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I had no idea where Cokeville was and what happened there back in 1986 until doing a little online research last week. I stumbled upon a post on people who see angels and right at the bottom of the page was a link to the Cokeville incident.

In the Cokeville incident the people who see angels are a group of kids held hostage by a deranged man and his wife – the story is both compelling and mind blowing at the same time…….

The Miracle

On May the 16th, 1986 a true miracle took place in Cokeville Wyoming. It all started off with a mentally unstable man and his wife barging into a school and holding it hostage with guns and a home made bomb.

The man in question was a true lunatic and the more I hear about him the safer I feel the world is for not having him around. His name was David Young and at one time he worked in Cokeville as a police marshal.

The job apparently only lasted for about six months before he was sacked for some unknown (to me) reason. Both him and his wife moved away to Arizona and then returned seven years later.

The Plan

David Young had a crazed manifesto for revolution in his head and this is what he was planning to start that fateful day in May. David and his wife entered the school and took hostage of a whole generation of young kids and their teachers.

David Young From CokevilleHis demands seemed much like the demands of a complete madman – he claimed he wanted 300 million dollars and a conversation with the president by phone (not the sanest of demands!).

The kids were all held hostage inside a single classroom and David stood in the middle of the room watching over them. The kids were obviously distressed and teachers did their best to reassure them. There were reports afterwards that the teachers had instructed the children to pray together and this brought on a feeling of calm and salvation to the whole situation.


For some reason David got spooked by something and spooked bad! He handed over the home made bomb to his wife and left the classroom to enter the corridor. As soon as he walked into the corridor the bomb detonated in his wife’s hand killing her instantly.

When he run back into the room and saw what had happened to his wife he quickly turned his gun on himself.

People Who See Angels

The only two casualties in that enclosed classroom that day were David Young and his wife – every child and teacher survived! There were minor burn injuries here and there to certain children but all in all – nobody got seriously hurt.

People Who See Angels

The whole topic of ‘people who see angels’ came up shortly after the incident when certain kids reported conversing with angels shortly before the bomb went off.

These angels had apparently instructed the children to move into a certain corner in the room to remain in safety away from the blast. Some of the kids also claimed that it was not angels but dead relatives that had appeared to lead them to safety.


When the bomb experts arrived on the scene they were completely baffled as to why the children had survived. They were also amazed by the fact the school was still in one piece – the bomb should of taken out a good portion of the building killing everyone inside.

There was another strange occurrence that happened inside that classroom that has never been explained. In the shrapnel marks on one of the classroom walls there was a clear spot of wall left in a humanoid shape with winged arms………

The Mystery

There are reports of people who see angels on a daily basis the world over – what makes this one different is the miracle that came along with it. Did the man in charge send down his angles that day to protect the innocent? Why were Young and his wife the only casualties? Were the angels loving relatives that had returned to save the day? Why was the school still standing?

A miracle happened in Cokeville on May 16th, 1986. Why it happened we will never know.

If you know of any other reports or incidents that involve people who see angels please share them in the comment section below. We love interaction on this site and people’s opinions will spread the dimensions of each article further and further 🙂



  1. Yes, I have experienced seeing an angel. My daughter was very sick with a high, high fever that I couldn’t get lower. We lived about 20 minutes from the hospital, but in Montana that night was a truly horrid snowstorm. I cried and held her and prayed… a lot… for her healing. At one point, I felt that I needed to roll over in bed and there stood and incredibly large angel- transluscent- and just awe-inspiring. Peace descended upon me immediately with the message that all would be okay. I remember saying “thank you” and the angel was gone.

    • Wow that’s quite an incident Kerri – thank you so much for sharing it with ourselves and our readers (I know they are going to just love reading about it!).

      Also, so glad that everything turned out alright for your daughter – we all have someone watching over us…

  2. Hello Chris,

    This is really a crazy incident. The fact that the root cause was never determined is even more troubling. Was the case ever reopened and explored using modern techniques and equipment to try and better understand what could have happened or was this left as a close, unexplained case?

    Really chilling but thanks for sharing.


  3. This story is so fascinating. I love stories like this because I do believe that we have a lot of “unseen” help around us. When you mentioned the bomb went off in David’s wife’s hands, I immediately thought all the children would be hurt. It’s amazing that they all survived and weren’t even really hurt. 

    I wish there were more happy endings like this out there in the world. Perhaps there are and we just don’t hear about them as often. I know I’ll be checking out more of your site to see where else these angels appear. 

    Have you ever seen or “felt” an angel around you? 

    • Seen – no, felt – yes. 

      I lost my sister when she was relatively young, and I have felt her near me at times over the last 6 years or so. 

  4. While I’m not sure how to tell when I see an “angel” or whether or not I just see spirits, I definitely believe this is a real occurrence. 

    Do you think the people that see angels are about to die? Or can they possibly see angels for reasons other than the closeness of death?

    I’m not religious at all, but I think there are good spirits and bad spirits that come to us either to warn us or to do harm because of a grudge they’re holding and they’re just reaching out to the first person who can sense their presence.

    • Personally, I think they appear when we REALLY need their help – when someone is setup to fulfil something in life, and is in danger of having that life cut short. 

      Just my 10 cents worth! 🙂

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