Preternatural (2016) – Movie Review

Preternatural (2016) - Movie Review

This film was thrown in front of me a couple of days ago by a user/visitor of this site named Nick Dawson.

To be honest it’s an apparent £100 budget offering so without his input I may well of overlooked this one!

In the contact message he sent me he stated that:

“Just watched a strange one Preternatural, not sure what to make of it but a clever idea with the plot, acting a bit off but watchable.”

I think that’s probably bang on the money to start off with…

But it did have an originality throughout that I was more than impressed with.

The Plot

Gav and Dixon are two rather hapless amateur film-makers who are in the process of churning out a Found Footage spoof film.

They find out that Mark – one of the actors they have hired – is not all he seems.

The more involved they get with this actor the stranger things become until the line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurred.

Inventive, Trippy, Strange, Original

All words I could use to describe this film…and there’s probably a few other ‘good fits’ if I put my mind to it!

This is a super-low budget offering (£100) that could have gone tits up with ease if it wasn’t for the British humor thrown into the first 40 minutes or so.

But this humor could also end up being a bit of a stumbling block for the film.

I’m Welsh so the style of humor was familiar to me – it’s not going to work that way for everyone!

Still, after the 40 minute mark the film wanders away from the humor element and ends up straight in the middle of the Twilight Zone.


A pretty strange one this – which is actually a good thing overall.

The Found Footage element is split between the more traditional method and a newer type of idea (I can’t tell you any more as I’ll hit a massive spoiler alert).

Writers/directors Dixon Barker and Gav Chuckie Steel are fully aware that they are not Hollywood grade actors – so they make do with what they’ve got!

In this case it’s humor and general lad’s banter – they manage to carry a large portion of the film on sarcasm and piss-taking behavior.

Strangely enough – it works!

The film provides us with an entertaining journey and two very likeable lead actors.

Not once did I get the feeling that either Barker or Steel were on some sort of ego trip – they just gave off a complete sense of enjoyment throughout the story.

That’s a BIG two fingers up the ass of Hollywood in my book!

The only downside to the film that stuck with me was the frenetic camerawork towards the end of the film.

Sure it was a little ‘arty’ and yes I’m totally used to this type of Found Footage camera work but…

This went a little too far at times and I bordered on the headache territory.

When the end credits rolled I had an overwhelming feeling of being glad I sat through the whole experience – now that can’t be a bad thing right?

I have to admit that I liked it – but I can’t see it being everyone’s cup of tea!



  1. This was a pretty enjoyable movie from start to finish though the constant blurring of the camera during the first 40 minutes was a bit off putting. A pretty unique take on the found footage circuit with a really interesting plot and a little bit of an homage to “The Final Girls”.

    I’d absolutely love to see a Slender Man or Mothman movie done in this kind of style so hopefully potential found footage directors take note.

    • Hi Mitch,
      Yeah it was pretty refreshing really wasn’t it – amazing what you can create with no sort of budget whatsoever!

  2. Hi Chris ,only recently come across your site and i think your reviews are bang on and have me laughing regular away “the cover looked shite”.
    A film i watched recently may interest you,it ticks all the boxes,found footage and free. End Roll. Its an Italian possession movie abot 2 flat sharing friends,1 of whom has an internet blog,its never gonna win any awards and the blogger does get on your tits at times but its worth a watch and its free on You Tube.

    • Hello Gaz mate – nice to meet you!

      For some reason End Roll rings a bell…but like always…I’m fucked if I can remember watching it or not. Seriously – I have about 100 films I’m yet to put up on this site…but by the time it comes to posting them I’ve forgotten what the fuck they’re about!

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