I’m thinking they probably did milk a lot out of this series at the end of the day. I agree with you – The Marked Ones was really enjoyable, and should have been released earlier. In my book they fucked up the first three movies – they should have stepped slightly away from the sisters etc (maybe just kept it to the first and second film episodes?).
      Anyway – they all offer ‘something’ in my book, love ’em or hate ’em…but the original film is, and always will be, a classic.

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