Prankz (2017) – Movie Review

Prankz (2017) - Movie Review

I’m happy to report that a high percentage of the Found Footage movies that have come from the shores of the UK have been well above average (I put my biased hat on once again!).

That’s not to say that there haven’t been a few stinkers – there certainly have, but most have served their purpose well.

I was introduced to this movie a few months back by one of you lot, can’t remember for the life of me who, but a regular to this site all the same.

I had come across it on a few streaming services, but the shitty high school genre DVD cover really put me off. When I finally discovered it was a British release, I happily gave it a go…

The Plot

A soccer player and his girlfriend spent 2017 uploading prank videos to the internet. This film features the final six videos created by the couple.

Good & Bad

This is a strange one really. When I was sitting through the film I was constantly surprised by how good some of the scenes were…then that impressed feeling got trampled on by a big bad decision in direction.

If I’m being brutally honest – I think the film came quite close to being one of those hidden gems…but it kept on irritatingly stepping on it’s own toes…and ending up average at best.

The entire project only cost $2000 to make – which is really quite impressive, but that also holds the key to why it failed miserably at times.


The biggest mistake this movie made was the ‘big twist’ at the end – far too frequently the film hinted at the plot’s outcome and this was a pretty stupid move.

Put it this way – if you don’t see the ending coming at the halfway point of the film, put the crack pipe down and get some help (believe me – you need it!).

If they had managed to handle this storyline a little more professionally I would have been raving about this film, because I thoroughly enjoyed certain aspects of it.

But they didn’t.

Overall cinematography was above average for an indie Found Footage project and I really like the filming location.

The acting wasn’t world class, but most of the lead actors did enough to keep the boat afloat.

Most of the ‘paranormal’ scenes were really well put together – they had a good ‘creep factor’ to them and a quite disturbing entity/character/bad guy (yeah – I don’t know what to call it!).

It’s written and directed by a dude named Warren Dudley.

Now, I don’t want to get on Mr. D’s case here, but maybe if he’d planned the writing side of things out with someone a little more experienced…the plot wouldn’t have ended up so obvious?

I say it again – I’m not taking chunks out of this guy – I’m just throwing a suggestion out there!

Before I finish this review I have to mention the name of the actress who plays the lead female role (the girlfriend)…

Betsy-Blue English.

Seriously, that’s the name she’s listed as having on the film’s credits.

How cool is that?

I seriously hope that’s her real name – I’d love to meet her parents!!! 🙂

Not a bad effort overall, but let down by a slightly lazy plot journey. Average.



    • Download? No idea mate – Amazon do that sort of thing don’t they, or you may find a torrent of it online? A simple search will bring it up on Putlocker site if you want to stream it…

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