Pizza Girl Massacre (2014) – Movie Review

Pizza Girl Massacre (2014) - Movie Review

Every now and again I end up writing a review as more of a warning than anything else. The Found Footage genre really can throw up some stinkers from time to time.

When this happens I get a little lazy – I just can’t be arsed to give a sh#t film a decent platform…and I can’t be arsed to type either!

Pizza Girl Massacre is 2014 release from director Jason Witter that sort of goes down the comedy/horror path.

When I first stumbled across it I was pretty excited but that excitement soon watered down into dread…

The Plot

Stolen from IMDb:

“In the summer of 2013, a community theatre group from Albuquerque, NM decided to stage a production of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Since the majority of the play takes place in an enchanted forest, the troupe thought it would be a good idea to rehearse in the woods. So they rented a cabin… In the woods… They never returned.”


Yeah, I thought I’d hit the conclusion as quick as possible in this review as I was left feeling pretty flat about the whole experience.

Witter has tried his best to stuff in as many cliches as possible and he should be commended for this – it’s a purposeful attempt to make a camp comedy horror ( in the Found Footage mold ).

The look of the film is a mixture of 80’s-style slasher, with some bright colors and deep red blood.

I sort of appreciated this gore fest as it fell in well with the whole ‘camp’ feel/direction of the film.

The acting wasn’t that bad…for the most part!

This was an extremely low budget offering so I expected a group of teenagers and an iPhone but this was not the case…

But to be honest with you, this was a drag, that seemed to go on forever!

I’m not really a comedy type of guy – I like my horror to mess with my head…I like it to shock me.

This didn’t manage either, in fact it ended up miles and miles away.

The current score on IMDb is 2.6 out of 12 votes – make of that what you will but remember; most members of that site HATE Found Footage.

It’s not often that I can’t muster 500 words on a film but this is one of those occasions I’m afraid. So apologies for the lack of enthusiasm…

You have been warned!

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