Patterson Bigfoot Footage – Under The Microscope

Patterson Bigfoot Footage - Under The Microscope

​In terms of famous Cryptozoology incidents the Patterson Bigfoot footage tops the bill every time. I find it amazing that after all these years the arguments still go on and people cannot and will not come to any sort of conclusion.

Is this because people simply ‘want to believe’ or is it more to do with the fact that people cannot prove it one way or another…..

People Are Strange…..

Indeed they are – especially when it comes to the Patterson Bigfoot evidence! Roger Patterson died way back in 1972 and to be honest – it’s a relief he didn’t actually get to read some of the BS that has been written about him since this famous incident.

The truth of the matter lies in the amount of times something needs to be debunked! I’ve lost count how many times this has happened to the Patterson Bigfoot footage.

Finally a few years back they claimed they had ‘nailed on’ evidence that the film was a fake and everyone went along with this……until they found out that the ‘nailed on’ fake theory was actually fake…….you see where I’m going with this?

1967 roger patterson bigfoot footage

The video above was released on YouTube in November 2008. Since then the guy who published the video has been bombarded with idiots claiming the video is fake without any real backing to their argument.

So much so that the publisher has disabled comments on the video and changed his video description to let everybody know he has had enough of the dickheads.

UPDATE: The original video we posted with this article has been taken down on YouTube. We have now replaced it with the FULL version of the original recording.

Bigfoot in a Nappy – Come on Guys!

I don’t for a second believe this guy would upload a video he thinks is fake as he has already let the online world know he is a Cryptozoology enthusiast. He has even left a link to the website he gets his information from (he might even own it for all I know!).

You see when you get to comments claiming the creature in the footage is wearing a nappy you start to sink a little into your seat – seriously guys?

Another comment claims outright that the Patterson Bigfoot footage was created so he (Patterson) could make some money for his wife who would soon be a widow. We’re all aware that the man was suffering from cancer but isn’t this a little dark? I mean can you possibly back this up or are you just a heartless twat?

The Video

The video is covered here on my site due to the fact it takes a new look at new angles of the Patterson Bigfoot footage. Am I a believer? What do you think? Would I seriously be running a website like this if I didn’t believe in what I posted here?

Patterson Bigfoot location

I am constantly coming across online claims that Patterson worked in the film industry and it’s there that he came across this famous ‘hair suit’ or whatever you want to call it! As the video points out – nobody has been able to recreate this costume or anything close to it since! C.G.I. has managed it – and managed it well!

But this was way back in 72 guys – do you remember the level of special effects back then?

The Hoax

This could be hoax – I’d have to be a complete tosser not to admit that, but I don’t BELIEVE it is! Patterson had ample opportunity to reveal it was a hoax on his deathbed but he stuck to his guns – why?

Watch the video and then watch it again! Take note of the points it covers and try and reason down why you think these points are incorrect. If the Patterson Bigfoot footage is a simple fake created by two men back in 1972 then why has this failed to come to light in a forty year period – do we not have the technology to do so?

If you have any opinions on the Patterson Bigfoot video please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!


  1. Great share…..
    This is amazing to see each and every part clearly through microscope. The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of Orleans, California, in Del Norte County. The film site is roughly 38 miles south of Oregon and 18 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. For decades, the exact location of the site was lost, primarily because of re-growth of foliage in the streambed after the flood of 1964. It was rediscovered in 2011.

    • Thanks for the additional info Misty – I didn’t know the site was lost for so long!

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