Pretty Dead ( 2013 ) – Female Cannibalism


Female Cannibalism

I’ve spent the last few days nursing a pretty bad throat infection so I was looking for a decent Found Footage effort to cheer me up!

One of the regulars to the site left a comment about a week ago that referenced a film based on female cannibalism – just what I needed to take my mind off my burning throat…

Getting Away With it!

I have to admit that this film did break a few Found Footage ‘ground rules’ but it seemed to get away with it without really trying.

The main ‘cardinal sin’ of the Found Footage genre is background music – it takes all the realism and atmosphere out of the movie.

Somehow Pretty Dead managed to get away with a somber soundtrack which actually enhanced the overall movie experience. It was used sparingly over the mockumentary styled scenes in the film so it didn’t seem to intrude into the atmosphere that much.

The movie was simply well put together and well thought out – it worked well on most levels!

The Plot

The film follows Regina and her boyfriend Ryan through the early days of their relationship/engagement. They seem to have the perfect relationship and are completely smitten with each other.

This textbook Hollywood love story seems to fall apart when Regina has an adverse reaction to her first snort of cocaine at a karaoke party.

She promptly collapses leaving Ryan performing various CPR techniques in a bid to revive her. After a short stay in hospital she resumes her fairy tale romance with the love of her life Ryan.

But Regina seems to have developed a handful of rather troubling quirks from her hospital visit. Raw meat seems to be the dish of the day and sleep is not required any longer.

She also enjoys the odd munch or two on poor old Ryan during their sexual exploits…

Interesting And Unique

I’ve got time for ANY Found Footage movie that attempts to show its audience something different. Pretty Dead was original, gripping and centered itself around a decent script.

A lot of Found Footage movies need to go through a certain build to make the climax shine but this avoided that route. The film picks up pace from about twenty minutes in and doesn’t really slow down until the end credits come into play.

I kind of liked the way the plot allowed Ryan to be involved in the cannibalistic demise of his girlfriend. When she starts to steal human tissue from the hospital where she works you would expect her to keep this activity from her future husband.

Instead she involves him from the start of her strange addiction and even has him filming her downing a human fat smoothie!


There were plenty of glaring gaps in the plot and script of this film but that didn’t seem to matter – it still glided seamlessly from title credits to the end credits.

Most of the main actors were pretty talented except for the psychiatric doctor who made an appearance every now and again ( acting doesn’t seem to be his thing! ).

Aside from this I thought Carly Oates did a marvelous job of playing Regina while Ryan Shogren was pretty sturdy playing her suffering boyfriend Ryan.

There was no real call for any sort of CGI – just pretty decent virus/infection makeup and your typical ‘buckets of blood’.

It wasn’t one of the best Found Footage experiences I’ve encountered but it was certainly worth watching.

Unique and gripping – put this one on your list!




    • LOL, talk about a spoiler alert 🙂
      Yeah I caught the end by accident – I left the laptop running on the sofa!

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