Prank ( 2013 ) – Dangerous Pranks Gone Wrong

A Found Footage film that scores a measly 3.6 on IMDb hardly fills me with any confidence as I sit down to watch it. But yet again IMDb sets itself up as a really lame place to go for honest and worthwhile film reviews.

Prank is a 2013 Found Footage offering that centers on dangerous pranks gone wrong. How it ended up with a score of just 3.6 I’ll never know…

Following The Crowd

After watching this film last night I was left wondering exactly how many people were put off it by reading the IMDb rating first. It’s nowhere near the best Found Footage effort I’ve watched but it’s definitely worthwhile.

It seems to me that IMDb is now filled with reviews from Twilight fans or relatives of directors/filmmakers – nothing is as it seems!

It’s a great site for indie directors to create a false buzz and nothing more – I shan’t be using it as a tool to gauge the quality of a film again…

The Plot

Prank follows three teens that are about to complete their senior year before moving on to pastures new. This geeky threesome is made up of Connor (Nick Renaud), Jordan (Henry Monfries) and Chunk (Gemmenne de la Pena).

All three have suffered some form of persecution at the hands of school ‘jocks’ but Connor seems to have received the shittiest end of the stick!

Events come to a boiling point when Conner ends up with his head rammed into a school toilet. The three misfits decide ( at the instigation of Connor ) to set up a revenge prank on the head bully.

They decide to film the setting up of the prank and the dirty deed itself so that they can upload the finished article to the internet. They want to make sure they cause the maximum embarrassment to their nemesis Dax (Alastair James).

The closer we get to the ‘prank event’ the darker the personalities seem to become. What were once harmless geeks now seem to be hardened sadists…

Dangerous Pranks Gone Wrong

As with the majority of films from this genre I was left wondering why these three were filming absolutely EVERYTHING in the run up to the main event.

Some Found Footage films manage to cover this type of camcorder action with a plausible excuse – Prank didn’t!

I realize the whole story needs to be covered through the camcorder lens but in certain scenes I was left wondering why they would have the camera up and running.

This mistake seemed to take the realism out of some carefully created atmosphere – they must have had camera batteries made out of Kryptonite!


The IMDb rating of 3.6 ( at the time of writing this ) is definitely NOT a fair reflection on the quality of this film. Whilst it did have it’s flaws it also offered some very strong positives as well.

I thought the two main actors, Nick Renaud and Henry Monfries, were excellent in their roles and brought an intelligent level of humor to proceedings.

The surrounding cast were nowhere near as talented as these two leads but they still filled in the spaces adequately.

This decent bunch of actors were backed up by a quite impressive plot line to keep the movie on track. There were a couple of decent twists that brought in a quite unique Found Footage experience in the end.

But unfortunately the film suffered in places from some rather rash and unexplained lack of logic. As I pointed out earlier on in the review – some scenes were being filmed and I had no idea why the camera would be turned on.

Overall it was not that bad at all – I found it very easy to sit through and entertaining enough to keep me gripped.

Ignore the IMDb ratings – this was a half-decent Found Footage effort!




  1. I pay more attention to the reviewers on Amazon.com because they are movie buffs like us.Lotta interesting “foundfootage” reviews to.

    • Yeah Amazon always seems to have more thoughtful reviews on it Tim. When I see a 600 word review on IMDb I know it’s by a relative of the film director because the rest of us will get our opinions out in about 5 lines. It’s a shame because it used to be a cool film site!

  2. I watched the film. I’m very confused about it though. I must have missed something.

    • To be honest with you Desmond I’ve completely forgotten what it’s about – I posted this review in March 2015 and I can’t remember much about the plot? I’ll give it a go again this week and see…

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